Zombies That Feel Pain | Different Types Of Zombies

Zombies Feeling Pain

In its broad definition, a zombie is a person who loses their senses. They only care for destruction to a human being, things, and the likes. The term zombieism is contagious, has a devastating cost, and can spread fast.

Do zombies feel pain? Since zombies are dead people, their b thalamus isn’t functioning well, and their other cells are connected to the brain.

In this article, we’ll explain further why zombies can’t feel the pain. We will also list different types of zombies.

Zombies Brains Are Dead

There are five regions of the Brain: The Cerebellum, The brainstem, the Diencephalon, and the Medulla oblongata.

The Diencephalon is the one responsible for filtering the sensory information. Such as pain, hunger, thirst, body temperatures, melatonin, and the day/night cycle. They say that the brain isn’t alive if there’s no blood flowing.

Another reason is that the nociceptors are malfunctioning. Nociceptors are the ones responsible for detecting some injuries. They won’t feel the pain since it’s malfunctioned due to the infection.

Also, the genetic mutation from the infection can result in the total shutdown of pain-detecting nerve cells.

There’s also a possibility that the thalamus is overstimulated. At the same time, damaged thalamus may cause constant pain.

So, if a zombie’s thalamus is overstimulated due to the infection, they don’t feel the pain. Also, another reason is excessive epinephrine.

Epinephrine includes persistent hunger, anger, and the decline to feel the pain. The last reason is psychological. Some humans are capable of training themselves to ignore pain. They do it by suppressing it, while others exasperate with pessimism.

If a human can do it, then zombies can do it too. Those who are too obsessed with consuming flesh and hunger. They don’t care about it because they are entirely preoccupied with their aggression.

Different Types Of Zombies

A Generic Zombie is a human who is already dead and resurrected by a pathogen, most often but not permanently a virus.

They can be curious but bewildered and unsure of what they’re seeing. Despite their undead status, they are generally immune to damage and rot. Their primary characteristic is a voracious appetite for human flesh.

The Walking Zombies

Also known as the Walkers, as the generic zombies. Though they may not be threatening compared to runners, these zombies tend to attack in a group. They also have incredible durability, making them a threat to humans.

The Runners

Or also known as the Infected, it is a type of Zombie that can run at full speed. This ability separated them from other zombies. Some say that they live infected but still in the form of zombies.

They can run for long, so don’t try to outrun these zombies. You can kill them by aiming at their chest, causing them to bleed out. Or the infection itself.

The Voodoo Zombies

A witch doctor resurrected these zombies. But, it’s said that they’re not a threat since they don’t feed on human flesh. It’s considered the progenitors of a zombie family. These types of zombies are curable, too, unlike the others.

The Ghouls

Ghouls are like zombies, except that when they kill, they spread radiation. Due to nuclear radiation, their brains are gone to the point that they’ve become feral and want to kill someone who isn’t exposed to it yet.

The Crawlers

It is a well-known and annoying form of zombies known as the Chopped, Halvers, and Ankle Biters. Crawlers have no lower body function and cannot walk or run like other undead. You can crash the Crawlers’ legs by a large object or a vehicle, rendering them disabled.

The Bonies

When much of the flesh on a zombie’s body has rotted away, leaving only blackened, the Zombie becomes bony. They are the last stage of zombification, and they do nothing unless a person or Zombie engages them in conversation.

Survivors seldom see bodies. They live in a vast Zombie nest, such as airports or shopping malls, and have no desire to flee.

They don’t seem to be attacking for the sake of bloodlust but rather to breed more zombies. One example of this is in the movie “The Walking Dead.”

The Vomiters

Vomiters, also known as Pukers, are like Spitters. They are among the few zombies with a ranged attack: vomiting. Vomit range varies depending on the type of Zombie, ranging from being able to vomit off a roof below to have a wide range.

Vomits tend not to cause severe damage but to infect the target easier. Its secondary function can be irritating when it gets in the eyes or mouth of the survivors. So, beware when you look up.

The Stalkers

Also known as Hunters, they are a more ferocious form of Zombie. Stalkers are quadrupedal or four-legged.

The Spitters

Spitters are zombies that can spew poisonous liquid from their mouths at victims. The most dangerous aspect of a Spitter is killing from a distance. Spitters attacked in its own unique and powerful way—at a wide range with an acidic liquid.

They can also launch lots of acids that can cover a football field. You can distinguish a spitter because of their tattered clothing, resulting from their previous attacks. They can also make a distinct sound.

Among the best ways to combat a Spitter is to snipe it from afar. So they can’t find a way to retaliate. It’s best to avoid battling Spitters at close range since they’ll almost have the chance to draw acid right into their attacker’s face.

The Exploders

Also known as Suiciders, are zombies who can explode on their target. Or explode when fired or struck with a melee weapon. Exploders will send infectious materials in all directions, making them more dangerous.

It’s safer for survivors to carry out Exploders from afar to be unaffected by their blast. It’s hard to distinguish an exploder from a regular walker. But one thing’s for sure, they bloated in the abdominal area.


Zombies can’t feel any pain because their thalamus isn’t functioning well. Also, this article listed other explanations as to why they can’t feel the pain. But remember that though they are immune to pain, still, they are dangerous.