What Do I Need to Know About Generators?

What Do I Need to Know About Generators?

The first thing that comes to everyone’s mind when they hear about the generator is power saver or reserve. Home backup generators can provide alternative electricity sources when there’s a power outage. Appliances powered by water motors require three times their rated wattage to operate.

What do i need to know about generators? There are many things that you have to know about generators, such as how generators work in converting electricity and the principle of electromagnetic induction, the types of generators, and its uses and importance.

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You will be able to learn the essential things about generators and their importance in this short read. Nowadays, it’s vital to preserve a generator so you won’t have to deal with power shortage, especially those times when you needed the internet and lights.

How Generators Work

It’s possible to use a small and portable generator for camping and outdoor hobbies intention, because you may be needing it to increase the battery life of your gadgets. Apart from that, generators have many uses that many people might have overlooked.

Generators Convert Into Electricity

Generators don’t create or generate electricity, as what other people are presuming. Instead, generators convert from mechanical and chemical energies into electrical energy, by forcing the electrons from the external source through a circuit.

By this, a huge amount of energy was transferred and eventually, converted into electric energy.

The Principle of Electromagnetic Induction

This principle is from Michael Faraday, in which the conductor moves into a magnetic field. The conductor converts into electrical charges and eventually creates a flow of current. There’s also an alternating current that flows through the powerlines, opposite to the direction of the direct current.

Types Of Generators

There are eight types of generators that are very helpful in supplying electricity.

Gasoline Generator

It is the most popular kind of generator because it’s convenient to use and readily available by fuel resources. Apart from being easy to operate, its popularity increases more because of its affordability.

Gasoline generators are great to use during outdoor activities because you can bring them anywhere you go.

Standby Generators

Standby generators are used as back-up generators that were used as emergency power units. They have larger external tanks than the gasoline generator, which can make them provide 48 hours of continuous energy, depending on the appliance you want to use this generator with.

Their engine is upscale and robust, which can assure safety systems in elevators and detection systems.

Diesel Generators

Diesel Generators, or commonly known as Diesel Genset, is one of the most used generators because it’s long-lasting and durable. This type of generator has an efficient power output.

However, it can malfunction when wet. Diesel Genset is very easy to operate and can still work even under the coldest weather condition.

Natural Gas Generators

One of the best features of the natural gas generators is its fuel-efficiency similar to gasoline and diesel generators. They are easy to store, depending on the house structure.

Unlike diesel Genset, natural gas generators release lower emission rates and its cost for maintenance is cheaper. However, this generator can malfunction under cold weather.

Portable Generators

Portable generators are most commonly known for their efficient combustion engine, specially designed for conducting electrical power. These generators are portable generators that can either be powered by gas or diesel.

What made this generator unique is the installation process which can be plugged directly into the power socket or wiring them into the sub-panel.

Solar Generators

This type of generator can be costly, yet it only takes the sun’s radiation to store energy, then eventually convert it to electric power. Solar generators have three major parts: batteries, inverter, and the charge controller.

These parts work together in transforming solar energy into electrical energy.

Inverter Generators

This kind of generator is a portable device that provides sufficient power for electricity sensitive devices. However, one setback of this generator is the cost which is more expensive than other portable generators. The efficiency of this device is very high, which helps save up fuel.

Hydrogen Generators

Hydrogen Generators are powered by hydrogen and have a higher power output compared to most generator types. However, this generator can be costly and is not readily available because it’s rare to find one.

It is designed explicitly for resisting rough usage but can malfunction under cold temperatures.

Importance of Generators

It’s never a denial that generators can make huge impacts in everyone’s home. Here are the lists of why generators are now important:

Uncontrollable Situations

Power outages and natural disasters can happen anytime, and while this is out of your control, it’s still better to preserve and control the severity of power outages.

It’s still important that you have a generator to make you comfortable during these situations and at the same time, stay updated with the current news and in touch with other loved ones.

Backup For Businesses

When power outages hinder you from giving service to your clients, it’s better to be prepared for these situations so your business won’t get disrupted. Businesses have to be ready as to how they can save energy through generators.

Keeping Yourself In Comfortable Situation

When the weather is hot, it will make you ask for an air conditioner to keep yourself fresh. Or when there’s a power outage during a natural disaster, you still want to stay updated with the current news.

Having a generator is not anymore a luxury, but a necessity, to give you a more convenient and comfortable life.


Generators have become essentials in everyone’s homes. And for you to be able to know the most efficient generators according to your home type and needs, then you can go ahead and ask your local store, so you’ll be educated about the best generators to use.

For more detailed information about efficient and effective generators, then you can search it on the internet.