What Are The Five Warning Signs That A Tornado May Occur?

You will never know when a tornado will strike, and it can be today, tomorrow, or the next day after. The good thing is, nature has its way to warn and give signs to people whenever they are about to strike. Usually, a tornado gives off some signs before it really occurs, so you should know what to look out for in order to plan accordingly.

What are the five warning signs that a tornado may occur? Several warning signs are visible to be able to predict the tornado’s arrival. You usually see a dark and green sky, walls of cloud or an approaching cloud of debris, large hail, a lack of wind, the air is very still, and a loud roar and thunder.

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In this short read, you will learn five common signs that a tornado is coming and how to approach and prepare for what is coming.

Warning Signs A Tornado May Develop

Generally, tornado season in the United States is considered to be between March and June. It will always vary depending on your location.

Dark Greenish Sky

The green comes from the hailstones that are being reflected by the sunlight. It is a typical occurrence with tornadoes and storms. Other instances say that the sky turned into dark even close to gray up to black in the color scheme.

It can also happen even if it is in the middle of the day. Regardless of how dark it can get, it is vital to seek cover.

High-Frequencies of In-Cloud Lighting

It is a very tricky sign to spot-on as the lightning usually stays within clouds. It never touches the ground, and many people are unaware of it. The only thing that remains visible is the large accumulation of wall of clouds that turns into a funnel shape.

Spotting lightning can become simpler when you have a dangerous thunderstorm alert. DTA will give you a detailed alert of when the lightning is forming and in full force.

Calm After A Thunderstorm

Tornadoes usually happen after a thunderstorm. It is a common occurrence when a storm occurs, and the sky appears to be calm and clear. Don’t be fooled by this. It is an indication that a tornado is about to take its form.

Funnel-Shaped Cloud

It is one of the most obvious signs that a tornado is about to come. You will see a visible funnel-shaped cloud that is rotating and slowly making its way down the earth. It is visible even if you are miles away.

Continuous Rumble

As the tornado is coming down in contact, you will be able to hear a loud and persistent rumble. It sounds like a train moving past your building. If you hear this, you need to take immediate action.


Overall, these are five of the basic warnings about tornadoes. It is essential to have a plan and prepare for the worst during this kind of calamity. The safest possible place in your house will be your basement.

But if you don’t have it and you still have time to evacuate, find the nearest shelter for you to stay. Be alert and always take cover every time to secure your survival.