Reasons Why Kevlar Might Not Protect You From A Zombie Bite

Zombies Biting Kevlar

While weapons might be the best thing you need to have when you are in a situation like an apocalypse, proper protection is just as important.

When you are facing the undead in a close gap or when they get a jump, you’ll be thankful that you brought the proper armor to protect you. This is why it is vital to pick suitable materials that can help you protect yourself from all these undead creatures.

Can zombies bite through Kevlar?  Yes, the Kevlar undershirt is made for motorcycle runners who need protection from cuts and scrapes. It will do well against zombie bits as well. Having it made as a neck protector and arms protector will be a big help if there’s an undead attack.

This article will give you more information on what seems to be the protective layering you need to have prepared. It will come in handy if the D-day arrives, and you will be thankful as this will come in handy in protecting you and your family.

Zombie-Proof Protective Suit For The Zombie Apocalypse

When dealing with zombies, you need to understand first how humans will be vulnerable to a zombie attack. This is why it is essential to know every aspect of having a Zombie-Proof Protective Suit or a Zip suit.

You have to understand that a zombie’s most powerful weapon is its teeth and jaws. The next thing you should probably avoid is their hands and fingernails.

When a zombie is immobile, semi-mobile, or fully mobile, their teeth are usually the first thing they will use. Having Zip Suit is a passive protective suit that you can wear as body armor when you go out in a zombie-infested area.

This suit should be designed to protect you from zombie bites and scratches from your fingernails.

The idea of these suits is that you have to cover almost every part of your body that is vulnerable to this attack. This is without restricting any kinds of mobility while protecting your skin from any scratches and bites.

The most vulnerable parts of a human are their arms and legs, shoulders, elbows, knees and calves, feet and toes, hands, and fingers.

The Zip Suit Layers

When creating your very own zip suit, you need to understand that it usually comes with different layers. Just like protecting your body from the cold, you need to know certain aspects of this suit that will make your body protected from any attacks. Here are the layers that you should be wearing for your body:

Zip Suit Layer 1

The first layer will have to be your under layer, and this will be the minimal layer for protection from zombie attacks.

The top should be a Kevlar undershirt as Kevlar is known for motorcycle gears to prevent any cuts or scrapes. Technically, it can be helpful as well in protecting your body from any zombie bites.

You can wear Kevlar underpants that can give equal protection from the same way it did for the top part of your body for the bottom part.

You can use Kevlar gloves for the hands as these are cut-resistant gloves that can serve as the inner layer for protection against zombie bites.

You can use some Kevlar Socks for the feet, and next as these knitted skate socks can protect the most vulnerable part of the legs and feet.

The calf, Achilles heel, and ankle will be protected from all the zombies who like to grab from below. The same goes for the neck as these are cut-resistant, which can protect the neck.

Zip Suit Layer 1.5

You need to add extra clothing for your arms during a zombie apocalypse for the next layer of protection.

Having Kevlar Arm Sleeves will do the job as this serves as an additional layer, which can be worn over the undershirt and the inner gloves.

These sleeves will then protect your arms, elbow, and palms against all zombie attacks, cuts, scrapes, and even heat/flame. Your arms are an easy target for zombies to grab and chomp down, so you need to have an extra layer for extra protection.

Zip Suit Layer 2

The next layer is layer two, and the purpose of this one is to provide you with pockets necessary for your supplies, ammo, and other gadgets.

You might need to consider looking for some tactical or hiking apparel as they might come in handy. For instance, an outfit like a cargo jacket would provide you with lots of pockets and warmth for a cold day and night.

If you want to add more protection but fewer pockets, you can have the Kevlar-Lined Motorcycle Jacket. It can provide you with more protection from your arms and shoulders.

You can opt for Taclite Pro pants that will give you comfort and utility for the wearer for pants. It comes with some pockets to stash away some ammo, gear, and other valuable gadgets.

Zip Suit Layer 3

The next layer will provide you additional protection to your hands and your feet. You can add some Kevlar hard knuckle gloves for your hands, and for your feet, you can wear some steel-toed boots.

As a matter of fact, steel-toed boots are usually built for heavy-duty work such as construction and outdoor work. It can protect your feet against any punctures, cuts, or even abrasions, but it also has some downsides.

Some boots are made more challenging, and some provide more protection and protective features compared to others. If you happen to grab a good work boot with steel toes, then this will be helpful against zombies attacks.

As a minimum, the boots should be at least 8 inches high to protect the calf and the Achilles tendon. You need to have steel or a safety toe and have puncture-resistant sole features without weighing down like lead weights.

Zip Suit Layer 4

The next layer will serve as an additional soft protective layer against any zombie attacks. The main protection areas will be your shoulder, arms, and even your legs, as this can be pretty vulnerable if they are not adequately protected.

For your shoulder and arms, you can get the Kevlar Arm and Shoulders sleeves. Many glassworkers might often use this to protect themselves from cuts. Also, it can be pretty helpful if you are about to face some nasty undead creatures.

You can get the chainsaw chaps for your legs as this can provide you additional later to protect your legs from all the cuts, scrapes, and even zombie cuts. These are pretty useful in protecting the front of your legs, thighs, knees, and shins from all chainsaw cuts.

Zip Suit Layer 5

Last but not least is layer 5 of your Zombie-Proof Protective Suit, and this is the one that needs to be extra hard. This form should be in a hard protective shell that can fight off any zombie bites and attacks.

There are many civilian-style motorcycles or contact sports armor that will do the trick for this external layer. It can protect your shoulder, arm, elbow, knee, and shin, and they will be the perfect guard and at the same time adds an extra layer of protection.

You can get a full-body armor motorcycle jacket for your upper body, especially your shoulders and arms. This kind of motorcycle body armor will provide enough protection for your chest, back, shoulders, upper arms, elbows, and even lower arms.

When combined with the kevlar arm and shoulder sleeves, there will be sufficient protection for any zombie attacks.

You can get some racing knees and shin guards for the legs, especially your knees and shins. These will protect your knees and shins from any obstacles and any zombie attack from below.

For head protection, any full-face motorcycle helmets and hockey helmets with a cage will do the trick. If you are planning to wear a motorcycle helmet, make sure that your visor is down when in the presence of a zombie.

If you are wearing a hockey helmet, it is recommended to wear safety glasses or goggles for extra protection. It can protect your eyes from any flying debris and zombie fluids from getting in your eyes.

Anti-fog safety google is preferable for your eye protection as these safety glasses will be pretty helpful for any zombie blood that gets in your face.


To sum it up, in a zombie apocalypse setup, you need to remember that there will often be a shortage of products to keep you and others occupied.

Without having all of this protective gear, you won’t survive in any zombie apocalypse. It is why it is essential to know the proper layers and the suitable materials to use to assure your safety.

Follow all the recommended layering above, and you will survive and overcome this obstacle.