Why Do Preppers Buy Silver?

Why Do Preppers Buy Silver?

Many survivalists and preppers tend to go to buy silver in preparation for a disaster or crisis. But there are other benefits of silver. Silver is their very own currency. It is because not everyone can afford gold, but just about every survivalist out there can invest in silver. Some people might find it weird that instead of dollars, they buy themselves silver, for a good reason.

Why do preppers buy silver? Silver and gold serve as stores of value and some modes of barter. Silver can be used as a currency as well as an electrical material. It makes it one of the most precious metals worth investing for people who are into preparedness.

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In this short read, you will have an understanding of why preppers preferred to have silver in their belongings.

Why Silver?

Silver investment is one of the most effective ways to earn and grow your wealth. It is a perfect investment, especially for retirement. It has a multitude of uses. For instance, your very own smartphone or computer consists of parts that are made of silver.

It is also used in the field of medicine and science, from creating medical equipment to creating solar power.

High Manufacturers’ Demand for Silver

There is a big demand for silver in different manufacturing companies. In 2017 alone, over a billion ounces of silver were used by these manufacturers. These consist of electrical products like wiring and electronic chips.

It uses a total of 242 million ounces of silver. A lot of these manufacturers use solver because it has a high thermal conductivity compared to another element, and it is the perfect material to manipulate temperature.

Big Market Of Willing Buyers

Since silver has an abundance of supply and considered to be cheaper, a lot of people use it. Making it easier to find prospective clients to sell it with. For instance, in the jewel industry, they love to acquire this material because if its shine and malleable quality.

National banks also acquire a lot of reserves of both silver and gold. And some other countries still use silver as their base for a minted coin. Another reason to love silver is that it can also be used as legal tender.

It means that investing in silver isn’t just limited to storing silver bars, and it has a purchasing power now. It can allow the owners to use it as a cash replacement.

Silver Is Way Cheaper Than Gold

For a lot of preppers, investing in hard assets like precious metals will give them an edge. But it will always come down to picking silver or gold. Gold might not be the best choice if you are only starting. It is costly.

It is why they opt for silver, and it is drastically way cheaper than gold. It is an excellent start to precious metal investment.


Overall, silver is a good investment. It is due to its flexibility, malleability, luster, and conductibility. You can acquire a market to start with. Prepping with gold and silver is not easy without proper planning and research.

You need to alight it with your prepper goals to understand the aspect of it fully. To succeed in it, you should also consult a professional who specializes in these precious metals.