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Scared Zombies

Movies about zombies are getting more popular and already cover a wide range – drama, comedy, action, and love story. Some are overthinking that these movies will become true one day and will have us hiding for our lives.

Others are preparing for a zombie apocalypse and building zombie-proof houses, and knowing how to kill one.

What are zombies afraid of? A zombie apocalypse is the fear of most of us, especially with what is happening with the world right now. If ever that time comes, remember that zombies are afraid of fire. Always load up your stock with fireworks, torches, and other flammables.

These zombie apocalypse movies are getting to us. While I understand some of you are worrying, there is still time to prepare. Read this article to have many ideas on how to prepare for a zombie apocalypse.

Preparing For A Zombie Apocalypse

Will a botched government experiment release a virus that turns the majority of the population into zombies? Are those zombies going to try to kill you? Will you survive a zombie apocalypse, if ever?

Not to worry! Zombies will not take over the world anytime soon, despite what shows may make you believe. Thankfully, these terrifying monsters are the brainchild of musicians, writers, and film and television producers.

Zombies are fictional creatures that are reanimated human bodies for those that are not familiar with them. They are soulless, undead bodies that typically want to terrify and probably eat you.

Zombie legends are thought to have originated in Haitian folklore, according to historians. In Haitian folklore, dead bodies are resurrected with the use of spells.

In the recent zombie stories, other methods of reanimation are used, such as nuclear radiation, bacteria, and failed science experiments.

Scientists do not believe that zombies will become a true phenomenon. The zombie virus can kill thousands of people, but it would not transform people into zombies.

In a zombie outbreak, you will not be fighting alone. Wild animals would most likely put an end to the undead. Of course, unless the incident that created the zombies also infected other species.

Nature does not let much go to waste. Zombies will be a mass of walking carrion that other living things would reduce, reuse, and recycle. They would still be reused by some birds, mammals, reptiles, and microscopic decomposers.

Let us get started on how to increase the odds of surviving a zombie apocalypse.

No Time For Extensive Planning

Even if you have only seen one zombie movie, you may notice that zombie attacks are still unexpected. One day it is quiet and complete chaos the next.

Zombie apocalypse occurs in lightning-fast bursts, catching the general public and authorities off guard. Humans have little time to study and adapt to their adversary.

The first thing you can do is seek refuge in your data center. It is powerful enough to keep you safe from a variety of threats, including zombies.

With all of the facility’s safety in place, you can see the zombies coming but not being able to harm you. They indeed do not have the necessary critical cards after rising from the dead.

And with enterprise-grade security, it will be hard for them to breach the location. But just in case you are far from the rehab facilities, I will discuss more things to help you survive.

The current evidence doesn’t point to a promising future. We will be up against an inhuman, mindless adversary that does not care about pain or logic. We will be fighting an outbreak that spreads as quickly as a fart in an elevator.

Know Your Enemy

Physical Appearance

Zombie appearances are still unique, and no two zombies are alike. Zombies can come from any background and wear whatever clothes they had when they died or were resurrected. However, physical characteristics of reanimated corpses include:

  • Pale and rotting skin
  • Noticeable wounds
  • Broken or missing limbs
  • Stains on their clothes or exposed flesh


  • Numbers are essential – Zombies tend to move in large groups at all times. The more people they infect and destroy, the larger their numbers become, making fighting them all the more futile.

  • Determination – Zombie brains no longer register pain. Zombies can exert their full strength without the constraints of keeping the bones from fracturing.

  • Adaptability – Zombies are not aware of pain or accidents. They never stop moving towards their prey, regardless of their physical condition. They also have no sense of self-preservation, ignoring all obstacles and assaults.

  • Infection – It is a term that is used to describe Modern zombies. They are infecting their victims with whatever disease causes them to appear to be alive.

    They spread the infection through bites and wounds. Any victims they do not devour will succumb to the infection. The victims can turn into zombies.


  • Brain. Modern zombies can’t be stopped until the brain is destroyed. You can use any weapon to deal the required damage to stop a zombie. However, there are a few that are particularly effective.

  • Stupidity. Since zombies lack intellect and survival instincts, they are quickly enticed into traps.

  • Speed. Because of their degraded state and utter lack of coordination, zombies are typically slow to move. It is pretty simple to outrun or maneuver around them.

    However, more recent forms of Hollywood zombies have shown the ability to run. They can run at an athletic speed without being hampered by pain or fatigue. Well, only as long as their legs do not deteriorate too much.

Self Protection And Survival Kits

Protective Clothing

Humans still make the unfortunate error of wearing their regular clothes in movies. Their clothes break up oh so quickly, allowing zombies to feast on delicious fresh meat.

Whatever happens, anyone will be left behind or kidnapped by zombies, who will slowly eat them as their comrades watch helplessly.

First Layer: Medieval chainmail or shark chainmail or scuba diving suits

While not an elegant solution, the tight-mesh suits are specifically built to keep sharks from nibbling on the divers. The metal ties will prevent shark teeth from sinking into the flesh under them and absorb most of the crushing impact.

This effect will mostly apply to zombie bites. Their teeth cannot go through your suit inflicting harm to your flesh, hopefully.

Second Layer: Wrap the suit in a light, airy material

Wrapping your suit in this will muff the clinking noise of chainmail. It will prevent the tiny loops from snagging.

A silk overall appears to be a decent option. It is an intense heat insulator and is not easily ripped. It will also avoid pathogens by preventing drops of blood and zombie saliva from interacting with humans.

Third Layer: a synthetic diving suit (nylon woven, Kevlar, and carbon fibers)

This one is for preventing clawing or slashing. You may have to apply oil and perfume. Use oil to make humans slick, similar to fish, so that wrestling matches with zombies do not defeat. The perfume will mask the smell of humans, making one of the zombies’ senses useless.

Shoes: Steel toe boots

It is a must to have a nice pair of steel-toe boots. Find a brand that consistently produces high-quality work boots at affordable prices. The upper should be made of full grain leather, with a man-made sole and, of course, a steel safety toe.

Hands: Protective gloves

You may have to punch a zombie in the face from time to time. You will want to make sure you are well-armed. To secure the backs of your hands without sacrificing agility, choose gloves with hard-shell plates.


Non-Depletable Weapons

1. M4 Tactical Crossbow

Since zombies are attracted to sound, weapons should only be used as a last resort when being targeted. Anyone who watched The Walking Dead knows how deadly a crossbow can be in a post-apocalyptic setting.

2 Dead On Annihilator Superhammer

Heavy-duty hammers with a multi-purpose wrench, chisel, nail puller, and demolition ax have been designed especially for a zombie outbreak. Perfect for smashing skulls.

Secondary Weapons

You may want to have a handgun or two on hand just in case. Law and order will crumble amid a zombie apocalypse.

You will be forced to kill other humans to defend yourself, in which case a weapon would be necessary. Also, it is a good idea to have a gun for hunting.

Since zombies are afraid of flames, you will need to bring some things that light up. Here are some examples.

  1.  Fireworks
  2. Thermite bombs
  3. Incendiary grenades
  4. Smoke grenades
  5. Torch

They will make a lot of bang and fizzle, which will cause you to flee. You may also want to bring a few light sticks and magnesium rods with you. You can utilize it to scare the zombies away by simulating a burning source.

Tools And Essential Survival Kits

Filtering Water Bottle

It is crucial to have access to clean water to avoid dying from water bacteria. It is practically impossible for us to live without it as humans. Since bottled water is unlikely to be available, you will have to rely on natural resources.

Purifying Straw

Even if your bunker is stocked with gallons of water, you have no idea when you can leave. As a result, a purifying water straw would be beneficial.

It was developed to assist countries with extreme water shortages. But I believe it was designed with a zombie apocalypse in mind.


When it comes to zombies, a Swiss Army Knife is a child’s toy. Make sure you have a hammer, an ax, a saw, and a bottle opener just in case.

Thermal-Eye Thermal Imaging Camera

Eating zombies is a 24-hour task. If you think the zombies would stop appearing in the early morning hours, you are in for a surprise.

With this unit, make sure you can see them coming in complete darkness. It is the ideal pair of eyes for the nighttime because they are lightweight, waterproof, and shock-resistant.

Zombie Proofing Your House

Defense And Safety

When dealing with old-school Night of the Living Dead-style zombies, bear in mind that these guys have less physical strength. Rapid muscle loss is a part of the postmortem process.

Retrofitting your home with stainless-steel doors is one of the safest ways to stop them. Steel doors, which are both affordable and impenetrable, can be a living-dead dude’s worst enemy.

The best part is that any dents or dings caused by your heathen intruders can be taken out. You can use your puttied with an auto-body repair kit. Install triple-point locks instead of sidelights or transoms for added security. Zombies completely despise triple-point locks.

Consider erecting a sturdy, tall chain-link, wrought-iron, or cinder-block fence around your property if you can’t afford an electric fence.

Make it at least eight to twelve feet high. The local zoning board will be offended, but man, this is a zombie apocalypse. Who cares about zoning?

Food, Water, And Medicine

During a zombie apocalypse or other survival scenario, food, water, and medication would be essential. As a result, make sure you have dependable sources for all of these critical resources.

Consider starting a garden because it is a very dependable resource. But, before you start planting, make sure you know what grows well in your field.

Chickens are valuable since they provide three things: eggs, meat, and manure. The eggs and meat are high in protein and low in fat. You can use the manure to make compost and improve garden soil.

Aloe vera is a great plant. You can eat it since it has many medicinal properties. For example, you can break off a leaf and add it to a burn to speed up the healing process.

If you live near the water, you can get water there, filter it, and purify it with a solar still. The bay can also provide you with fish and aquatic plants such as cattail.

Choose to have a wide-open area above our house that we can use for hunting and gardening. You can eat native edible plants and fungi because they are very nutritious. Having books or information about them is beneficial.


When this does happen, you will notice how people evolve and adapt, hiding and running to be alive. Soon, people will not only survive in a zombie apocalypse but will also thrive.