What Should Be In A School Survival Kit?

What Should Be In A School Survival Kit?

One of the struggles that a lot of parents think about is what if their kids are in school during a disaster. They won’t be able to be with them to help them out, that’s why it is crucial to impart to children some tips and advice to survive in certain calamities or emergencies.

What should be in a school survival kit? It should always include water and alcohol or hand sanitizer. Also, prepare some hygiene supplies, basic medical supplies, and some emergency blankets.

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In this article, you will learn about different items that need to be present in your child’s school survival kit. Most schools must provide this to their students, but as parents, you can’t be sure they are getting all their needs. It’s nice to be prepared nowadays.

Why The Need For School Survival Kit?

A lot of schools aren’t prepared for long term disasters. These disasters include school lockdown, weather emergency, a regional emergency, or even bus accidents. Some survival kits present in their vicinity doesn’t have enough supply to cover all their students. And it barely has enough necessities your child needs. So it is prudent to help your child to be prepared no matter what.

How Can Parents Help?

One way to help this kind of situation is to prepare your kids with enough supplies that can be beneficial when the time has come. It can be stored in their lockers or their bags for convenience purposes. It is advisable to have it near them so they can easily access these supplies in times of need.

Things To Include In A School Survival Kit

Here are some of the things you need to include in your child’s school survival kit:


Water is the most important thing to store in your kit because it gives you the odds of a higher survival rate. Most schools must have three days worth of emergency water ready for their students and staff. Ideally, one gallon per person should be the standard procedure. Going after running water will most likely to be contaminated or unavailable in times of disasters.

You can get Emergency Purified Water everywhere and have it appropriately stored within school grounds.

Protein Snacks

Protein snacks are ideal for including in your survival kit because not only that, it is light and small, but it comes with different health benefits that can help you with your survival. They are availble in different flavors and sizes, but getting any protein snack will be beneficial and could make you feel full to survive another day.

Schools should have a 3-day supply of emergency foods for students and staff members. It needs to be non-thirst provoking to help the need to save water and must be in the form of bars that can last very long. Having snacks like BSN Protein Crisp Bar can help you get enough to fill for your stomach but, at the same time, get nutritions and vitamins needed to survive.

Small Flashlight Or Headlamp

If certain disasters came, it would most likely destroy the power in the area, so it is important to have emergency lighting at night. It is essential to have flashlight like UltraFire Flashlight, to navigate through dark areas in the school. This flashlight is portable. It doesn’t consume much space in your kit and very handy, especially for children.

Emergency Whistle

Whistle serves a purpose when it comes to emergencies. It is crucial to have because it can serve as your way of communication to other people if a cell site or network site won’t work. It creates sound to notify other people or help you survive in the wild for unwanted guest animals.

This UST JetScream Whistle is the perfect whistle for you. It is lightweight with a powerful sound with a 122dB output. It won’t freeze or clog easily, and it floats in the water.

Emergency Phones

It will always depend on your kid’s school policy. But if you can get one, get one because it can save your child’s life. They won’t have to use it during regular classes. Instead, they will leave it in their lockers or survival kit and will only be used for emergency purposes.

Yes, everyone has smartphones now, but what if you lost signal or get your battery drained? This type of cellular phones like SpareOne GSM Emergency Mobile Cellular Phone will be useful in times of need.

Small First Aid Kit

You will never know when they will get into an accident or just minor injury. A small first aid kit will be a big help to survive such calamities. Schools have first aid kits, but it is not bad to have your own.

This kit from Swiss Safe can make your life easier. It contains all the necessary supplies you need for first aid kits. It even has a compass, pins, and strings to help you with your survival. You will be at ease to know that your kid will have enough supplies just in case they suffer injuries.

Blankets and Ponchos

There’s a big chance that whenever a disaster arises, some school buildings may be unsafe to stay in. For this reason, students are forced to take refuge outside. It is important to have them prepared by bringing in their very own emergency blankets and ponchos. It provides them some heat and warmth they need, especially if you’re dealing with weather disasters.

Swiss Safe Emergency Blankets offers some good durable quality blankets and can serve as ponchos as well. It retains 90% of body heat, so it is perfect for cold weather and is constructed with non-toxic materials that are safe to use for children.

Sanitary Wipes

As water will likely be unavailable during these times, it is vital to take care of your hygiene to avoid getting sick. Sanitary supplies are needed in your child’s kit, so they maintain their sanitation and hygiene in general.

Wipes like Surviveware Biodegradable Wet Wipes can make a big difference when it comes to sanitation. It is biodegradable and heavily pack with moisture, so you don’t have to worry about water anymore when using this.


As a parent, you can’t possibly do anything out of your reach when it comes to these situations. All you can do is make preparations when the time has come. Preparedness is always the key to survival, whether you’re an adult or a student. You need to orient your children to be prepared for this matter as you can’t be with them if that happens.