What is the Best Survival Kit?

What is the Best Survival Kit?

Whether you’re in an emergency or an outdoor activity, it’s best to spare a survival kit to equip you. A survival kit can potentially save one’s life. It has one special purpose, and that is to help you survive during difficult times. You may never need it for now, but on the verge of the financial crisis and medical emergency, you may ask to have them.

What is the best survival kit? A good survival kit consists of foods, water, medical and hygiene supplies, survival tools, and radio. Among the best survival kits are The 4-Person Survival Kit for Natural Disasters, The Emergency Essentials, The Guardian Elite, and many others.

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In this article, each of the best survival tools will be discussed so that you would be well-informed about their uses and importance.

Items Inside An Emergency Kit

Your emergency kit must include some necessities to lighten the situation in the event of an emergency. Preparing for these items should require many days for long-lasting use.

Foods and Water

You should reserve non-perishable foods that are good for at least 12 months from the expiration date. Then, you should consider at least 3 liters of water per person per day.

For example, the maximum number of days during a storm is four days, so you should take into account the storage of water for 5 to 6 days instead. Apart from foods and water, you should include a can opener and cutlery.

Medical And Hygienic Supplies

Since this is a survival situation, you may never know what will happen to you during an emergency. You must have a first aid kit with you with a manual, so you’re good to go to apply it during accidents. Such medical supplies include essential prescribed medication, disposable gloves, facial masks, and band-aids.

Meanwhile, sanitation supplies will only include a toothbrush, soap, shampoo, and toothpaste. If you are on an outdoor activity, then bringing sunscreen is a must.

Survival Tools

When it comes to survival, you should consider the age range of people you are with, especially when you’re with babies and small infants. Their rule of survival is very easy as it only comes with a couple of formula drinks, diapers, clothes, and their favorite toys.

However, for adults, you should include a battery-operated and waterproof flashlight that comes along with many spare batteries. Other survival equipment that you should consider is having plastic garbage bags, utility knives, and duct or masking tapes.


During a hurricane or any other natural calamities, it is important to be updated with news. So if your town doesn’t have electricity for television, then the best thing to be updated is owning a battery-operated radio.

Since natural calamities are usually notified ahead of time, you will have more time to charge your mobile phone and spare phone batteries. Then, you list down all of the most important contact numbers and emergency numbers, just in case something uncontrollable happens.

Important Documents

These documents have to be sealed correctly in a plastic bag to avoid them from getting wet. Important documents that you will need for evacuation are national IDs, medicare, and passport. Other documents such as birth and marriage certificate, house and life insurance documents, and photographs should be put in one place. Make sure that you also keep photocopies of original documents.

Last Minute Tools

They may be considered as the least tools in every survival, but they have a unique contribution too. For example, you will need extra cash on hand, because the offices are out. Since the Coronavirus Outbreak, people are getting difficulties in withdrawing their money because of the possible spread of viruses through cash.

Since most of the operation has been stopped, it’s wise to save up some money on your card so that you can have groceries. Other last-minute tools include car and house keys, wool blankets, and a household emergency plan.

Top Survival Kits

Nowadays, many natural and medical phenomena have been an uprising and left uncontrolled. As mentioned, a good survival kit should be complete and are useful in many scenarios, so you can easily overcome such a daunting task.

The 4-Person Survival Kit for Natural Disasters

Having this type of kit is the most ideal since it is well-fitted in natural disasters, such as hurricanes. This kit would be packed in a duffle bag, which you can handily take everywhere at any time, and this kit can last for a couple of days.

The 4-Person survival kit contains exactly 40 water purification tablets, four calorie food bars, 48 pouches of drinking water, two rechargeable flashlights, four sleeping bags, two tents, a battery-operated radio, and a multi-functional knife.

The Emergency Essentials In A Pail

This kind of survival kit is placed in a pail where you can carry it around during an emergency. The pail is packed with basic survival and first-aid kits to ease the situation of a natural disaster. The pail contains some well-made and delicious foods and drinking water. It also includes 80-gallon water.

The Guardian Elite

This type of kit takes away the hassle of putting your survival kit together as everything is packed in one bag. The kit has everything that you needed, from medical supplies, communicators up to food and water storage.

This survival kit would indeed give you everything that you needed during a natural disaster without going to the pharmacies and groceries for 72 hours.

The Complete Earthquake Bag

The Complete Earthquake Bag is perfect enough to carry during emergencies, specifically during natural disasters such as floods and hurricanes. The kit is smartly and nicely packed with necessities of food and water, hygienic and medical tools, a blanket, a flashlight, and a battery-operated radio.

The kit also has its sleeping bags, tents, and body warmers, goggles, and sewing kit that could last for multiple days.

Reasons Why You Should Keep an Emergency

As mentioned, emergency survival kits can potentially save lives, especially during unwanted accidents. Whatever you have as an emergency supply, it would be a reliable source of peace of mind to put a remedy to your situation.

For Peace Of Mind

Disasters and emergencies are a few of the things that people generally are afraid of. You have to ask yourself daily, like “What if this happens to me or my loved ones? Will I be prepared enough to lessen their pain?” The good news is with the help of our technology. We may be able to track down future disasters.

Preparing for emergencies with survival kits can give anyone some peace of mind and security that everything is going to be alright, and this too shall pass.

Emergency Kits Are Affordable

Survival kits are a necessity, not a luxury. Whenever you go to a store, you may be able to see that all of these kits are unbelievably affordable. However, regardless of the amount you paid for the kit, you should take note that this can be extremely useful, not only during emergencies but also in your daily life.

You can purchase emergency kits online or at any store amounting to not more than $30.00. However, if you are planning to buy more sophisticated kits and electronic tools, then it will cost a little more.

For Communication

Usually, during emergencies, phone lines and cell towers are being cut off for a lot of reasons and could be offline for a couple of days. With this, we may not have any way to contact our loved ones or someone for help from the emergency groups.

Fortunately, this could be preventable when you have a solar-powered or battery-operated radio to receive local updates and many emergency information. Even when you are not in contact with your loved ones, just through listening to the radio for news and updates, it can make you feel aware.

Your Family Will Thank You

For sure, you’ll do everything that you can to save your loved ones’ lives, no matter how risky it is, and this kind of action is innate and often undeniable when it comes to emergencies. All of us have a responsibility to protect our families, and it will be extremely difficult to do so during this situation. But what can you do?

If you have a ready-made emergency kit with you, you can worry less about your family safety because you are assured that there’s a remedy to it. If an emergency can give you important lessons, that is how to take care of your family and protect them at all costs.

Your Pets Will Love You

Your pets may be designed to protect you, but there comes a time that you have to do the same thing for them. On the verge of an emergency, you also have to prioritize the welfare of your pet. You have to stock all their necessities, such as water, dog foods, and supplements, to make sure that they are well-taken care of. If they have special medication, then you can pack it in the kit accordingly.


To conclude, emergencies are sometimes inevitable, yet they can be preventable. If you have a ready heart and a prepared mind, then you know that keeping emergency kits is one of the best decisions you can make in your lifetime.