What You Should Not Do In An Earthquake?

What You Should Not Do In An Earthquake?

Earthquakes are a massive force that can destroy every land and it can also be deadly to those who do not know what to do when the shaking starts. There has been recent back to back series of earthquakes in different locations. It just brought attention to different countries to prepare for a massive hit because you will never know when it will happen.

What you should not do in an earthquake? If an earthquake happens, you should not panic. But some people still don’t know what to do. Do not hide under a bed, that is a big no or go under a desk. You should also stay away from the doorway or flee using your windows.

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In this short read, you will have some ideas about things that you should not do during an earthquake. It is essential to know these things to survive during this calamity.

What Not To Do During An Earthquake

When an earthquake hits your location, a lot of people still don’t know what to do. Some people opt for an unconventional style of trying to survive the hit. These kinds of tactics not only is not recommended, but they will cause more damage to you and your family. Here are some things that you should not do in an earthquake emergency:

Don’t Hide Under A Bed

The best place to hide is probably under the bed. The small space will become even smaller when a ceiling collapses on it. If it happens to be that you are in bed when an earthquake occurs, simply roll off the bed and stay around the perimeter of it. This way, the bed will hold some of the debris falling or coming at you. Do not go under it. It is not worth it.

Steer Clear Of The Stairs

When it comes to deathtrap, a stairway will be your stairway to heaven. It is not recommended to be near it as the treads can cut a person into pieces if the house or building you are staying collapses on top of them.

Flee From Windows

During an emergency, especially an earthquake, your instinct will tell you to either get out of the building or stay indoors.

Windows may seem to keep you away from any danger since you can see through it, but it is not. Imagine the damage it can bring to you when earthquakes shatter those glasses and pierce in your body.

Glass is unpredictable and can break and move in strange patterns. Those broken pieces can be deadly if they fall on your or if you fall on them.


Overall, earthquakes are deadly, and they can be very unpredictable. You should always check-in with your local authorities updates if it hits you. Earthquake creates aftershock, so it is essential to know when and how this will occur.

Always be prepared and wary about your surrounding and follow all the things mentioned about to earn your survival.