How Much Cash Should I Have In My Emergency Kit?

How Much Cash Should I Have In My Emergency Kit?

Disaster will always strike, whether we are prepared or not, you may not be able to find an ATM or your local bank may be closed. It is a crucial time to think about, and it’s an ongoing argument for keeping money on hand for an emergency.

How much cash should I have in my emergency kit? A good rule of thumb is to keep at least a month of expenses on hand at home. Make sure to have it in different denominations, be it in five, ten, or even twenty as breaking larger bills can pose trouble.

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Emergency Situations

There are two types of emergencies that people should be aware of when planning for these scenarios. The first is the civil or natural disaster emergency. It is the kind of emergency where infrastructure failed like banks are inaccessible, credit card failure, and other forms of online payment. The other one is a personal emergency, where you lost your job or have been hospitalized. This kind of emergency will disrupt your flow of income, and you have to rely on your savings to get on a day to day basis.

Natural Disaster Planning

There are so many things that can prevent you from getting cash when such disaster occurred. It includes earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, or even a pandemic. Always remember to have a bit of cash at home, as a general rule, have at least the perfect amount of cash where you can at least survive weeks even though you’re not working.

For emergency disaster preparedness, having at least a month’s worth of salary would be enough to cover all your expenses as most of the time, it takes weeks to mitigate such disasters.

Personal Emergencies

Cash planning for an emergency is very crucial and let’s be real, a pain in your pocket. Experts recommend for you to at least have an emergency fund in your bank for disaster times like this. It should have at least six months of your salary so whenever you have issues like this, you’ll be at least prepared when it hits you.

It’s really hard to be able to provide money for yourself when you got fired or got hospitalized. The flow of income will be cut, and you will end up with zero cash in. It is why it is important to maintain a right balance of deposit in your bank as well as on-hand money at least one month of your salary at home so you can still be able to survive even though nothing is coming in.


Overall, money is everything, and it is important, especially during emergencies. It is best if you have cash on hand to cover at least one month’s expenses. Store your money in a safe place that’s difficult for any thief to find. It is your hard-earned cash, so make sure you protect it and store it safely. It is not about just money. It is about being prepared for whatever comes along the way. It is so hard to predict when you will need cash as the world keeps changing. Having enough supply of survival cash can make all the difference.