Is It A Good Idea To Keep Cash At Home?

Is It A Good Idea To Keep Cash At Home?

Money is one of the necessities in life, and saving an emergency fund is essential. Since the world’s modernity, people prefer to save it in their ATMs or monitor their money through online banking. However, keeping cash under the mattress won’t be a bad idea either.

Is it a good idea to keep cash at home? Yes, it is necessary to keep cash at home, especially at times of crisis and electricity emergencies. You can stash your cash in a diversion safe and a concealed fireproof and waterproof container.

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You will be able to learn the reason why it is wise to keep your money in your house and where you could hide it safely in this article.

Importance Of Money Keeping

Reserving money is a must for every household, especially when we don’t know when there would be a calamity. Here are some reasons why you need to keep extra cash at home:

Extra Cash In Case Of Emergency

COVID-19 and other medical epidemic outbreaks are a reminder that we should save some cash so we can still buy our groceries and stay safely at home. Given this situation, it’s essential to keep some cash on hand for survival purposes.

Electricity Blackouts

There are times where the city can have no electricity, and that includes withdrawal in ATMs, and even if the bank is still open, there’s still a chance where they cannot open their system. To save time in going around the circles looking for another ATM, it’s always better to arm yourself with some cash.

Where To Keep The Money At Home

There are only two reasons to keep your money safe. The first one would be during heavy calamities and the second one to prevent burglars from stealing it. Every corner in your house might be an excellent spot to keep it, but you have to choose the one that’s safe and unusual.

Diversion Safe

This container is usually fireproof and waterproof. It has to be placed in a secured location as some of the diversion safes don’t have a locking mechanism. Your main concern isn’t only regarding burglars, but also your kids who attempt to get a bill or two from you.

Filing Folder

To hide this perfectly, you have to prepare a folder where you can put your cash in it. Just in case burglary happens, the first time they have to look is under your mattresses or the deposit box, but never on a pile of folders. There are also some weird places where you can hide cash. You can hide it using an envelope and in between book pages.

Lockers In The South-West Zone

According to Vastu Shastra’s beliefs, growing your wealth should be in the southwest corner of your house, where you have to pile your cash and financial documents because it doubles the prosperity. However, this principle does not apply to those who didn’t believe it.


Overall, keeping money on hand and safely guarding it at home is beneficial for you and your family because you may never know some uncertain calamities that may happen. However, you must always guard it away from those who may want to steal it.