What Happens When A National Emergency Is Declared?

What Happens When A National Emergency Is Declared?

With the rise of different emergencies and pandemic, there are quite vast numbers of countries that are declaring national emergencies. It is necessary to manage a circumstance that needs immediate action from the government. Declaring national security varies from one country to another depending on their local law.

What happens when a national emergency is declared? The government will perform actions or impose policies that it doesn’t usually permit. It means that they can declare a national emergency during a natural disaster, civil unrest, armed conflict, pandemic, or other biosecurity risks.

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Dive in to have a better understanding of what it means when a state of emergency is declared in your country.

What Is A National Emergency?

A national emergency pertains to the state of emergency that results from imminent danger or threat from foreign or domestic sources. It is usually declared to be in existence by the head of the government.

If the government declares a state of emergency, it means that there is some natural public health emergency, natural disaster, and man-made attacks.

It means that the government has to provide resources such as food, water, and shelter. It can also mean to provide medical supplies and medications that are readily available.

The declaration of a national emergency triggers an array of authorities and actions by the state or the local authorities.

Depending on the scope of the authority granted to the state official making the emergency declaration, it may include activation of state emergency response plans and mutual aid agreements.

It also includes the authority to expend funds and deploy personal, equipment, supplies, and stockpiles.

Local And State Response

When it comes to the local and state response, it will vary depending on the state you are in. Necessarily, if the state of emergency is declared, this will give the head of the state a bit of extra latitude to deal with a situation quickly.

They also need to provide maximum coordination across the states they are leading. They have the power to close state offices, deploy the national guard, and other emergency responders. They can also impose travel restrictions border to border depending on the national alert.

Calling In The Feds

If the disaster is so severe and the state and local government do not have enough resources, the head of the local government can impose a declaration of federal emergency.

It is where the Federal Emergency Management Agency will do the damage assessment and will determine if the governor should petition the president for a federal emergency declaration.

Once the declaration of the president comes through, the state and local governments can get enough funding and logistical help from FEMA.


Overall with the pandemic is still around everywhere, most countries all over the world are exercising the national emergency declaration. It will provide the needs of the people to survive in the imminent threat of a lot of emergency factors.

The government will be the only one who can lift the declaration or extend it if things get worse.