How Do You Make A Survival Kit Out Of Household Items?

How Do You Make A Survival Kit Out Of Household Items?

A survival kit should be mandatory in people’s homes. You will never know what is going to happen or if something will go wrong. It is essential to be prepared at all costs, especially when your life is on the line.

Survival kit consists of things that will help you survive for a short period. It doesn’t need to be fancy stuff. It can consist of items found in your house.

How do you make a survival kit out of household items? To make your own survival kits, store and put essential items in your bag. You can use any bag or any storage. Some household items that you can include are water, food, a warm blanket, first aid kit, garbage bags, personal hygiene, and duct tape.

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In this article, you will find out the different pantry and household items that can be used and stored in your emergency kit. With whatever is happening in the world, it is vital to have these kits to survive. 

Emergency Survival Kit Checklist In Your Home

Preparing for an emergency kit might sound a bit of a hassle and tedious, but it is the opposite. These items can easily be found in your pantry or kitchen.

You can modify it according to you and your family’s needs. When the emergency strikes, it will all be worth the effort, and you will be able to survive.

Heavy-Duty Garbage Bags

Heavy-duty garbage bags are your all-in-one item where it can be used for multiple occasions. They might be typically used for collecting garbage, but they have much worth that you think. During an emergency, they can be used to seal shelters or to build an emergency lean-to.

You can also use these bags as shoes and waterproof sleeping bags. They are lightweight and can be rolled and fit into your bag that won’t consume much space.

Heavy-duty garbage bags can also be used as clothing such as poncho to protect you from getting wet. One good thing about this item is that they can be repurposed and used for other things like collecting water and reusing them for various applications.

Duct Tape

Duct tape is known to be the most versatile item you should be stocking in your emergency kit. There are plenty of ways you can use duct tape for your survival. Like garbage bags, they can be repurposed and can fix clothing, shoes, and even tools.

Duct tape can be used in building and making your shelter waterproof. They are very helpful for creating ropes. If you need something to reattach or some holes need to patch, duct tape is all you need.


You might wonder why you should pack cosmetic items during an emergency. Well, chapsticks have multiple survival usage. You only have to think outside of the box to be able to figure it out.

A chapstick is helpful when it comes to bug bites as they can stop the itching. They can also be swiped across some cuts and scrapes to stop the bleeding. Using chapstick, it can prevent wind and sunburn into the skin.

With its waxy texture, you can even use it as a candle. When packing your bug out bag, an empty chapstick can be repurposed and used as a storage for first aid items, matches, wired, and other emergency essentials.

Hand Sanitizer

During an emergency, a lot of people tend to forget that it is essential to stay hygienic. By simply making your hands clean can make all the difference to avoid some life-threatening pathogens.

Hand sanitizer can be your saving grace during this time. With limited access to soap and water, they will serve as your sanitation. Most hand sanitizers are composed of alcohol, and they are an excellent alternative to lighter fluid.

They don’t weigh you down, and you can sling them in your bag and won’t consume much space.

Aluminum Foil

Aluminum foil is very useful during times of emergency because they are useful in multiple ways. It can be used as a pan to cook food because it is malleable, durable, and insulating. Mold them and shape into a pot or a bowl, and you will get your own pan.

Aside from its use for food preparation, aluminum foil can serve as an emergency signal. It is very reflective. And with the help of a battery, they can be a great source of fire starter.

Paper Clips

Paper clips are known to bend easily, but they are pretty hard to break. It is why it can be used with whatever purpose you need. They make good fish hooks, needles, and you can use them as lock pickers.

Paper clips are also a good source of first aid kit. They are ideal for creating a splint for small breaks or strains of your fingers or toes.

Tin Cans

Once you finished eating those canned goods, make sure to clean those cans and let them dry. Tin cans can be a suitable replacement for cooking or can be repurposed into a cup. It is a good replacement stove too.

Making a tin can stove can be beneficial as it is a great way to cook food and heat water.

Hygiene Products

Hygiene products like condoms and tampons are handy items. Condoms can be used as a tourniquet. You can use it to collect water and store water, or a slingshot for hunting.

On the other hand, a tampon can be repurposed as a tinder can stop the bleeding, especially if someone is suffering from a nose bleed.


You will never know what, when, where, or how an emergency will strike. Unfortunately, even some preppers find themselves without these survival essentials.

Good thing is that there is a wide array of items that can serve as survival gear at home. These items, combined with skills and knowledge, can give you an advantage in a survival situation.