Zombies Are Not Scared Of Water | 6 Facts About Zombies

Zombies Scared Of Water

There’s no doubt that zombies nowadays are everywhere. May it be in movies, books, and even in a series. Some may say that Zombies are real, and there are cases reported from Haitian voodoo culture.

Are zombies scared of water? Sources say that zombies aren’t afraid of water, contrary to what others think. And that they don’t know how to swim.

As you read on, you’ll learn further why zombies aren’t afraid of water. It also lists some helpful facts about zombies. And some helpful things to bring when a Zombie attacks.

They Are Not Afraid Of Water

It’s maybe confusing to some if zombies are afraid of water, but the truth is, they’re not.

If a zombie apocalypse happens, hiding near the ocean might help you. As some may say, zombies, can’t swim, especially in a deep part of water. And that they won’t last long in the water.

According to Eric Schulze, a molecular and cellular biologist, zombies can’t survive in the ocean. The main reason for it is the tiny creatures that live in the ocean

. Also, the ocean has lots of viruses and bacteria. To which he explains that these bacteria are good in decomposing staff.

He also said that the ocean is one of those harsh places for biological tissues living on land. Especially if that’s tissues aren’t regulating in a normal function.

When those bacteria found out that it’s a zombie’s body, it will only take them less than two weeks to make it gone completely. The specialist also says another reason is physics which is the Osmotic pressure.

In this, he said that the ocean would make the zombie’s body bloated. Then it will pop like balloons under the ocean.

If in case the zombies survived the bacteria, the physics guarantee that they will die. It is also said the ocean is still the best place to go whenever a Zombie Apocalypse happens.

Nature Of Zombies

The most common reason for a zombie apocalypse is caused by a virus that spreads from one body to another. They say that typical zombies during those 1980s movies are slow-moving.

But it changed as it reached the 21st century, wherein they’re now fast-moving. Also, they are aggressive whenever they see potential victims.

Zombies can’t see in the dark. That’s why they hunt through their keen senses of hearing. They can’t also control their brains and can’t recognize anyone, even their loved ones.

Some people love to experience the zombie apocalypse. Most of them are zombie gamers who believe that it will give them thrilling experiences.

Facts About Zombies

Histories of Zombies through different cultures are indeed fascinating. Some wouldn’t believe in zombies in real life, but some zombie facts may help.

1. The Haitian Law, Article 249

Most wouldn’t know that there is a law in Haiti about being a zombie. It stated that if someone becomes a zombie, it’s considered a criminal offense.

But it’s only applicable to crimes related to drugging. According to article 249, it’s considered a crime if the person drugs the other.

Then. he buries the body while he appears to be dead. Followed by digging him, then bringing that called dead to live again. This crime is punishable.

2. The Witch Doctors And Bokors

Modern-day zombies showcase some eerie creatures in the aftermath of a viral outbreak. In old movies, they reflected them as creations of some witch doctors.

But these doctors created zombies so they can gain some power, money, and fame. At the same time, the bokors believed who was someone who fed the turned zombies.

They fed them with the so-called “zombie’s cucumber” to keep them weak and enslaved.

3. Real-Life Zombie

If you know the history of zombies, sure, you come across Cairvius Narcisse. This man was considered the world’s real-life and the first zombie recorded.

He’s a Haitian native and said that he’s maintained using a concoction of neurotoxins and hallucinogens.

4. A Yaws

Not known to most, this is a disease that makes humans appear like Zombies. This disease shows symptoms like wounded mouths and feet, sores on the face, legs, and hands.

They say that humans with yaws are forced to walk like zombies. And it’s because of the painful sores on the feet and back.

5. The Zombie Powder

Researchers discovered that there are Haitian witch doctors who used this particular type of powder. It is said that they are extracted from a cane toad, poisonous pufferfish, and a dangerous frog. They also said that these powders have human bones.

6. Scandinavian Mythology

They say that zombies have roots in Scandinavian that they called “Draugr.” According to some Scandinavian tales, these Draugr are warriors, strong, and fierce.

That when these warriors die, they go back to their graves to kill human beings. They say that to kill a Draugr. You should chop their head off and burn their bodies.

Essential Things To Bring During Zombie Apocalypse

Some think that bringing weapons is one helpful thing to combat zombies. Here are some of the essential list that you could bring

Water-Resistant Torchlight

We know that zombies are all blind without the presence of light. That’s why it’s better if you hide in the tunnels where they can’t find you easily. Use this as a strategic weapon to locate a place to outrun the zombies.

A Swiss Army Pocket Knife

One advantage of this knife is that it’s ready for a full-packed action. You can carry this around wherever you go, and whenever there’s a zombie nearby, slit their throats. But make sure that you are well-trained to use this if ever there’s an aggressive zombie attack.

A Tactical Backpack

Though it’s not advisable to carry a backpack with you, it’s still essential. You only put in it the critical stuff you’ll be needing so they won’t outrun you.

Remember that you only need a supply that will last for three days. This bag should also have a heavy-duty zipper and a front-load compression system.

A Lifesaver Bottle

When zombie attacks, you need to remember to find a suitable shelter with lots of water too. One advantage of it is it filters out unnecessary bacteria, chemicals, and viruses.


In general, Zombies aren’t afraid of water. It also implied that it’s better to be in the ocean, knowing that they will die because of the little creatures rather than in a shallow river or waters.

And if they survive the little creatures, they will still die due to physics- bloating.