This Is Exactly How To Use Vaseline To Build A Fire

Using Vaseline to Start a Fire

Vaseline Jelly is undoubtedly the most popular brand of petroleum jelly! It’s a non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic product used for numerous applications, from healing minor scrapes and burns to moisturizing skin.

It is a product that nearly every American has heard of and used in their lives.

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But can you use Vaseline to start a fire? Yes, you can use it as a fire starter! But it’s only effective when used with other materials like cotton.

We will discuss how Vaseline works as a fire starter in the following sections.

Read on, and it may just save your life in the wilderness or make life easier at home.

Is Vaseline Flammable?

Vaseline is safe for our skin because it is non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic.

Therefore, the vaseline is not flammable. However, many people ought to think that vaseline is a flammable substance.

When you heat vaseline at a temperature of more than 400 degrees Fahrenheit, it may create flammable vapors.

But, this won’t happen naturally, regardless of the weather is extremely hot.

Vaseline won’t be on fire under normal conditions.

Can You Use Vaseline To Start A Fire?

Although vaseline is not flammable, it can, however, catch fire. As you know, well fine cotton burns with just one good hit from firesteel. But cotton burns faster.

It is where petroleum jelly comes into action. From the name itself, petroleum jelly – has petroleum, which means that this uses the same petroleum content in oil-based products but the form of jelly.

However, it will not burst into flame, won’t evaporate, and it will not run.

Coat your cotton ball with as much petroleum jelly as you can, but do not saturate the cotton ball.

It is essential to use dry fibers in the middle. It will take the flame to a whole new level.

Starting A Fire With Petroleum Jelly

The cotton ball is likely compared to the tinder of fire. It will only take flame or spark to have your kindling burning.

Below are some tips and tricks to start a fire with petroleum jelly:

  1. Get a very dry toothpick. Preferably the pencil-sized kindling, if available.

  2. Pull your cotton ball to open and expose the dry fibers inside.

  3. Using a firesteel, light the cotton fibers.

  4. Lean a few toothpick-sized sticks against the burning cotton ball. Be careful not to suffocate it.

  5. Build a teepee above it with the other toothpicks.

After doing the steps above, you will be able to let your kindling burn.

Petroleum Jelly Cotton Balls In The Yard

Using petroleum jelly as a fire pit in the backyard is an excellent way to spend the evenings.

The steps are straightforward. Plus, how cool would it be if you get the chase to show-off your fire-making skills?

An excellent way to start is to get a flame from shredded cedar bark and an ember. Soon you will have a great knack for this.

You can also use a one-match fire. Combine petroleum jelly cotton ball and any ultralight bellow to have a no-fail fire pit.


Petroleum jelly is not only great for the skin, but they are also great in helping you start a fire.

They are not easily burnt. The packaging of the petroleum jelly will most likely burn first before the jelly does.