Which Food Has The Longest Shelf Life?

Which Food Has The Longest Shelf Life?

People tend to stockpile food during emergencies, yet fail to realize the food’s shelf life. In keeping foods, you must take note that their nutritional value might depreciate over time, especially when microbial or fungal growth is starting to stick to the foods. Fortunately, some foods have a decade long shelf life. People often thought of storing for emergency purposes 

Which food has the longest shelf life? Foods can live longer when packaged and stored correctly. The top 5 long-term foods are honey, white rice, dried corn, powdered milk, and potatoes.

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In this short read, you will be able to learn the lists of foods that you can store for the longest time and why it is essential to store foods.

Top List Of Foods With Longest Life

Usually, foods are stored at specific room temperature to extend their lifespan, and technology brought many means to store them substantially. You have to take note that when foods are exposed to high temperatures and moisture, they tend to change easily in color and flavor.


Honey is often sold either with an expiration date or “best by” date, yet its shelf life is indefinite even though there are dark and sugar crystals are forming. Pure honey can be kept for decades and will still taste the same or even better. The biological makeup of honey relies on its sugar content and low pH level.

That is why its longevity is longer compared to other foods. It’s also best to keep honey because it contains antioxidants, which helps in the reduction of heart attacks and some types of cancer.

White Rice

Just the same with honey, white rice’s longevity is indefinite. However, you have to remember that white rice has higher oil content that can spoil in a matter of months. If you keep the white rice dry, then it will last forever. The presence of moisture will attract black and flour bugs that leave eggs into the rice. Many people are choosing white rice as the source of carbohydrates and fiber.

Dried Corn

Dried corn can live up to a maximum of 15 years as long as it’s free from moisture. Dried corn is an energy enhancer food that can be replaceable to rice. It can also reduce the risk of anemia as corn is known to be rich in folic acid and iron, which are responsible for red blood cell production.

Powdered Milk

Although it can only last for about one year, yet it’s still important to put this on your storage because of the health benefits it could give, especially to children. Powdered milk shared the same nutrients with the raw milk, such as magnesium, potassium, Vitamins A and E, and calcium. Powdered milk is a feasible alternative for raw and pasteurized milk because the content is not as strong as raw ones.


The maximum time that you can keep a potato is up to 5 weeks, so you have to keep it inside the refrigerator. Never store them beside onions because potatoes might be spoiled because each of them gives out gases and moisture. However, onions and potatoes can taste good together.

Importance Of Food Keeping

Food keeping is not just crucial during emergencies, but it’s also essential in keeping your budget together. It is also economical and would save you time from doing groceries over and over again.

You Have Food In Times Of Calamities

Emergencies can happen without prior notice, so there might be some possibilities that your source of foods, such as markets, restaurants, and groceries, may be cut off. With emergencies as the main mindset to store foods, it would be possible for you and your loved ones to survive the storm together.

It Maintains Your Financial Stability

What most people don’t realize is the contribution of food keeping in your budget. It is very economical, as it keeps you away from going back and forth to the grocery store.

You have to set a limited budget for your foods, so the rest of the budgets won’t get compromised. If you also buy foods in bulk, you would save a lot of money rather than buying them one by one.

For Eventual Use In Cooking

If you felt like cooking unexpectedly, then you can pull ingredients from the refrigerator and cook them right away. In this way, you can save more time and proceed to your cooking. You don’t even have to call for home delivery, just in case you’re hungry, because you can only open canned food or prepare yourself foods that you like.

For Food Rotation

It is essential to rotate foods so you can store it longer. When foods are used, then they will be replaced by new foods. You have to label each food storage with its best by dates, so you’ll know which ones you’re going to prepare daily.

It Promotes Food Hygiene

Keeping your foods at the right storage places is very hygienic because there’s a lesser possibility that germs and unwanted bacteria will be accumulated. Keeping foods at a low temperature would help lessen the growth of bacteria.

Therefore there’s lesser risk of food poisoning and other foodborne illnesses. The second effect is the maintenance of the nutritional qualities of foods.

For Industrial Purposes

You never know the effect of food storage on those workers who sweat themselves to provide you better food qualities. Damage and soiling can easily affect the food industry, therefore, causing them to lose profits. These workers are trying their best each day to give the best qualities possible, so their business won’t get affected as well.


Overall, when you store your foods properly, you can lengthen their shelf lives. Before buying foods, make sure that you’ve checked the expiration date. Most importantly, when you’ve decided to store foods, confirm the nutritional value that your body needed because it will prevent you from having health risks.

For you to be more educated about the storage life and nutritional value of foods, better check it in the nutritional facts of the food or on the internet for a more elaborate report.