Why Zombies Living Forever Is A Myth | Zombie Life Cycle

Zombies Living Forever

Maybe you are wondering if brain-eating monsters and the Walking Dead are just stories. Virus outbreaks are so rare that they fit right in with Halloween’s spookiness. But, assuming this is right, will they or will they not live indefinitely?

Do zombies live forever? Zombies cannot live forever, according to some sources. Zombies are undead corpses that are already decaying, but they still need food to thrive. Without food, they will turn into husk until nothing is left of them.

With the world’s current situation, it is not impossible for a zombie outbreak. Some sources say they can only live up to 1 decade. But assuming they can live forever, how could you kill them?

Zombies And Their Life Cycle

A zombie’s life cycle is straightforward and easy to comprehend. The initial infection agent must first locate a host. The host would become sick and ultimately collapse into a coma once infected, lasting for several hours.

The entire metamorphosis, from infection to becoming a zombie, usually takes less than 24 hours.

Conventional methods of reproduction are ineffective for zombies. Zombies have no reproductive organs. Since the human reproductive system is not needed for brain function, it is turned off and made useless immediately.

On the other hand, Zombies replicate by infecting other healthy people with their zombie-causing agent by direct fluid transfer. It usually occurs through a bite to the flesh.

When a human becomes a zombie, the immune system causes the body to die quickly. A zombie’s lifespan is estimated to be as long as four years, although it is usually much shorter. It depends on the relative environment, physical harm, age, height, weight, etc.

To stay alive, zombies don’t need to eat anything. It’s also unclear why they eat human flesh. They still don’t need air and aren’t interested in any organs other than the brain.

How To Kill A Zombie

Decapitating Them

It would help if you destroyed the brains of zombies to defeat them. Simply chopping off the head with a chainsaw, machete, or samurai sword is the most surefire method.

But be sure to follow through. Anything less than complete severance isn’t good enough.

Exploding Them

Exploding them is a good tactic, but it necessitates the use of heavy weapons. Find your way to a military storehouse or a morally questionable pawn shop.

Buy a rocket launcher in the confusion that would undoubtedly follow a zombie infestation. Then fire, load, and do it all over again.

Here are some other ideas for explosives you can use during a zombie apocalypse:

1. Grenades

There are several different types of grenades, including fragmentation grenades, smoke grenades, and flash grenades. Grenades should be treated with great caution and only by those who have the necessary training and experience.

If you do not have training experience, be very careful. You might not die because of the disease, but you will die from the explosion.

2. C-4

C-4 is a highly durable plastic explosive agent that is widely used for demolition by armed forces. It is very malleable, like clay putty, and can be molded.

It is resistant to high temperatures and vibrations. It can withstand being set on fire or even being fired by rifles without detonating. C-4 needs a trained handler and specialized equipment to make it blow.

3. Land Mine

Land mines can be beneficial for defending positions against conventional enemies, depending on the configuration.

Mines are intended to injure rather than kill by blowing a leg off or both legs. Most of these hidden bombs will build a swarm of crawling, dismembered zombies, posing a hidden threat.

Bludgeoning Them

Any blunt instrument swung with sufficient force at the cranium can kill the brain. But, slugger, be fast on your feet and keep your eye on the target. If you miss even once when you are this close to a zombie, then you are already dead.

Burning Them

Don’t you have a sniper rifle handy to take out zombies from afar? A Molotov cocktail is the next best thing. Just make sure the zombies are far enough away to be reduced to ashes before they can shamble after you.

How To Survive During A Zombie Apocalypse

If you objectively think about it, the chances of a zombie apocalypse are pretty slim. However, if you’ve watched a TV show or a movie in the last ten years, you already know it’ll happen.

Here are some of the most popular zombie apocalypse survival tips found on the internet:

Protect Yourself

You’ll probably never know what prompted people to transform into zombies. So get yourself a mask that protects your mouth and nose, some gloves, and a protective suit. If you can’t find them, do whatever you can to hide.

Gather Supplies And Find Transportation

When zombies strike, it’s not easy to shop, so make sure you have everything you need before the situation occurs. That means putting together a kit with the essentials for you and your family.

To tide everyone over for a few days, stock up on non-perishable food, a gallon of daily water, clothes, first-aid supplies, and toiletries. A decent knife, as well as a battery-powered radio, may be helpful.

Never Turn Your Back On Zombies

Zombies aren’t superhuman in any way. They are subject to the same earthly rules and physical characteristics as the person they used to be. They might be creeping at a snail’s pace, but their surprise attack may be fatal.

Choose Your Weapons

No matter what apocalypse wipes us off the face of the planet, whoever wishes to survive needs two things:

  1. A crossbow
  2. An infinite supply of nitro-burning cars.

Consider this: have you ever seen a wasteland warrior worth his or her salt without one? Even if most people have never seen a crossbow, they will be alarmingly numerous after civilization falls. So go ahead and stock up!

Watch Out For The Other People

Knowing you’re not alone but have friends is beneficial to your mental health. It’s always best to stick together and support one another. In a lawless world, however, a person can become far more dangerous than zombies. Don’t trust anyone!


The thought of a zombie apocalypse is terrifying, especially if researchers could not give any of us accurate information. If a zombie eats your brain, you’re doomed.

But, before that time comes, it’s critical to maintain a level head, particularly if you have children. As much as possible, assuage their worries that they will be deserted or that someone will be killed or wounded.