Can You Store Water In Your Car?

Can You Store Water In Your Car?

Your car is among the most important places where you can store all your emergency preparedness supplies. An emergency situation might force you to travel great distances and endure all extreme weather conditions as you work your way to a safer location. Keeping supplies in your car can be a life-saver when you get stranded in a remote location.

Can you store water in your car? Yes, it is possible to store water in your car in a limited time. Storing bottled water as emergency water in your car has limitations. Due to extreme temperatures in your vehicle, bottled water can only be stored safely for less than six months.

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In this short read, you will have a better understanding of the precautions of storing water inside your vehicle.

Storing Emergency Water In A Hot Car

For some people, a particular climate and weather is a significant factor in storing water inside your car. It is because car windows act as a magnifying glass for the sunlight coming through. If you are planning to store all the water bottles in your hot car, the water might become contaminated.

Sunlight and heat can weaken the plastic of most water bottles and can leach the BPA’s from them and then let it contaminate the water. BPA are chemicals that can cause cancer, high blood pressure, and brain issues.

Luckily, you can apply plenty of solutions to make sure that the water you install in your car will stay fresh. To avoid getting BPA, you can always opt for a glass container.

Fill in your glass, bottle some water, and store it in your car. It might be warm to taste, but it can do the job of preventing harmful chemicals. Another thing to consider is to have a cooler in your trunk with the water bottles inside.

Storing Emergency Water In A Cold Car

Not everyone lives in a desert, and some people live in a colder climate like Alaska, Canada, and other cold places. Regardless of the weather, it is essential to keep emergency water inside of your vehicle.

Those people who are stuck in freezing temperatures faces a different challenge to keep the water unfrozen. Being stuck in a dangerous situation like a blizzard with nothing to drink but a bottle of ice is a disaster scenario.

To avoid freezing your water, you can warm it up in the car. The sun’s rays and BPA are not a significant concern because of the climate. Most likely, you will be using your car’s heater, and it will be helpful for the water to freeze.


To conclude, storing water in your car can save you in difficult times, and it is a smart way for survival situations. While it may require some time and investment, it is worth it. Staying hydrated all the time is essential to skimp on, especially if you are stuck in a situation where water is scarce.