Should I Stockpile Water?

Should I Stockpile Water?

Storing water is the most difficult of all the supplies when it comes to stockpiling during emergencies. The biggest challenge will be on how much volume of water is needed to ensure survival during times of disaster and catastrophe. We used a lot of water in everyday life, and we don’t know how to live if we have a shortage of it.

Should I stockpile water? As a general rule, you need to store one gallon of water per person daily. It is recommended that in a disaster situation, you need to consume half a gallon of water per day and more if you’re in a tropical place, sick, pregnant, or a child.

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Later in this article, you will have an idea of how much water you need to stockpile in your house for your survival when a disaster comes in. Let’s get into it.

Storing Water For Basic Needs

Water is the most important thing to keep when it comes to emergencies, as humans cannot survive with the lack of it. You need to at least store one gallon of water per person in your household for emergency purposes. It includes drinking water, sanitation, and hygiene. That’s a lot of water, but believe me, it is adequate but still needs to consider a lot of things for your survival.

However, some cases requires you to get more water, for instance, if you live in some dry areas where it is predominantly dry, you need to save twice the amount of water as recommended. Also, consider other people who might be sick in the household that requires more like pregnant women and older people. Consider adding more water if you are planning to grow your food like fruits and vegetables and providing enough stock to your pets and livestock.

Where To Store Water?

When storing water, you need to consider the environment and containers. These containers should be away from direct sunlight and heat. You can store them in the basement, pantry with no windows, temperature-controlled garages are perfect storage. Sunlight is an essential factor because the UV rays can affect the plastic of the plastic containers, and it can also attract even the smallest amount of bacteria.

Should I Stockpile Water?

Using a WaterPrepared Water Storage Tank will be helpful when it comes to storing water. It is useful in times of emergencies and can withhold volumes of water for your safety and sanity. If you have enough space for storage, you can purchase barrels that can hold up to 550 gallons like RomoTech Vertical Polyethylene Reservoir. One 55-gallon barrel can supply two people with two gallons a day for over two weeks. In a family consisting of four members, the same barrel can even last for a week.

Should I Stockpile Water?


Water is indeed a crucial thing when it comes to survival, and it is the most important to have during times of disaster and emergencies. Be sure to get yourself inform of all water storage related information such as supply amounts, storage, and maintenance. Once you get a hold of all this information, you are most likely to survive in life’s unforeseen catastrophe.