Where Is The Best Place To Store An Emergency Kit?

Where Is The Best Place To Store An Emergency Kit?

In times of disasters and emergencies, we all should have an emergency kit prepared. This kit contains essentials we would need to survive after a disaster, and before help comes. Knowing where to put an emergency kit is as important as knowing what to put in it.

Where is the best place to store an emergency kit? It is a place you can easily see and have access to. It could be near the front door of your house, locker on your workplace, and trunk or backseat of your car.

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This article aims to help you know the best place to store you are emergency kits and essential items an emergency kit should contain. Read on to know more.

Storing Your Emergency Kit

Have multiple kits. You’ll never know when and where an emergency or disaster would occur. You also cannot pick your location beforehand during unpredictable disasters like earthquakes.

Therefore, having multiple emergency kits in different places you usually go would undoubtedly help you. For example, you got stranded in your workplace because of an earthquake. It would be wise if you have stored an emergency kit at the workplace.

Place the kits strategically. The emergency kits that you have should be located where you can easily see it. If you’re at home, you can place your emergency kit near your front door or any door that is close to the exit, so you could easily grab it and go.

At your workplace, you can place your emergency kit in your locker or under your desk. Then, for the emergency kit in your car, put it at the trunk or backseat.

Emergency Kit Essentials

  • Food and Water (keep in mind the expiration date)
  • First Aid Kit/Medical Supplies
  • Hygiene Products
  • Cleaning Products
  • Flashlight
  • Battery-powered or hand-crank radio
  • Extra Batteries
  • Cellphones, Chargers, and backup batteries
  • Whistle (to call out for help)
  • Local Map
  • Tools and Supplies
  • Extra Clothing

Related Questions

What should I do if I ever get trapped in my room because of an earthquake, and I don’t have an emergency kit inside my room?

Firstly, you should take cover and wait until the shaking stops. You have to make sure that there are no more aftershocks so you could open up your window and ask for help. If ever that you have your phone with you, call out for help.

What food shall I store in my emergency kit?

Go for foods with long shelf life like canned goods—canned tuna, salmon, chicken or even vegetables like green beans, carrots, and peas. You can also store in dried fruits, nuts, trail mix, crackers, and granola bars.


The key to emergency kit preparation is having multiple kits placed strategically. Store emergency kits in your home, workplace, car, and other places you usually go to. The best place where you should store your emergency kits and supplies is where they are easily accessible.