Can Canned Food Last 20 Years?

Can Canned Food Last 20 Years?

Canned foods are considered to be the most reliable source of food for families for many years now. These goods are easy to access, store, and are ready to serve. And there has been a lot of studies that can prove that it can last for a lifetime, depending on the can’s quality.

Can canned food last 20 years? Yes, canned food can last 20 years or more. The best before or best-by dates indicate when the food will be on its high-quality, and those dates don’t necessarily relate to food safety.

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In this article, you will learn more information about canned foods as well as some guidelines to better understand whether or not you should toss them out. It includes the meaning of can label, the process of manufacturing can goods, how to store them, and so much more.

Label On Cans

Generally, canned foods don’t have an expiration date, Best-By Date refers to the recommended time to use the canned goods for the best physical and sensory quality. The date is recommended by the manufacturer who made them. While Use-By Date refers to the final days that the product will peak at its freshness level, flavor-wise, and texture. After the mentioned date, the food starts to deteriorates, but it is still edible.

Canning Process

The canning process involves a high-heat process, so it preserves the food and prevents the growths of any harmful organisms. As a result, canned food remains forever safe, but the quality will be the determining factor when talking about the Used By date or the Best By date. To get the best out of the canned goods, you should consume within a couple of years for the best quality and taste of the product.

Purchasing And Storing Canned Goods

Unlike any other good that can spoil pretty easily, steel food cans serve as a vault. It protects the food inside from sunlight and air exposure, sealing the freshness, nutritional value, and vitamins, and preventing spoilage. However, you need to do your part in making sure that the cans are examined properly when purchasing and storing it.

When deciding to purchase canned goods, make sure that there’s no leakage, bulging, and rust to the cans and specifically store in a dark and cold place. Ideally, it needs to be 85F or 29C. Temperatures that reach 100F or 37C can affect the overall quality of the canned goods.

Benefits Of Canned Goods

Canned food also provides excellent nutritional value, and It can help minimize food cost and convenience. It contains the same nutrients found on their frozen or fresh counterparts. For instance, canned tomatoes contain more lycopene compared to fresh tomatoes, and it also has B-vitamins. Lycopene is found in tomatoes that are associated with reducing the risk of cancer.


To conclude, canned goods are a nutritious, sustainable, and budget-friendly food options. You need to learn how to purchase the right canned food and how to store it properly. With correct handling, you will be able to preserve them and be useful when the time comes.