What Do I Need For Doomsday Prepping?

What Do I Need For Doomsday Prepping?

A lot of people have been stressed and pressured because of the COVID-19 that’s been affecting around the world. This pandemic has made people hoard necessity items like canned goods, water, noodles, tissues, soaps, alcohol, and masks. Leaving many supermarkets and stores empty shelves, short at stocks, or no stock even at all anymore and this brings many people asks, is it a sign of doomsday?

What do I need for doomsday prepping? No one will know when will a doomsday comes. And preparation is the best way we can do when this happens. Some simple things you can prepare are water, food, whistle, masks, first aid and toiletry kits, flashlight with batteries, and more.

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As you proceed reading, you will learn why these things are needed and what other things to prepare. You will also learn that being prepared is not a selfish act, but as an act of preventing if things come becomes worst.

Things To Prepare

When you want to prepare for doomsday, it is better to go to stores and supermarkets slowly and diligently.


It is essential when you prepare things when that doomsday comes. It is said that you can buy for a canned good that’s good for 2-3 weeks’ supplies. It’s a staple on every pepper’s lists because they can last for years, and you can buy any type of food in canned variety.

What Do I Need For Doomsday Prepping?

Some examples of foods are not easy to buy, cheap, and easy to store: beans, sugar, oats, fruit bars, corn, and rice. Bean is an excellent source of fiber. Sugar is considered one of those that is easy to buy and stock on. Oats are perfect for your survival mode because they contain fibers too.

What Do I Need For Doomsday Prepping?

Fruit bars are essential too as it is portable and is easy to store. Corns are considered a vegetable but can also make a grain. And lastly, rice is important if you’re prepping because of it a source of grains and easy to store too.

What Do I Need For Doomsday Prepping?


You know what they say that you can live without food but not with water. It is said that water should be the most important when you’re prepping for the doomsday. Water has dozens of tasks that can do for you. So when preparing, don’t forget your water storage.

There is water storage that you can count on when you’re in a survival mode. These are waterproof matches, water purification tablets, a hydration pack, a drinking container, and a thermal bottle.

Waterproof Matches & Others

To ensure that you can make a flame even if you’re in a damp situation, make sure to have waterproof matches with you. Water purification tablets can help you eliminate chemicals, germs, and any viruses. Hydration pack can be an add-on to most backpacks, plus it is convenient whenever you will go. Having separate drinking containers is used whenever there’s no bottled water, and a thermal bottle is perfect because it supports hot and cold temperatures.


When talking about survival kit, a whistle is a lifesaver, especially design when you are in a life-threatening situation. Let’s say, for example, that you are lost or stranded in the wilderness. It is hard that one can found you through extensive searching. With the help of a whistle, it makes the job of the rescuers easier. Usually, whistles are used when there’s an earthquake, victims from down feet under just blow it and then they are saved.

What Do I Need For Doomsday Prepping?

Blowing three times consecutive is an internationally recognized signal after blowing wait for 30 seconds before repeating until rescue comes. Who would have wanted to be trapped in that kind of situation, right? You know what they always say that it is better to be ready than sorry. So don’t forget to include whistles in your survival kit lists.


What Do I Need For Doomsday Prepping?

We all know that in any kind of disaster, it involves dust and debris, but don’t worry as a mask is there to protect you. There are two common types of masks to choose from according to its uses and depends on the situation; N-95 and surgical mask.

If ever there is a volcanic eruption, experts advise using an N-95 mask. This mask is said to help filter and help reduce the number of particles or germs the wearer breathes in. In contrast, the surgical mask helps in preventing large particles expelled by the wearer, such as spits or mucous entering the environment.

First Aid And Toiletry Kits

It is automatic to have these kits when preparing survival kits. First aid kits can be bought in any medical store that comes with medicines, gauze’s, alcohol, vitamins, and antibiotics. Mostly, every first aid kits contain the said necessity, but you can add more if ever you want to add more items. Toiletry kits, however, include soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, wet wipes, and two small pieces of disposable cloths.

Power And Heat

These essential kits include batteries, blankets, flashlights, headlamps, and a sleeping bag. With these in one bag, it will help you get comfortable even when you feel your not. Flashlights and headlamps can be used to lighten your way whenever you’re in a dark place. Blankets and sleeping bags can be used not only to have a comfortable sleeping, but it can be used as a shield on cold weather.

Batteries are essential because they can help in restoring the lighting equipment. Just make sure that batteries are suitable for the battery requirements of your light tools. And it’s okay to have extras than run out when you’re in the middle of a long brownout.

Weaponry Bag

It’s frustrating when unfortunate events will happen. That is why it’s helpful and will make your life better if you have a weaponry bag. In this bag, it includes some important things that will help you mostly to protect yourself physically. Included in this bag are scissors, handsaw, a utility knife, and a holster. Generally, these things will help you in guarding yourself or a simple definition of self-defense.

Though this is not necessary, most people want to have this because it helps them in many ways, especially when you’re stuck in a damp situation.


This kind of survival kit is vital too because it can be used when typhoon occurs and is needed to evacuate the place. When typhoon gets worst, you don’t have a choice but to evacuate the area ASAP, so there’s no chance of picking clothes anymore. It’s different when you have a separate bag, so if the time comes to evacuate, you can just grab the bag and go.

This bag can be filled with warm clothing, so it will help you keep warm, especially when there’s a need to travel. The jacket is also included and make sure that it is waterproof and suitable for layering. A wide-brimmed hat is helpful not only with the sun but also in annoying pests that you may encounter. And having a Polarized sunglasses is advisable too because it can help protect your eyes from the scorching heat of the sun.

Importance Of Preparing

It is stressful and frustrating when thinking that doomsday can happen soon or when you least expect it. But it is also a gut feeling that preparing necessity things will help you get through it at least, right? But remember how stressful it can be, your spiritual minds is more important than these things. It’s not bad when prepping for when doomsday comes. It’s bad when there’s nothing you can do because you’re not prepared at all.

Here are some importance of preparing for Doomsday:

Gives You Strength

Although fearing of doomsday is getting into the nerves of many, this fear uses them as their strength. This fear makes them on how to be physically, emotionally, and spiritually strong. Most people think that when that time comes, at least they are prepared for whatever it may cause or brings. People are now more controllable of their feelings whenever that day comes because they know that being prepared is enough.

More Chance Of Survival

Preparing for that day may be hard because you need you to think of what to include. Though it may seem strange and odd to others, you, as an individual who’re more aware of what’s happening, are more like to survive. It’s like buying insurance, your family is likely to survive if something happens, your costs are covered, and suffering is lessened by doing a payout.

Lessen Your Fears

Yes, preparing for the big event will help lessen your fear, anxiety, and stress. It allows you to accept the fact that there are no permanent in this world and that all things are changing. When you can look at it that way, the fear, anxiety stress will slip away because you are strong enough to accept it. With this, you will also be able to share it with your families and friends why preparing for that big event is essential.

It will not only save your own life, but it can also save your loved ones’ life.

Lessen The Impact

When you can accept all the possible impact when that day comes, preparing becomes easier for you. You can help lessen the impact of the disaster and that you are more capable of helping others’ lives too. Because as we all know, not all responders may not be able to reach you immediately, in that case, you can only help you.

Brings Out Your Skill

While you are all set in preparing important things for disasters, it brings out your skill in planning. This skill will help you be more prepared because you were able to do more accurate plans on what to do whenever it comes. Though it’s not that obvious, simple preparation is a skill because you were able to use your mind. That instead of being afraid of what might happen, you were able to use your skills that can help others survive.

Steps To Make Preparing Successful

Preparing is planning so that it will lessen the effects of such an event. There are things to consider to make preparing for doomsday successful.

  1. Focus – during preparation, the focus must be present because when you’re focused, you will be able to do what’s important. To be able to be successful, you need to focus, and that will make you feel good about it. Remember that whatever you’re preparing for, your mental and physical emotions will help you focus on things to do.
  2. Understand – when you’re starting to prepare, ask yourself why and what you are preparing for. Once you have answered this question honestly, you will be able to understand why you’re doing these things. And the result will be according to what you are preparing for. Remember that when you understand why you’re doing this preparation, a 100% success is coming your way.
  3. Brace yourself – preparing is not all about how fast you can get all things done. It is also about having to prepare yourself on what will come along while preparing. But when this comes, make sure to stay focus and always keep in mind to do what’s right. There are things that you need to do when one event is out of your control, so better be brace yourself when change comes.

After all, that’s what preparing is all about; getting ready for what might comes and what might not.


In general, whether you are preparing for a natural disaster or doomsday, preparing is important. That when preparing, it is not easy to do, you must look forward to more possible scenarios that can occur. When preparing for a doomsday, you’re not sure that you’re at home, so it is better than you plan it with your family. Because when that doomsday happens, no matter how prepared you are, if not planned accurately, all efforts will be useless. 

Remember that preparing is not 100% sure you will be saved. It is just a tool on how to lessen the impact of its effects.