This Is How You Start a Fire With Sticks

Can You Start A Fire By Rubbing Sticks Together?

Aside from making a shelter and finding the perfect source of drinking, making fire on your own is probably one of the top skills you need to know. But this poses a problem because not all people have the luxury to have their fire-starting equipment.

Good thing that you can still find a piece of dry wood and try the primitive fire-making technique.

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Can you start a fire by rubbing sticks together? Yes. While you are twirling your hands together to twirl the stick, you need to push it down to create pressure. The downward pressure generates enough friction to turn the point of contact into a hot ember.

In this short read, you will have a better understanding of how to start a fire with sticks rubbing together and what is the science behind it.

Start A Fire With Sticks

When starting a fire using some sticks, it boils down to understanding the physics of friction.

Preparation is crucial when using friction as your source of fire ignition.

If you get the preparation done correctly, you will be able to increase the odds of producing fire. Preparation includes the following:

Procurement Of The Materials

Finding the right materials is crucial to get the fire you need. Try to find a dry and straight stick, and it is also worth noting to find a dry flat wood as well to make your fireboard or fire hearth.

Next, create a bunch of kindling and a dry and fine tinder bundle.

The most important thing here is to find the dry woods because if you find one that has moisture in it, you will most likely fail. The key is to find the right sturdy dry wood that has a low moisture level.

More moisture in the wood means more friction needed to build you an ember.

Staging The Materials

Staging your materials are vital because you need to place your tinder bundle and kindling in a way that the materials are nearby and ready to be employed.

The phase wherein ember transitions to fire is somehow called working fire up the ladder.

You start with a heat source or flame, and for this ember to work and grow, you need a dry and fine tinder.

After that, this tinder bundle will provide fire and energy to catch more materials such as kindlings.

Then finally, when the fire is strong enough, you can add some small and sticks and logs.


To conclude, understanding the fire ignition it is time to put them to some use.

The best way to learn this as much as you can is to practice and get yourself some good wood or sticks to get the right friction.

There are some excellent bow drill kits available online for you to practice.

Once you get the hang of it, you can start making your own from natural resources. It is crucial when it comes to survival to prepare, adapt, and overcome.