Can Humans Survive Without Meat?

In terms of nutrition, there’s no other debate as intense as the one between meat lovers and vegetarians. You can’t blame each party because they do have their own opinions on why it is better for them than the others. It’s no secret that a well-balanced plant-based diet gives you more health benefits. You can’t blame fruits and vegetables for that.

Can humans survive without meat? Yes, humans can survive without eating meat. Many sources of protein and nutrients can be obtained in some plant-based diets. But, since humans are naturally omnivores, there will be changes in the body once we don’t consume meat.

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This article covers the basics of a meatless diet and some thoughts about veganism, where you cut off meat, poultry, and fish. It will also discuss the effects of it on the human body both physically and psychologically.

Effects Of Giving Up Meat

Taking meat out of the picture will be hard for the majority of people, probably because we were raised to eat meat, and historically speaking, that is what makes us humans. But with the world going out of balance and global warming is causing us some trouble, some people consider not partaking into meat consumption as a way to bring back the balance. Here are some of the benefits and effectiveness of the meatless diet to consider.

Feeling Hungry

For the first part of the journey, you are most likely to experience feeling a little bit hungry all the time. Even if you consumed all the needed components like protein, carbohydrates, and calories, you would most likely feel unfulfilled.

It is because you are so accustomed to having meat in your plate and just a small piece of veggies on the side, but now you’re shifting to only vegetables on your plate, and you feel like you have not eaten the main course of the dish. The lack of fat and protein in your food might be a feeling of dissatisfaction.

Change In Your Tastebud

Zinc is an essential mineral in your body, it aids the immune system and wound healing, and it can affect your sense of smell and taste. Zinc can be found in most meat, and by giving it up, you are depriving yourself of the mineral you should be taking.

Some people might experience a loss of their taste because zinc is the one responsible for taste buds to work correctly, and as a vegetarian, you’re not getting much of it. To get moe daily zinc recommendation, you should eat more fortified cereals, yogurt, cashews, and some oatmeals.


Overall, surviving without meat is a possibility, but there will be some physical and psychological changes in your body before you get used to it. It might be hard at first, but you will be surprised by all the health and environmental benefits it entails. There are also some drawbacks to switching to a meatless diet. You just need to be aware of the food you take and the vitamins and nutrients you need to have in your body.