10 Must-Have Pieces Of Clothing For A Zombie Apocalypse

Clothing To Wear During A Zombie Apocalypse

Zombies have been a mainstay in many pop culture and movie references, not to mention a pile of horror and thriller books.

Many people are still talking about it, and it feels like it will stay for many years to come because of its popularity. It might be 99% that it won’t happen in real life, but there is still 1%, and people are curious and preparing what to wear and what to do if it happens. 

What should you wear to a zombie apocalypse? It is best to wear a camo hat or a regular ball hat during a zombie apocalypse. A cotton undershirt and a thin t-shirt will do the trick, then partnered with a leather jacket. It would help if you also opted for goggles or glasses.

This article will feature different clothing options when a zombie apocalypse breaks out. It might be close to impossible, but it is always welcome to be prepared and know what to wear if it happens.

Proper Zombie Clothing During Apocalypse

Many clothing items should be considered when it comes to the zombie apocalypse. It is more appealing to many people when their safety is on priority, and you should know that there is clothing available to protect you.

There might not be an example in real life to have the basis for this, but you can always check movies, literary books, and survival gear to help you decide.

You can expect different actors wearing some military vibes, ready to face some zombies in movies. If there is one thing that people are known for during the zombie apocalypse, these movies will be pretty helpful in terms of survival.

Here is some proper clothing when you are in a world full of zombies that will try to kill you. This way, if the world ends, you know what to prepare and what to wear.

Get Into Leather Jackets And Pants

Leather will be your best friend in terms of clothing during a zombie apocalypse, and it serves its purpose. If you remember the Dawn of the Dead, where Stephen Andrews wears a leather jacket, this is for a purpose and not just for the movie.

Many undead infringements may be complex for them to bite through the leather. Leather coats are good when you are moving from one place to another.

There are some excellent methods of minimizing heat in some things, and they are perfect for cold weather. It might be recommended to wear lighter leather.

Also, it is advisable to wear thicker stuff because it will add an extra layer of protection. It is recommended to wear lighter-colored leather like a tan or olive color to attract less heat.

You might want to skip getting the black ones as it may be more in a fashion sense. Just be mindful that some leather jackets have perforations, making some of them more breathable and light to use. Survival is more important.

Use And Wear A Hockey Helmet

When it comes to the zombie apocalypse, every human being will be practical, and they will include the use of ice skates and hockey sticks as their weapons. If you can also ice skate, this will be a significant advantage to dash off and outrun zombies.

But if you are not so athletic, you don’t have to worry, as hockey gear will save the day, and it can protect your skin from any zombie horde. It is also relatively easy to find, and you need to wear a helmet to give added protection to your head and face.

If hockey is not a thing in your area, you can also weather some football helmets, bicycle helmets, motor helmets, etc.

It will be a significant advantage if you have the full-on hocket gear together with a stick. This way, you can use it as a weapon and beat every zombie that comes your way.

Get Into Spikes & Chains

If you are seriously considering leather jackets, you might want to amp it up by adding more spikes. It is not only for aesthetic purposes.

Also, it can serve as some defense when you are being attacked. It would be a perfect way to avoid having zombies gnawing through your flesh.

In addition to that, you can have a solid punk rock fashion that can also be functional at the same time. This way, you are just practical, and you can add as many spikes and chains as possible as long as it does not limit your mobility.

Wear Thick Winter Jackets And Gloves

Thick Winter Jackets and gloves can become quite annoying as your body and hands will get sweaty. But fear not if you have zero-degree weather and have to find some food outside; this can be pretty handy.

Wearing these thick winter jackets will add another layer to your full clothing, and it will be tough for zombies to bite. This type of clothing is practical, especially if you have cold winter weather, so you have no choice but to wear it.

Full On Riot Gear

A full-on riot gear might not be accessible to many people, but it is not difficult to find. You can see a lot of riot gear being used in many movies and TV shows about zombies.

It is the most recommended full-on gear and clothing if it comes down to a zombie apocalypse. Make sure to have it on you, as this is best acquired during a zombie apocalypse’s early and before stages.

Before it turns mayhem and other people raid some local police armory.

Learn About Troy Hurtubise

If you do not know who Troy Hurtubise is, do not feel bad about not remembering the name, as many people don’t. A man invented an indestructible artificial suit to withstand a grizzly bear attack.

He came up with Ursa as the suit’s name, with each version having a new number attached to it. You can still call this suit anything you want, but this is not dumb or stupid as it works.

He is also the creator of Fire Paste which is claimed to withstand the temperatures from any blowtorches.

You might find it dumbfounded, but Troy is obsessed with creating these things. You can check his book to give you more ideas on how he built all of his creations from start to finish.

Wearing Other Dumb Stuff

If you cannot find the things listed here, you might be lucky with other options. If you only look around your house, you can still find extra padding against these walkers.

If you know any fishermen, you can have hip waders, or if you happen to have old magazines around, you can wrap those around your arms using duct tape.

What is essential here is to be creative and resourceful as much as possible. This dumb stuff might not be the ideal form of protection, but it’s better than nothing.

Also, if you have some bubble wrap, you can attach it to your sweater or sweatshirts as extra protection.

Apocalypse Must-Have Pieces Of Clothing

Many films are now available to watch that discuss all different storylines related to zombies and the apocalypse in general.

These films give many viewers an idea of what it’s like to be in a dystopian world where the undead is the primary foe. It is not just the informative experience but also the costumes and pieces of clothing that they represent.

If a major catastrophe happens, it is essential to gear yourself with the proper amount of clothing. It will provide you with more chances of survival and overcoming the world’s end.

Whether the planet is being consumed by flames, freezes over for another Ice Age, or zombie apocalypse, you need to be ready to do and what to wear during these times.

Thick Leather Jacket

As mentioned above, this piece of clothing is essential as it is ideal to avoid zombie bites and attacks. The critical feature in wearing a leather jacket is a heavy Steerhide outer and insulated lining.

This kind of leather jacket will keep zombies’ flesh-gnawing teeth at bay when you wear this. They will encounter a lot of trouble trying to claw and destroy this piece of clothing because of how it is made.

Leather jackets are perfect as the lining on the inside will keep you warm, plus they won’t break easily. It will give you more mobility, and you can rest assured that you are well protected in some parts of your vulnerable body.

Heavy Raw Denim

Having heavy raw denim pants is ideal because it is sturdy and won’t break under pressure. Many denim pants are made from low-tension slack weave, so it does not rip easily.

Not to mention that the stuff clocks in at an empty 18oz, and that’s more than a pound of fabric standing between you and the worst apocalypse can offer.

Flame-Resistant Work Shirt

Having a flame-resistant piece of clothing is an advantage, especially if you are in a position where the fire is everywhere.

The key to not losing your shirt when the world is burning all around you is to wear a flame-resistant one. These types of clothing are field-tested, and it complies with the standards set by the National Fire Prevention Association.

When buying such clothing, make sure that you can rely on it. Check its quality as well as the reliability of its brand. Not that it matters when there is an apocalypse, but it is living proof that it works.

A flame-resistant work shirt also has melamine buttons to ensure you stand the heat while still being about to button your shirt.

Bulletproof Bomber Jacket

Having a bulletproof bomber jacket is perfect to avoid unnecessary bullets from all the shooting of this undead.

When the government decided to resort to unsanctioned violence to eliminate all of the zombies in the apocalypse, having this jacket would protect you and have a better chance of survival.

While these particular pieces come on the expensive side of the market, this can be pretty acceptable as most protective gear can go up to a thousand dollars.

This bomber jacket is lined using some bulletproof lining up to the National Institute of Justice standards.

So you best believe that some secret agents may be wearing them on a regular occasion. It can protect against heavy-duty ballistics and will indeed not be penetrated by some zombies.

Goose Down Parka

Goose Down parka is perfect if you want to stay warm if the zombie apocalypse happens during winter days. This parka will be one of your saviors if it happens to be cold out there with many undead roaming around your city.

This expedition parka was made to withstand the frigid climate of Antarctica, which is the coldest place on Earth—having a heavy-duty parka with a synthetic outer can repel moisture and water.

As a result, a coyote-fur-lined hood will keep your body heat where it belongs.

Radiation Coverall

Having a radiation coverall is the same as having a bulletproof parka, and this is ideal if you want to make it through a nuclear winter.

Contrary to popular belief, gamma-ray does not turn you into a green, raging behemoth monster. It kills you in general, and if the 1950s conspiracy theorists are correct, you might want to consider having a quality radiation suit.

Many radiation coveralls feature all heat-sealed and taped seams, and this is the same kind you will find in quality tech outerwear.

Except for this one, you will get an advanced molecular design that makes it breathable and relaxed while remaining a quality shield against high-energy beta particles. The great thing is that it comes in camo, and you won’t stand out from the crowd.

Bullet And Knife-Resistant Polo Shirt

Another clothing must-have is the bullet and knife-resistant polo shirt, as it can be ideal for breezy spring days in such a lawless apocalypse.

This particular polo shirt is nothing like ordinary bulletproof gear, not to mention the price tag for most of this kind of clothing can reach up to $3000.

During some apocalypse scenarios, the firefights will be as intense as you face down many undead and living people. You will meet many desperate people with nothing left to lose but bullets.

Money won’t matter because the economy is still a thing and not a distant memory of the past as society will burn down on you.

Flame-Resistant Camo Pants

When dealing with a lot of tactical gear, you might come across some flame-resistant clothes. Camo pants are the perfect balance of clothes specifically made for you to move while providing additional protection.

If humanity breaks into different dysfunctional behavior, these pants will be your saving grace.

Lightweight Combat Boots

Having combat boots in your overall clothing will save your way if you are on some road with some mutant-infested chemicals.

This will make sure your feet are safe and you can move with them freely. Leather boots might be durable, but they are not that comfortable.

While lightweight sneakers may be smooth, they don’t last long. The good thing is, there is a combination of two that will surely give the best of both worlds.

Many field boots are built on the free-inspired sole, improving your mobility while giving you the ability to sprint. It can be handy when you need to outrun different zombie attacks, which are quick to move when they see humans.

Cut-Resistant Boxer Shorts

Last but not least is some cut-resistant boxer shorts, as this can be ideal in an apocalyptic situation. It takes some serious patience and a lot of physical strength to survive an apocalypse.

This is why you should never forget to wear underwear to protect your being. Many slash-resistant undergarments range from T-shirts to these boxers.

Bringing a knife to a gunfight will be more commonplace if you get stuck in a post-apocalyptic world.

This is when bullets start to become a precious commodity, but the good thing is, you are wearing these boxers, and you can rest assured that the family jewels will be protected right away.


Overall, wearing the proper clothing is very important, even if it is the zombie apocalypse, as it increases your chance of survival. Wearing the following mentioned above will help you decide which ones are needed for those not.

Remember that a zombie outbreak might be far from reality, but it sure does not hurt to be prepared for what is to come.