List Of The Best Brands For A Bushcraft Ax

Bushcraft Ax

An ax is a common and convenient tool, especially for bushcrafting. It is mainly used for cutting, cracking, and forming woods.

A bushcraft ax is getting popular these days since many people love to go outdoors and experience nature. Bushcraft ax is one of the latest tools that you can use to explore nature.

In this article, you will learn the criterion for the best bushcraft ax. You will also discover the list of the most recommended bushcraft ax and the several functions of bushcraft ax.

List Of The Best Brands For Bushcraft Ax

Everyone knows that an ax is a convenient tool. A dependable and safe ax is essential when cutting or splitting woods, constructing an outdoor cabin, or cutting trees.

Also, if you’re hiking or camping or setting out in the woods, the bushcraft ax is what you need to take.

Whichever you need, there are a lot of choices to select. A bushcraft ax brings you a great deal of mobility, like making firewood or cleaning up pathways or trails.

If you’re inquiring which bushcraft ax is worth buying, you can look for the ideal outdoor accessory in the list.

Gransfors Bruks Small Forest Ax

This brand is well worth it regarding its design and productiveness. Manufactured with a 19-inch wood handle and an ax head that weighs two pounds.

The casing is made from vegetable leather, and this compact-sized ax is fitting for cutting twigs, cutting sticks, and others.

This bushcraft ax is slightly different from the rest. Especially the ax head made entirely from used scrap steel. The handle is resistant but elastic, providing you the suitable capacity of elasticity with a stroke.

Bear in mind that this brand is quite pricey because of its compact size and design. It’s slightly stylish that you should handle it with care. The distinction of the materials and the making assures you that it can last for years.

CRKT Woods Forged Carbon Steel Ax

The CRKT Woods Forged Carbon Steel Ax is an all-around and excellent product. It can tackle jobs of assorted sizes and dynamic cuts for every smite.

The blade is crafted from durable and artificial carbon steel, which is intended to last ages. The handle is thick and capable of severe impacts and bumps as you use it.

Because of cutting, this bushcraft ax is incredible. The sharp blade will dig in hard while the polished handle delivers a stable grip. But the ax head is vulnerable to falling while in motion, so check and keep an eye to make it immovable.

Gransfors Bruks Wildlife Hatchet

Gransfors Bruks manufacture an additionally considerable bushcraft ax. This brand is lightweight at 1.5 pounds with an elegant wooden handle first-class carbon head.

It comes with a first-class cover to secure the sharpness of the ax head. It simply fits well in a backpack. This brand is ideal for traditional camping, scouting, and other outdoor activities.

Morakniv Boron Steel Camping Ax

This brand is simple with a durable and hardened plastic handle. The blade is made from black coated boron steel, and the craft is derived from a certain Mora of Sweden.

The blade is extra sharp and ideal for lightweight camp works like cutting or splitting. It accompanies a restricted manufacturer’s warranty.

Council Tool Velvicut Premium Saddle Ax

This ax is designed for stability and heavy ax tasks. The Velvicut Premium Saddle Ax is multipurpose and lightweight.

The distinct design and its name are from the historically taken horseback. The handle is made from American wood, the most chosen wood for axes.

This premium ax is famous for its heat-resistant and hard blade and features sharp metal for permanent blade maintenance.

It has two blades; the left blade is perfect for shaving and carving, while the right blade is convenient for heftier tasks.

Schrade SCAXEL2L Survival Ax

This ax is ideal for those picking up a good ax at a reasonable price. Its price is one of the more essential points and very useful.

The ax is as solid and portable as a regular bushcraft ax should be. The blade is created from durable stainless steel and is covered with titanium.

The handle is packed with black glass fiber and has a convenient rubber grip, and the rod has knotholes. The ax comes with a polyester belt cover.

It is an excellent choice since it is perfect for starting fires and achieving limited lightweight carving.

Hults Bruk Aneby Hatchet

This ax is created by Sweden’s Hults Bruk, an ax maker since 1967. Also, this design is a long ax with a 20-inch handle and weighs about 2.75 pounds.

It can do wilderness tasks, cutting wood, and axing. With its size, the ax is meticulously designed to provide its buyer a full grip, enabling them to shave animals.

The twisted handle is made from superior American wood and cured with linseed oil. The ax also comes with a leather cover and is appropriate to do tasks in harsh circumstances.

This ax has the probability of enduring a lifetime and comes with a warranty on defective parts.

Hultafors Classic Hunter’s Ax

This Hunter’s ax, as the name says, is made for use by hunters. This Swedish product is durable and practical for skinning, lightweight forest tasks, and hunting.

This ax has a curvy neck, handmade and made from quality Swedish materials, particularly steel. Though it is created for hunters, it has other tasks that include carving, tree cutting, and trimming.

The ax’s conveniently designed wood handle is a bit 20 inches long. The ax weighs about two pounds, providing the user the comfort needed for extended periods of use.

The blade is toughened and is permitted to be sharpened frequently without the edge losing out its efficacy. The ax comes with a leather edge guard.

Marbles Camp Ax

If you’re searching for an ax that brings a great crunch, the Marbles Camp Ax is an excellent choice. At first impression, this ax looks the same as the others.

However, solidity and sharpness are the strong points. Manufactured from premium materials, this ax has a smaller and shorter head with standard dimensions.

Its cutting side is large compared to more minor bushcraft axes, with a more even curve.

The cut for this ax is rounded, more comprehensive, and sharper, with just the suitable capacity and cutting skill. The ax head is matched with a durable and hardwood appropriate for comfort and balance while using the ax.

But even this brand is sturdy and has durable materials. The handle is slim that can put someone off their stroke, especially with a heftier and longer head at the top.

The average weight makes this ax convenient. However, you may need to change the grip of this ax.

Snow and Nealley Hudson Bay Ax

This brand is created to last a lifetime and can be passed on to others. The ax head is made from quality steel that gages 4 inches and 24 inches wood handle. It came with an original leather cover and was placed on the blade to retain sharpness and the steel free from rust.

The ax blade is handmade and has inferior steel that brings more refined quality and cutting outcomes. You’ll be able to preserve this ax because of the durable cover.

But the wood handle is covered with a hefty coating, and for others, it’s a disadvantage since it makes it greasy.

The Criterion Of The Best Bushcraft Ax

Picking the best bushcraft ax is more detailed. It would help if you had a criterion to have the best bushcraft ax, applicable for different uses.

Many outdoor bums oversee the latest tools and gadgets that they can use when they explore the wilderness. One of the top tools for outdoor survivability is a simple bushcraft ax.

In today’s modern world, finding a durable and sturdy bushcraft ax is a bit harder. There are loads of makers that promise quality materials for the best bushcraft ax. You can check out the following criterion.

1. Dimensions

The standard ax is the smallest, about 12 to 14 inches in length, while the bushcraft ax is about 22 inches. The bushcraft ax should be handy and easy to lift but is large enough for additional chopping ability.

It allows the user to handle jobs easier with a bushcraft ax compared to a typical ax.

Since the bushcraft ax is relatively smaller than a typical ax, it may be used for daintier tasks. It can cut edges into lumber for construction engagements or shaving bark from trees.

2. Lightweight And Multipurpose

The aim of a bushcraft ax should be lightweight and highly multipurpose. Bushcraft axes shouldn’t be an inconvenience when doing camping or carrying it as a tool. You can use it with one hand during a construction project or cutting a tree.

The small outlook of the bushcraft ax makes it so easy to carry and simple to handle. You can do an important task with a bushcraft ax, which is lightweight and complete.

3. Ax Head Is Made Of Steel

The previous bushcraft axes were made of materials that were available during that period. Materials like iron can rust quickly, and the blade could lose its sharp edge with minimum use.

The recent bushcraft axes are made of different kinds of steel. They are typically made of carbon steel from three kinds such as low, medium, and high carbon steel.

The majority of bushcraft axes use medium carbon steel which carries out thoroughly for most uses. Other heads of bushcraft ax contain chromium that provides added rust defense compared with stainless steel.

4. Shape Of The Blade

The shape of the blade is one of the criteria that anyone should be familiar with, especially its function. The smaller blade is daintier and more flexible for cutting, shaving, or doing exact cuts. The longer blade is more effective in clearing underwood and eliminating tree bark.

The disadvantage of a large blade is that it’s usually heavier, which makes it difficult to carry. But the functionality of a larger blade is more effective.

5. Material Of The Handle

Skilled bushcrafters suggest a handle between 18 inches and 28 inches in length. The length is dominant for convenient woodwork. Both shorter or longer handles may be uncomfortable and complex for the work at hand.

Wood handles are excellent for bushcraft axes, mainly ash or American hickory. A range of favored bushcraft axes is made from Sweden. They are made of smoother and lighter woods compared to metal and weightless.

In addition, look out for rubber covers as they can look soft at first. It can cause blisters on your hands compared to wood handles as it will snatch and pull the skin.

6. Wedge

The wedge is responsible for holding the head and the shaft of the bushcraft ax. Checking the wedge is very important to ensure that there are no void gaps near the side of the wedge. A defective wedge makes the ax a threatening tool.

7. Design

The ideal bushcraft ax is a bit thick with the relative measurements mentioned earlier. The most preferred design is lightweight and portable in terms of traveling outdoors. Handcrafted axes are still the best and are usually extraordinary.

8. The Trademark

A quality trademark for bushcraft ax is not the most vital matter that you should look for. However, the best trademark can ensure that you’re getting merchandise that has been certified as one of the best trademarks.

It has also undergone customer reviews and feedback in the long term.

Uncommon trademarks of bushcraft axes could or could not be manufactured with second-class materials. The issues may arise if there is no basis, such as customer feedback, to inform you of the right choice.

Several Functions Of Bushcraft Ax

There are loads of prevalent functions of bushcraft ax since this tool is handy when it comes to woodworks. Most individuals bring with them bushcraft axes rather than felling axes on a camping trip since they are lightweight and do several functions.

Here are some of the suitable functions of bushcraft ax:

Preparing And Hammering Tent Fence

It is one of the most prevalent camping site tasks. Preparing how to create a tent fence from a part of the wood.

Getting off the bark, sharpening the tip, and hammering it to the ground to fasten your tent. Any kind of ax is good for this task, but a conventional bushcraft ax is most ideal.

The tent fence shouldn’t be huge. You can debark a small wood or branch and sharpen the tip of the fence. The weight of the ax head will permit you to use a little energy to do some good cutting.

Cutting Wood

Bushcraft axes are ideal for cutting wood for small or medium wood. The important thing is to target the outer parts of the wood and cut off pieces. A rule of thumb is to watch out for the direction.

If you pound in the same direction as the wood pattern, the pieces are indeed to splinter.

Don’t pound your bushcraft ax on the knot and try to hit at the middle of the wood. It is something that a big ax can do. However, bushcraft axes can work through.


Axes for battling and self-protection were spotted hundreds of ages. A lot of warriors, like pirates, used different kinds of axes, including bushcraft axes.

Nowadays, the bushcraft ax is used by some military as a substitute weapon. The bushcraft ax comes with different designs with special functions compared to the traditional ax.

Clearing Bushes

Bushcraft ax is designed for clearing functions that include overgrown bushes and ranging branches. If your bushcraft ax is sharper, you can aim at better tasks but be mindful of its risk. Bushcraft axes are far riskier compared to traditional big axes.

For Pounding

In a camping site or wilderness, there are factors that you need to pound. The bushcraft ax has a square back area that can be used for pounding.

The weight of the bushcraft ax is excellent for pounding tasks but keep your hands and feet away from what you’re pounding.

Clean Shaving

It has been a tradition for loggers to use their axes to get a clean shave. The bushcraft ax is most preferred for this function. However, motionless hands are necessary.


Generally, each bushcraft ax is designed to tackle various outdoor tasks. It can serve as a survival tool, woodcutting, debarking trees, felling trees, and pounding tent fences on the ground. Starting fire and chopping ice are also doable with this tool.

However, finding the right bushcraft ax for your outdoor needs can be tricky. The best bushcraft ax should help you endure the wilderness and achieve the functions needed.

You can meticulously examine the features like the design, trademark, materials, and the top brands to check out. Each part will help you decide and aim for the best bushcraft ax.