Will A 7500 Watt Generator Run My House?

Will A 7500 Watt Generator Run My House?

Brownouts type of scenario is one that a household owner would not want to experience. In hospitals, when brownouts attack, it creates shocks and concern to patients. That is why a standby generator is advisable. It not only makes you comfortable, but it remembers that it saves lives too.

Will a 7500-watt generator run my house? Most homeowners prefer a 7500-watt generator because it helps run most appliances. Refrigerator, oven, lights, freezer, microwaves, and water heater are some of these appliances.

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This article will help you understand why a 7500-watt generator can run a house. We will also give you some guidance on how much wattage an appliance produced.

A 7500-Watt Generator Can Power A House

The watt of a generator is essential, especially if you plan to buy one for your house. A 7500-watt generator is a perfect choice because the bigger the watts, the better as they say.

The physical appearance of a generator is often connected to how much energy it can produce. So, if you decide to buy a smaller generator, chances are it has its limits.

Most homeowners prefer to buy a 7500-watt generator because of the power it can produce. Though they said that it is not that big enough, still most appliances in your house can help run by it.

Appliances this generator runs are refrigerator, oven, lights, freezer, and a water heater. It can also help in flushing the toilets.

Appliances That A 7500-Watt Generator Can Run

Most of us wonder if we have a 7500-watt generator, then how many appliances can it run? Appliances that a 7500-watt generator depends on the running and startup wattage it needs.

Running wattage is the power an appliance needs. While the startup wattage is the power an appliance needs when you have turned it on.

To know how many appliances a 7500-watt generator can run, you can list it down. Startup and running wattage are two crucial factors that you should consider. If you plan to run a generator, it is better if you take only those appliances that are necessary.

It is since you will not be able to take all those appliances at the same time.

Running Wattage Of Different Appliances

If you do not know how much wattage your appliances can produce, here are some guides. Listed are its different running wattage.

  1. Microwave – 100 watts
  2. Radio – 225 watts
  3. Coffee Maker – 1,200 watts
  4. Television – 400 watts
  5. Rice Cooker – 250 watts
  6. Computer – 300 watts
  7. Washing Machine – 1150 and 2200 startup wattage
  8. Blender – 375 and 500 startup wattage

Those lists are a simple guide, and if ever you need more appliances wattage, you can ask your power company. You can also ask your appliances manufacturer and an electrician.

Though we listed the running wattages, consider first those that you need most. Meaning you need to apply the saying “choose wisely’.

And to achieve this, you need to turn off some appliances if you want to use the others.


In general, this article makes us realize that a 7500-watt generator helps run your house. But though it runs most of your appliances, still, you need to think first what’s the most needed.

And if ever you don’t know how to install or run a generator, you can call an electrician’s help. Remember that it’s still an electric related, so someone’s expertise with this is still needed.