Will A 2000w Generator Run A Refrigerator?

Will A 2000w Generator Run A Refrigerator?

A 2,000-watt generator is a powerhouse that can provide ample power to house appliances. The uses of a 2000-watt generator depend on how many appliances are you going to connect on it. Other appliances that can be operated using a 2000-watt generator are incandescent light bulb, toaster, coffee maker, and many others.

Will a 2000w generator run a refrigerator? Yes. A 2000-watt generator can power a refrigerator because it only takes 700 watts for a fridge to run. The factor that can affect the wattage usage is the type, temperature, location, and usage of the refrigerator.

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In this article, you may be able to learn the wattage requirements of the refrigerator and to be better understand the generator uses and wattage.

Wattage Requirements Of A Refrigerator

Typical refrigerators can only consume around 750 to1000 watts, so it is possible that you can use the generator with multiple appliances.


The energy consumption of refrigerators will be depending on its type. A normal, domestic refrigerator can use between 1-2 kWh, while a commercial display refrigerator can use 10 times higher than the domestic ones.


You may be able to adjust the temperature factory setting to keep the refrigerator cooler. Because of its capacity to deliver coolness, then it needed more watts to operate.

Location And Size

Never put the refrigerator somewhere with poor ventilation, because it will be forced to use more power than being positioned in a cooler part of your house. Also, you should take note that larger fridges that stores many foods can also use more watts.


When you open the refrigerator at a longer time, then it will be difficult for the compressor to keep everything cool. The same goes for the empty refrigerators. So, when using a generator, make sure that the fridge has stock on it, so you won’t be wasting any more energy consumption.

Understanding The Generator Wattages

Either the rated or surge power are the determiners of the rating of a 2,000-watt generator.

Rated Power

The amount of rated power can be determined by the total wattage of your appliances and the amount of power and the whole running time of the 2,000-watt generator. That means the rated power is based on how the generator can be continuously used.

Surge Power

Surge power can utilize a higher wattage, but what made it different from rated power is the utilization can only sustain for a shorter amount of time. Such examples are lawn equipment, air conditioners, and other motor-driven appliances.


A 2,000-watt generator can run a refrigerator depending on its wattage requirement, energy consumption, and some other factors. Before you use the 2,000-watt generator, make sure to research about the same thing for other appliances, if it fits the requirement and capacity of the generator.

Most importantly, if these appliances are not in use, then better leave it than powering it using a generator. Operating a 2,000-watt generator can help you save a large amount of electric bill and energy consumption.