Where Is The Safest Place To Be During A Hurricane?

A hurricane is a natural disaster that brings strong winds that form over warm oceans and due to strong winds and heavy rain that it brings, it can devastate and destroy many lives. The huge effects a hurricane can bring is usually storm surges and severe flooding. To help and protect your family, you have to follow through the guidelines of your local government on where to evacuate safely during these difficult times.

Where is the safest place to be during a hurricane? The safest place to stay during a hurricane is at home, in a high-ground neighborhood, and in evacuation shelters instructed by the government.

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If you want to learn where would be the safest place to hide and what are the essential preparations you have to make during the hurricane season, you are in the right place.

The Places To Stay During A Hurricane

People should never overlook the ability of the hurricane to destroy lives, so they have to stay somewhere safe.

Stay At Home

People who are prepared for the hurricane have already built a basement or a storage room where they can hide safely. When you stay at home, make sure that you’ve already prepared some emergency kits, foods, water, and energy.

High-ground Areas

You have to pay attention to the natural arrangement and area of your area to avoid severe flooding. If you are located at the bottom of a hill, then better to move somewhere else to flee away from the possible flood.

Evacuation Sites

If you’re not confident at home, then you can search on the internet about the safest and available evacuation sites. Mark this on your phone map, so you’ll know where to go just in case the situation gets worse.

What To Do During A Hurricane

If a storm is approaching, then you have to initiate preparation. The most important thing is never to go outside so that you can stay safe.

Prepare Emergency Supplies

Hurricanes are being reported before it strikes on land. So, within three days where it was pre-reported, you have to be responsible for stocking foods and water for your family. Make sure also to spare many extra batteries so you can get updates within your area through radio or phone.

Bring All Necessary Supplies

When evacuating, you have to bring emergency medical supplies, a battery-operated radio and flashlight, extra batteries, and personal hygiene items. When you leave home, make sure to bring some things essentials for survival, especially travel and medical documents.

Make An Emergency Plan

You need to exercise your planning skills where you can review periodically. If you have a family, hold drills with them so they can practice how to act quickly when the hurricane comes. If you have pets, include them in training, too.


To conclude, following the mandate of your local government and listen carefully to weather updates. Right after the storm, contact your family while ensuring them you’re safe. However, if you’re stuck in an evacuation site, you have to wait for the authorities before you return to your home.