Where Do You Go During A Tornado In A Hotel?

Where Do You Go During A Tornado In A Hotel?

A tornado can happen at any time—even while you’re enjoying your stay at a hotel. It is essential to be well-prepared and aware of tornado safety procedures in case the disaster strikes your area. In this event, knowing the safest location to seek shelter in the hotel you are in could save your life.

Where Do You Go During A Tornado In A Hotel? When tornado strikes, go to the hotel’s designated tornado shelter or the lowest floor possible. You can also head to inside hallways or keep yourself inside a bathtub.

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This article could help you know the right and wrong places to go during a tornado occurrence in a hotel. Some tips could save your life during this disaster.

Places To Avoid During A Tornado


The worst place that you can go during a tornado is outdoors. There, you are extremely exposed to flying debris and maybe slammed down by the strong winds. Your car can also be knocked and carried off, making it an unsafe shelter.


The National Weather Service Weather Forecast Office states that hallways can become wind tunnels. This can send debris flying down the corridor. Therefore, they are not a safe place to be. Always stay far from windows and exterior walls.

Hotel Rooms

Your room is a poor place to stay during a tornado, especially if it has large glass windows on its outer walls. It poses a great risk of being struck by flying, shattered glass.

Tornado-Safe Places


Based on the guidelines of the National Weather Service Weather Forecast Office, a basement is the safest shelter during a tornado. If time does not permit, get to the lowest floor possible. Upper stories could collapse due to the tornado.


If the hotel does not have a designated area or basement, the next safest choice is small rooms with no windows like a closet or a bathroom. The bathroom has added structural strength due to the plumbing within its walls, too.

Interior Hallways

If you can’t get anywhere, interior hallways are your other choice. Just make sure to go as inside as possible, and there is no opening such as windows. You can also hide under the stairs.

Other Tips

  1. Once you set foot in the hotel, ask about the designated shelter area just in case.
  2. Crouch low to the ground.
  3. Cover yourself, especially vital parts, if possible. Get underneath sturdy furniture or heavy blankets.

Related Questions

Can a tornado destroy a hotel?

A violent tornado can damage even a well-built hotel. Its strong winds can slam large chunks of flying debris to the hotel walls and glass windows.

What happens right before a tornado?

There are warning signs that could indicate a coming tornado. These include dark, often greenish, sky, approaching cloud of debris, and a loud roar in the sky.


A hotel is an unfamiliar place as you only get to stay there during your vacation. Thus, knowing emergency routes and safe areas will help keep you safe in case a disaster occurs. You may not be able to enjoy your stay when this unfortunate event strikes entirely, but at least you can go home alive.