What’s The Worst MRE?

What’s The Worst MRE?

MRE, also known as Meals Ready to Eat may sound appetizing, especially that they don’t require much time to be prepared but let this be your warning, they are not. Most people who served and spent time deployed away due to their military duties have had to endure MRE’s. There might be some recipes passed down from one generation to another to make them palatable, but they are still considered as one of the worst tasting food ever.

What’s the worst MRE? Most veterans can agree that MREs are not the best. In fact, they can list the worst ones there is such as Jambalaya with Shrimp, Chicken Fajita, Ham Slice, and The Veggie Omelet.

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Reading this short article will allow you to learn some of the worst MRE food out there and what makes them the saddest thing to eat of them all. Check them out.

Worst MRE’s In The Military

In most cases, MRE foods can help you survive whether you are deployed in a location or stranded. It might not be a fine-dining experience, but at least it beats starving to death. Here are some of the worst MRE in the military, according to the veterans:

Veggie Burger

It is one of the most popular MRE, not because it tastes good but because this is not that tasty. Whoever thought it was a good idea to introduce veggie burger to troops, never spent much time around them.

The burger is vacuum sealed and has a consistency of wet cardboard. Not to mention they come with dried fruit, some knock-off Gatorade powder, and a banana muffin.

There is a probability that whoever starts on deployment as vegan will be converted to meat-eater instantly.

Beef Enchilada

Beef enchilada sounds so delicious and quite appetizing. But it is different when we are talking about MRE foods. This type of meal is vacuum-sealed in a container that is made with refried beans, a very stinky cheese spread, and the enchilada itself.

All veterans do not favor this particular MRE because some of them experienced gastrointestinal distress after eating it. Don’t get started with the mushy texture when you kneed the package with your fingers to mix it well.

The Veggie Omelet

Last but not least is the Veggie Omelet, also known as the “vomelet”, the title speaks for itself. The veggie omelet is one of the most hated MRE that a lot of veterans encountered in their deployment.

It makes you wonder why the military is pushing these vegetarian options for their soldiers. The texture, the smell, and the taste of it is pretty much the takeaway from it. It takes a lot of balls to be able to chow it down.


Overall, these are among the most popular and hated MRE out there and they are still being produced. These are just some of them and there is plenty more to look at.

Military personnel or whoever is in charge of this ration of food should take in consideration the taste aspect of it. There is plenty of food that is packed but have the nutrition benefits and overall taste good.