The Essentials You Need During Zombie Apocalypse ~ Top 6 Items ~

Supplies You Need

Preparing for a zombie apocalypse would be gruesome but can give a thrilling excitement for some.

A zombie apocalypse is a fiction in which civilization and economy are starting to fail because of the contagious virus that could make one a zombie after a single bite.

It requires military reinforcement and strategic social structures to survive the apocalypse.

What supplies do you need for a zombie apocalypse? The things that you may need during the zombie apocalypse are a mounted garage organizer, a torchlight, a pocket knife, a backpack where you can put your things together, and a compact binocular.

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You will learn some facts about zombies and how to avoid them in this short read.

Besides that, you will also learn about the essentials you can use to survive this phenomenon.

Zombies Outbreak

There are many forms of literature and scientific analysis that could either defy or prove the theory about zombies’ existence.

Nevertheless, it is exciting and filled with innovative ideas to make it through.

The Nature of Zombies

Usually, this phenomenon’s start is either caused by a mutating virus or a biochemical agent that rapidly spread from bodies to bodies.

The typical zombies are usually slow-moving during the 1980s movies, but things changed during the 21st century when zombies are fast-moving and aggressive when seeing potential victims.

Zombies are naturally afraid of water and cannot see in the dark, but they have a sensitive sense of hearing. They can’t control their brain, and they cannot recognize anyone.

Many gamers are waiting for the zombie apocalypse because of the thrilling experience it caused to everyone.

Most video games’ experiences are in the first-person point of view, where they can select several combat weapons to eliminate the zombies.

One famous game is the Left 4 Dead series, where there’s a storyline when the level progresses.

Essentials To Bring During Zombie Apocalypse

Some would think that bringing combat weapons would work, and it usually does, but there has to be a list of essentials that you should consider bringing in a zombie apocalypse.

Garage Storage Organizer

Assuming that you’re already in a zombie-infested nation and you might want to organize some great weapons in one place, then an organizer would’ve been perfect for you.

The organizer’s role in survival is keeping your tools altogether without you panicking to look for your weapons somewhere else.

It wouldn’t just organize your things but also manages your time efficiently.

What Supplies Do You Need For A Zombie Apocalypse?

Durable And Water-resistant Torchlight

All zombies are blinded without the presence of light, so it’s better to hide somewhere in the tunnel where they cannot locate you easily.

Keep this torchlight in your arsenal, or better use it to find a more strategic location to outrun the zombies.

What Supplies Do You Need For A Zombie Apocalypse?

Swiss Army Pocket Knife

One good thing in bringing a swiss army pocket knife is ready in full-packed action.

You can carry this tool everywhere you go, and this has to be used in slitting any zombie’s throats when they go near you.

However, you also have to be more vigilant and train yourself to combat these aggressive zombies.

What Supplies Do You Need For A Zombie Apocalypse?

A Tactical Backpack

It’s not ideal for you to carry around a backpack, especially when you are running around.

There might be some possibilities that the zombies can outrun you if the backpack is heavy enough for you.

When wearing a backpack, make sure that only important stuff is being brought.

The supplies that you have to bring are good for three days, just enough for you to run fast. The bag also has to comprise heavy-duty zippers and side and front load compression systems.

What Supplies Do You Need For A Zombie Apocalypse?

Lifesaver Bottle

One of the essential things that you have to remember during the survival period is to find good shelter, somewhere with a lot of water.

Since zombies are afraid of water, you can cross a river so they won’t get ahead of you.

Since there will be many bacterias everywhere during the apocalypse, one advantage of a lifesaver bottle is to filter out unnecessary chemicals, bacteria, and viruses for safe drinking.

What Supplies Do You Need For A Zombie Apocalypse?

Compact Binocular

Being stuck in this situation means you have to stay vigilant at all times.

And check what’s happening night and day, and those “people” who are approaching you.

The binoculars will help you track people and things from afar and at tremendous distances.

Before you check, make sure you are in a safe position. Probably, the high ground would be the safest.

The Story Elements

The narrative of the start of the zombie apocalypse is sometimes questionable, yet it carries strong chemicals and viruses to conquer humanity.

There are two common real-life elements in creating a zombie movie.

Governmental Response

During the outbreak, you may be able to see government officials announcing the threat to its country, which leads to military deployment.

Because of the faster virus spread, tall buildings are collapsing, and the economy is failing, making it harder for the government to recover.

The most effective way to get out of the situation is to burn the whole city on fire instead of killing zombies or finding a never-ending search for remedies and antidotes that are sometimes justified in the movies.

Survival Of The Fittest

While it’s true that negative characters among ourselves are brought to the worst situation, many storylines consist of a single group of survivors from different classes, age brackets, and capabilities.

The narrative would usually be focused on how they can help each other out or result in betrayal.

These characters would often ask for help from large-scale organizations and ask for aid from their national government to survive.


To conclude, to be trapped in this situation would take a lot of courage and innovation.

But the most crucial part is to be surrounded by people who have a good interest in sparing their comrades and not letting their co-survivors die.

So, when the unfortunate time comes, you should be ready with stuff that may help you get through the outbreak.