What Should You Do Immediately After An Earthquake?

What Should You Do Immediately After An Earthquake?

An earthquake is a shaking of the Earth’s surface that results in a sudden release of energy that causes seismic waves, leaving devastating aftermath. For this reason, stay focused and alert during an earthquake. Fire, gas leaks, injuries are some of the causes of an earthquake, so the more you are prepared, the safer you will be.

What should you do immediately after an earthquake? After an Earthquake, it is recommended that you should check yourself for any injuries. Also, if you’re trapped, a signal for help then if there’s someone’s who’s with you help them.

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Learning and knowing what to do after an earthquake is one way of keeping yourself safe and the others. But for you to take precautionary measures, I will also list the things that you will need to do during the earthquake.

What To Do After An Earthquake

1. Check For Any Injuries

After an earthquake hits, buildings or establishments are being crashed, and you might get injuries. Which is why, before you do anything else, check yourself first.

If you’re bleeding, try to elevate the part where your injury is, and then put pressure on it. But if your injury is serious, that’s the time that you should call for help using a cellphone or get rescuer’s attention.

2. If Trapped, Call For Help

Some people are trapped in a crashed building after an earthquake occurs, for rescuers to save you and know that there’s someone inside the collapsed building, a signal for help.

You can use your phone for help, but if you can’t use it, try knocking loudly on something nearby. Continuously do it until the rescuers find you.

3. Help Others With Injury

If in case you’re safe and don’t have any serious injury, try to look around the others around you and help them. Like, look if there’s anyone trapped nearby or if someone needs medical attention.

If there’s a kit nearby, grab it then use it for minor injury only. You can apply pressure to someone’s wound then wrap it with gauze, in case someone’s bleeding.

For those who don’t have any pulse, administer CPR, and if you encounter someone who needs substantial injuries, professional’s assistance is necessary.

4. Go To A Safer Place

It’s possible that after a strong Earthquake, aftershocks are next. It’s a smaller earthquake yet can cause significant damage too. If it occurs, drop to the ground, cover yourself, and hold onto something until the shaking stops.

5. Exit The Building Once The Shaking Stops

If you’re in a high-rise building, exit immediately as aftershocks may occur afterward. But remember to exit the building using the stairs, not the elevators. If you’re in a stadium or theatre, calmly walk towards the exit and watch for possible falling debris.

6. Go To A Open Space Once Outside

Once you’re outside, remember to avoid standing near the damaged buildings or establishment because it may collapse during an aftershock. Also, do not enter any buildings unless the authorities tell you it’s safe.

If you’re near the coast, go to higher ground if a tsunami forms after an earthquake. Buildings that look safe may be at a higher risk when an aftershock occurs.  

Things To Do During An Earthquake

  1. Stay calm as much as possible.

  2. If you are outside the building, stay away from any windows. If you’re indoor, stand against a wall near the center of the building. Stand in doorways or crawl under heavy furniture like a table.

  3. Don’t use matches, candles, or any flammable materials.

  4. If inside the car, stop it and stay inside as much as possible until an earthquake stops. 


In general, this article made us realize that an Earthquake may happen anytime, and it is essential to be prepared. We also realized that when you’re safe, it’s better to help others during this situation. Those listed things are simple reminders that when you follow it, it’ll keep you safe and others too.