What Is The Best Survival Tool?

What Is The Best Survival Tool?

Not everybody will face survivalist situations in the wild, but everybody should be prepared for it. Keep in mind that being prepared beats being clueless. It is particularly true for people who like to go hiking, camping, and exploring the great outdoors.

What is the best survival tool? We have to say that it’s the multipurpose survival knife. With it, you can find food, make shelter, and defend yourself.

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Read on and find out the reasons for always carrying a survival knife, especially when going into the wilderness. We will also discuss the qualities to look for in it. 

The Diverse Uses Of The Survival Knife

The best survival knife should be your first choice if you were forced to be in a survival environment! You can use it as a direct tool in meeting your basic needs. You will also use it in creating the resources necessary to provide for your basic needs. 

Indeed, you will survive longer and better with a multifunction survival knife. You will find diverse uses for it in all types of environments, from the Alaskan wilderness to the Kalahari Desert. After all, you can slice, carve, cut, and hack, open and hammer with it! 

Here are a few specific ways that a good survival knife can save your life:

Food And Water

  1. Use it to dig out root crops, cut fruits from trees, and get wild vegetables.
  2. Make hunting traps and tools for getting food including wild animals and fish
  3. Prepare cooking utensils
  4. Build fires for cooking food, keeping warm and purifying water
  5. Create materials for carrying and storing food and water


  1. Get materials for shelter, such as vines, leaves, and logs
  2. Create clothes and other protective equipment to stay warm and protected from the elements.


  1. Use the knife as a defensive weapon
  2. Use it to create other defensive weapons like a wooden spear

Suffice it to say that you will think of your survival knife as your best friend in the wilderness. 

The Best Survival Knife

When choosing a survival knife, you should look for a sturdy and sharp knife that can withstand heavy-duty use. Keep in mind, too, that your preferred type of activity will influence your choice.

For example, camping enthusiasts, trappers, and hunters should get thick survival knives. But hikers and backpackers may want a lightweight folding knife. 

For all-around versatility, we suggest getting the Morakniv bushcraft survival knife. It is a fixed blade knife made of a thick carbon steel blade, which can cut nearly anything in the wild. The edge is so sharp that it can cut through paper and lumber alike without losing sharpness over time.

Its handle feels grippy yet comfortable, a must when you intend on using it for most tasks. It may not be full tang, but it’s useful for just about anything in a survival environment. Just don’t use it like an ax.


Being a proud owner of a survival knife isn’t just about its bragging rights. It may spell the difference between getting out alive and being found dead. Be sure to get one as soon as possible and always have it with you.