What Is The Best Gun For Survival?

What Is The Best Gun For Survival?

Security is important, particularly in terms of preparing for survival, so this should be included along with food, water, and first aid in your survival kit. A calamity or any natural disaster can be very difficult for you and your family, you must have the drive to protect one another. To do that, you must come prepared with tools, and there is no denying that guns will be your choice.

What is the best gun for survival? Some of the best guns for survival are Remington 700, an AR-15, Ruger produces good ones and some Mossberg 500 Shotgun. This weapon should be enough to thrive in difficult situations, giving you enough solidarity and a significant chance of survival.

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In this article, you will learn about guns that can be used for survival. These guns are made specifically to protect you and your family if danger arises. Note that owning a gun should always be for protection, not for other things.

Benefits Of Owning Guns

When you are faced with such calamities like tropical storms, or an earthquake, it is vital to sort out your top priorities to get you a higher chance of survival. You need to come prepared with a stable shelter, food, water, medical kits, and enough security for protection.

Guns are necessary to fulfill food and security. It can be used to hunt to find food and can be an excellent weapon to defend and protect yourself.

Contrary to popular belief, guns are not bad and owning one doesn’t make you a bad person. It can be used depending on the person who holds it. If you need a gun to provide food for your family or justifiably defend yourself, there is nothing wrong with it.

Best Guns For Survival

Springfield XD Service Model

It is the type of model that applies even to beginners. It is a 4-inch service model that has a Glock-type feature for trigger safety. It has a large beveled magazine well. It is useful for enhancing quick reload.

While this is not your typical pistol, it does have some mechanical capability that can shoot some tight groups and it comes with favorable ammo which is the Federal M882 124-grain FMJ. You can get this gun with a retail price of $470.

Taurus Judge

The Judge revolver lives up to its name as it is one of the most popular revolvers there is, it shoots both .45 long colt loads and .410 shells. Taurus Judge is perfect as a close-quarter self-defence handgun either with .45s or .410 shells. There’s just one limiting factor for this gun, it can only carry two and a half inches shell, but with the booming market of guns and shells, you can choose from a wide variety of loads available.

This gun weighs only 37 ounces and has a nine and a half inches overall body measurement. It is not exactly a concealed gun material, but it should come in handy when you put it in your bag. The retail for this gun starts at $600.

Marlin Papoose

Marlin Papoose is a rifle with a semi-auto .22 that breaks down into pieces that come very handy. You don’t have to take time assembling it, as it is very straightforward and can put back in just a matter of seconds.

It has a very distinct stainless steel material and comes with a fibreglass-filled black synthetic stock. It has a 7-shot magazine and is a very accurate shooter. Their breakdown barrel is snap to clean and has a featherweight at three ¼ pounds. Their retails start at around $270.

Mighty AR-15

It is one of the famous and sought out rifles in the guns world. It comes with a fast bullet flat trajectory for easy target shooting. It has a highly adaptable platform that meets its owner mission specific needs.

And one thing that most survivalists love about this rifle is that it comes with a lot of accessories you can attach to it. Starting from flashlight to night vision gear, and up to a single point and two-point slings. You can also get from different varieties of rounds from 55 grain to 75 grain, tracer rounds, and steel penetrator tips.

Remington 870

Remington is one of those brands where they cater depending on your hunting or tactical needs. Anything you can imagine, they will probably have, and they have 30 different models available to prove that.

It has a very reliable and smooth pump action, even smoother than a Mossberg and it can be fitted with an extended tube that hols seven total shells. Comparing this to Mossberg, Remington 870 provides you with the smoothness and the reliability that no Mossberg can give. It is legendary and a must-have. Most Remington models start at $400 and can weigh up to 7 pounds.

Bushmaster AR-15

Bushmaster AR-15 is beloved by military people either active or former ones. It is a widely available version of an M-4, and it shoots both 5.56mm and .223 caliber rounds. It might be on a higher scale which starts at $1200 but believe me when I say that this particular gun will hold out properly for your safety sake. It is made of aluminum and synthetic parts, and empty alone can weigh up to 7.56 pounds.

Springfield Armory M6 Scout

Another Springfield made it into this list. It is safe to say that they deliver when it comes to gun production in terms of functionality and capability. This M6 Scout is a multipurpose firearm, combining a rifle and a shotgun. It is originally designed to be a survival gun for pilots.

With a steel 2 barrels and a bantamweight of 4.7 pounds, this stripped-down weapon has is .22 LR round, and the bottom barrel shoots .410 shotgun round. And these rounds are stored in the buttstock, and the barrel can be removed to break down for storage.


It won’t be a survival gun if AK-47 is not on the list. With a massive amount of ammo, 60 years of field testing, and durability, this AK classic is your go-to combat weapon. It can shoot with a 7.62x39mm rounds from a 30-round magazine, definitely worth having in times of need. This gun type is mostly made in Russia, Hungary, and Romania and can cost you $500.

Glock 17

This gun is popular among law enforcement officers. It only weighs at 32 ounces that comes with a 17 full magazine rounds. This handgun is perfect for beginners because of its overall weight which means reduced recoil.

The average price of this is about $440, take care of this gun, and it will probably return the favor.

Ruger 10/22

This universal 10/22 could be the only rifle you need in times of need. It has a 10-round rotary magazine but you can get an aftermarket 50-round magazine for $20. It is the kind of guns you see in the movies and wildlife. It is one you should have when you’re in the mountains, and such a disaster comes. It has many options for tight barrels, replacement stocks, trigger assemblies, and scope mounts. Starting at $200, one of the cheapest guns but do the job.

Smith & Wesson Airlite

Small but terrible, this Smith & Wesson’s Airlite revolver comes with a lot of power regardless of its small body type. It is easy to carry, weighing only 12 ounces when empty. It is made of Scandium alloy frame and a Titanium cylinder. This Airlie revolver is one of the strongest and lighter .357 Magnum revolver there is. Perfect for concealed carry and can hold up to 5 rounds, though it is a little pricey that starts at $800.

Mossberg Flex

It is the kind of gun perfect for artistic survivalist, yes, I know it may sound absurd but hear me out. This new Mossberg Flex series came up with a modular design shotgun and quite a different type compared to the old Mossberg 500. The Flex is designed to allow stocks, fore-ends, and some recoil pads to be switched from various shooting applications.

You don’t really need to become an experienced gunsmith to switch out the parts. It has a patent-pending Tool-less Locking System that consists of three connectors that allow the switch with just your bare hands. This kind of system is available to Mossberg 500 and 590 platforms that cost about $600 to $900.


Overall, guns are a good source of security when it comes to survival. Survival guns are made to protect you and your loved ones when a disaster arrives. It doesn’t come cheap, yes, but with proper planning of your resources, you need to get one of these.

Once you decided to get a survival gun, it is advisable to practice for accuracy. You might have a gun, but you won’t be able to reach its full potential unless you know how to use it properly. All the guns in the world will be bad if there’s no skilled expert behind the trigger.