What Is Mountain House Food?

What Is Mountain House Food?

A lot of people are looking for packed meals that are easy to prepare and managed. It is because, in the wild, there are some limitations to what you can do in terms of cooking. The rise of freeze-dried food has been gaining a lot of popularity because it takes less time and effort to prepare.

What is Mountain House food? Mountain House food are meals prepared by freeze-drying them. They are perfect for long term emergency preparedness and good survival food. It can also be an outdoor food during camping, backpacking, hiking, and other outdoor recreation activities.

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In this short read, you will have an idea about Mountain House foods and what makes them the go-to food for preppers and emergencies.

Mountain House Freeze Dried Food

Mountain House has been in the business since the 1960s. They are commonly known as Oregon Freeze Dry, and they started as the pioneer in dehydrating fruit for children’s cereal. After that, they worked with America’s Department of Defense that eventually developed freeze-dried meals.

These packaged meals only weigh 5oz or 14g, and they taste better compared to dehydrated foods. They are so easy and convenient to prepare. These characteristics allows it to become ideal for soldiers and backcountry hikers.

They have a variety of meals from breakfast, entrees for lunch, and dinner. They even serve sides and some desserts. One good thing about Mountain House is that they offer gluten-free, low sodium, and vegetarian options.

How Mountain House Works

Another significant advantage of this particular food is the ease of preparation. While cooking outdoors is fun, it can become a hassle very quickly. Thus, it is nice to have an alternative to a quick and easily prepared meal at your own disposal.

While the directions can vary depending on the meal you choose, the vast majority of Mountain House meals can be made under 10 minutes. Also, you do not need a complicated cooking setup to complete them.

To prepare and cook a Mountain House freeze-dried meals, all you need is to get a camp stove and some water source. Boil some water, then pour the amount prescribed in the package directly into the resealable pouch.

Once the water is in, seal the pouch up for a short time less than 10 minutes will be fine. You can also open it and stir occasionally and zip the ouch again. Once the time is up, all you have to do is to open it and directly eat out of it.


Overall, Mountain House meals are great to welcome supplement as its ingredients are always a welcome sight to read. They always avoid unnecessary synthetic ingredients.

They are also worth the money, you can get an entree regular size pouch for only $8. Also, it is very hard to beat the convenience it gives as you literally cook your meal in its own bag.

There are incredibly lightweight while still have the same flavor and quite delicious. You can never go wrong with this product, especially if you mix and match the best meal packs.