What Is A Bombnado?

What Is A Bombnado?

If you look across the ever-changing housing market, many home builders get a variety of requests. Some requests don’t even follow the standard housing building technique. But if you think about, with all-natural disasters happening, you start to understand why people requested it. These requests required them to have an increased security solution from the inside of their homes.

What is BombNado? A BombNado is a disaster shelter, serving as a safe-room, fallout shelter, and a natural disaster shelter in one. The name comes from a bomb and tornado, which is what they advertised. This shelter can withstand bomb attacks and tornado disasters.

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In this short read, you will have an idea of what BombNado is and why people are going over the moon with this new shelter approach.

Disaster Shelters

With today’s political and environmental climate, there’s a rise in the demand for disaster shelters. It consists of safe rooms, fallout shelters, and even panic rooms. The demands are from people who needed an increase in the security aspect of their homes.

Disaster shelter plays a vital role during natural calamities and an essential part of disaster response and recovery. They are used to provide private and secure facilities for people who need shelter.

The BombNado Shelter

The BombNado Shelter is from the company called Atlas Survival Shelters. It is a plug and a play shelter where it features an NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) Air Filtration System.

The price starts at $18,999 that also includes hundreds of cubic feet beneath the laminated oak flooring. It also has collapsible bunk beds and a couch on each side. The shelter is made of steel that is engineered to hold a car on top of the 4 x 4 hatch.

BombNado shelter has a custom fabricated ladder, which will be your primary entry to the shelter. It has an 8-ton hydraulic-lift for emergency exit and a variety of customizations that you can choose.

All Nado series are priced without beds, couch, and toilets. It is because there are other ways to use this kind of shelter. To add an option for bed and couch, you need to add $575 each. They can be used as a wine cellar, gun room, panic room, or even just for storage.

BombNado is usually buried within 14 feet. The average temperature in the shelter is 60F, which will make it the perfect temperature for wine and other controlled food items. It is built to FEMA P-361 standard, and it is an all-in-one shelter, storage, and gun vault.


To conclude, different calamities can strike any minute now. You won’t be able to predict the things to happen, and unless you are prepared, you will be in danger.

Disaster shelter might be your last option if there’s a disaster coming. It is not a bad idea to be prepared, especially during this time. BombNado will be your best option for survival. Make sure to fill it up with different survival kits that will give you and your family a higher chance of survival.