What Fruit Should Not Be Refrigerated?

What Fruit Should Not Be Refrigerated?

Refrigeration is one of the most monumental inventions in the food industry. Without refrigeration, we would still be using ancient food preservation methods. Rubbing salt on everything does not seem like the best idea.

What fruit should not be refrigerated? Not all foods have to or should be refrigerated especially fruits. Some will actually get fresh for much longer if you store them in the pantry or on the dining table instead.

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After this article, you will finally know which fruits should and should not be refrigerated. I will also be talking about alternative storage methods for these fruits.

Non-refrigerated Fruits

Keeping food in a cold environment can help slow down the spoiling process. For many fruits, though, this can strip them of nutrients. Refrigeration can also make them soggy or overly moist.

Here are some fruits that do not need to be or should not be refrigerated:


Keeping melon, honeydew, or cantaloupe in the fridge can alter their flavor and nutritional value. These fruits are ideal to be stored at room temperature to keep them fresh.


There is nothing wrong with refrigerating apples. It is just not necessary. Leaving apples in the refrigerator will make them moister, but the taste will pretty much stay the same.


Yes, tomatoes are fruits! Refrigerating tomatoes might seem like a good idea. It can, however, lead to a gritty and dull texture. Store them in the pantry or on the kitchen counter instead.

If you cannot use the tomatoes before they are overripe, you can make your sauce or ketchup.


Unless they are frozen or dried, berries generally do not last for a long time. They will only stay fresh for a couple of days. For the best taste, you should store berries in the pantry or on the table.

Even if you put them in the fridge, they will still turn mushy and gooey. Refrigeration does not prevent berries from spoiling.

Refrigerated Fruit

Other fruits will rot when left out in the open. These are some examples of fruit that are okay to refrigerate:

Citrus Fruit

Oranges and lemons will become moldy very quickly. Storing these in a cold environment will be beneficial.


As many people know, bananas become ripe and rot rapidly. Overripe bananas may also speed up the rotting process of other fruits in the vicinity. Refrigeration may help keep them fresh for longer.

Alternative Fruit Storage Methods

Refrigerators are great for storing meat, milk, juice, and eggs. They are not necessary for fresh fruits since you should eat them immediately after purchase.

The best storage for most fruit is to keep them in the pantry or an environment with room temperature. This way, the flavor, texture, and antioxidants will all stay intact. Also, you should not store fruits and vegetables together.


It is not necessary to refrigerate most fruit, especially fresh ones. You should eat or use them as soon as possible. However, if this is not feasible, you can store these fruits in the refrigerator for a day or two.