What Food Never Expires?

What Food Never Expires?

In times of crisis, fresh produce and meat are not the best options. We have to stock up on food that will last so we do not constantly go out and buy more.

What food never expires? It may be slightly inaccurate to say some foods never expire. However, many food items rarely expire such as honey, white rice, oats, salt, hard liquor, and spam. These can last for several years if they remain unopened in airtight containers.

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After this article, you will learn what kinds of food have long shelf lives. I will also talk about some of their nutritional properties and up to how long they can last.

Food That Does Not Expire

Some of these food items are unappetizing on their own, but you can combine them with fresh ingredients. When fresh food is not an option, though, these are the next best thing.

Here are some examples of foods that will rarely expire:


Honey might be the only food on this list that truly does not expire. It is usually also processed and packed in sealed jars that help with preservation. This sweet condiment could last for a couple of thousand years!

White Rice

White rice is not the healthiest compared to brown rice, black rice, or red rice. However, white rice lasts much longer in comparison. It can retain its condition and flavor for almost 30 years when stored in airtight, oxygen-free containers.

The temperature is also essential. You should not store white rice in very hot places, as this can alter the nutrient content.


If you don’t like rice that much, oats are another good healthy grain option. Oats are full of fiber, low in cholesterol, and they are also affordable. These do expire at some point, but they are good for at least five years when stored properly.


There is a reason salt was used to preserve meat and fish back in the day. It lasts forever! One reason food spoils or goes bad is because of the moisture it accumulates.

Moisture attracts bacteria and pests, which causes food to rot. Salt removes that moisture and keeps food from spoiling.

Hard Liquor

Like salt, hard liquor is also an excellent preservative. People drink alcohol that is hundreds of years old all the time. Also, if you need to clean and disinfect any wounds or injuries, you will be covered.


Spam is a brand of canned luncheon meat that is very high in sodium. The salt content is what helps it last so long. You may also try eating it right out of the can, even without heating it.

Spam products do have expiration dates, but they may be safe to consume even after that date. It may not taste as delicious or fresh, but at least you will not go hungry.


Your future self will thank you if you decide to stock up on these foods for potential emergencies. Food items are more likely to last longer if they are high in preservatives such as salt and sugar.

Make sure you store these items at the right temperature and sealed containers at all times.