What Are The Top 7 Priorities For Survival?

What Are The Top 7 Priorities For Survival?

Surviving in an emergency situation is not difficult if you have made all the necessary preparations. With all the news about wars, natural calamities, and medical pandemic, you have to be prepared for survival. Common sense is the most important weapon that you can bring and teach to the young ones, so each one of you can go independently to thrive for survival.

What are the top 7 priorities for survival? You should have a positive mental outlook, know how to provide first aid, build a shelter, and light a fire. Don’t forget the importance of signals, water, and foods, which is extremely important and could maximize your survival chance.

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In this article, you will know the top priorities that you should have for survival. Some important survival tips are discussed, as well.

Top 7 Priorities For Survival

Survival will put you in a series of whirlwinds, but nothing can go wrong when you’re prepared with these things:

Positive Mental Outlook

It is vital that you have a healthy mind because this would motivate and encourage you to live long. The acronym S.T.O.P. is the best mental attitude a person can possess during distress.

“Stop” and relax your mind a bit, so it can make you “Think” deeper about the current situation.

“Observe” your surroundings and look for a better place where you can dwell during the crisis or anything that may be useful. Lastly, you should accurately execute your “Plan” that needs special attention.

When you’ve decided to “S.T.O.P.,” then you are one step ahead from life-threatening situations.

Providing First Aid

No one would wish to get injured. However, when unfortunate things happen, it is better to have an idea of how to administer first aid. Since hospitals and clinics are not accessible, you have to learn how to apply first aid to someone injured.

If the weather is cold, you’ll have the responsibility to check for any signs of hypothermia.

Building A Shelter

When you are in a war, you’ll experience the worst-case scenario where you’ll have to stay somewhere safe and bomb-free. Although that cannot be assured, yet there are many doomsday bunkers available.

Unlike during natural calamities and medical pandemic, many houses and evacuation centers are being provided by the government. It’s also great if your family or colleagues can build a shelter where you can comfortably sleep together.

Lighting A Fire

Fire is one of the most fundamental things in life, especially in cooking and for warming you up. When you are adequately caught up in this situation, you should know how to light a fire using traditional or modern techniques.

People before civilization did when they’re cold or if they wanted to cook their food. Sometimes, going back to basics has many advantages because ancient people knew how to survive without the means of modern technology.

Signaling For Help

Now that you know how to light a fire, you can start a small fire-starter kit that may signal “help.” Screaming and shouting at the top of your lungs is never a solution because it’s a waste of strength.

Signaling using stones and fire can help everyone to be rescued. You can also reflect light using a mirror to a pile of leaves to create fire.

Search For Clean Water

If you dwell somewhere in the forests, you might get lucky when you find a clean spring or river. 75% of our body is made of water, and 2 to 3 days without water can make you dehydrated and, eventually, die.

You must be assured where to get water so you can stay hydrated and live longer.

Find Good Food

When you’re stuck in a difficult situation, then the first thing that comes to your mind, maybe food. Many people can survive without solid foods for weeks, but it’s better to prepare with canned goods and instant foods.

People sometimes hoard food when they know something bad is bound to happen.

Importance Of S.T.O.P.

Mental health is still important during difficult times because it will encourage you not to lose hope. With the correct mental state, you can do everything, even the most impossible things you cannot once do.


Stop to relax and assess the situation. It would be great if you have composed yourself first. The situation itself is very depressing, but through relaxation, you can keep yourself positive throughout the situation.

If you felt you had given yourself more time to relax, then it’s time to proceed to the next step.


It is the best time for you to list everything in your notes, what to do, and what to bring. You can take inventory and list your budget and see what you can achieve through it.

You can also list your mantras in your notebook, such as “I am a survivor” many times a day. Thinking will make you brainstorm and list down all the possible situations and remedies that you can do.


Observe your location and surroundings and contemplate the best place where you and your family can safely reside? What is the current weather, and are there any visible threats that I can see in this territory?

Whatever may be your observation, make a list out of it, and take inventory. You’ll never know the advantages it can do to survive because it will help you familiarize yourself with your surroundings.


After you assess the situation, then you can work out a theme where you can workout your game. The best option for you to survive these trying times is to act out what you have listed.

If you’re with your family, then assign them some tasks to help each other and make things easier. It won’t hurt if you have carpentry skills, while others for budgeting and household chores. Every small talent and skill is appreciated and useful.

What To Do To Survive Economic Collapse

An economic collapse is one of the most tragic events that could happen in a country. Since then, it would be difficult for everyone to live and survive.

Preparation and savings are the best things that you can do when this happens. All people should have the mindset of an ant that before the wet season came, they have already stored many essentials.

Store Foods With Long Shelf Lives

Many people resort to hoarding foods when something bad is coming up. Although it can’t be helped and when the situation is still okay, make sure you have piled up foods, such as rice, beans, sugar, and freeze-dried foods.

These foods can last up to 30 years, and they can certainly sustain your family during the crisis. Whether it’s an economic challenge or a natural disaster, you can still benefit from saving.

Stockpile Valuable Tools

Kitchen, gardening, and general handyman tools are essential to either create a home, grow a plant, or cook your foods. Using your household’s skills can make a huge difference in providing and saving your financial resources.

When you stop and think, list down all the ideas that you can get using these tools. You might end up needing these tools.

Grow Your Foods

When you are inside your home and have a lot of space, you can produce abundant crops. It will allow you to grow you some potatoes, tomatoes, citrus fruits, and many others. It will be delightful to grow crops.

At the same time, it will help you save financially. Another use of plants is they can be medically beneficial when someone in your family has a cough.

Prepare To Live Without Electricity

There’s no doubt that you’ll be living as if you’re in a primitive era. You might be losing signals or phone batteries, so you’d have to endure some time without the use of modern technology.

However, some have thought of getting alternative energy sources such as solar electric or solar thermal energies to sustain them. Be prepared for anything, especially to live in a primitive way, but it’s never too bad if you’ve done something to prevent it.

Save Your Financial Status

One of the most ideal things that you can do for your family is to ensure your financial capability, especially debts. After the country’s financial recovery, many people are still struggling because of lucrative businesses and struggled with their debt issues.

To survive a crisis, you should at least save money good for a year so you can lessen your stress during these economic challenges.

There might be times where your bank or electric supplier might stop you from paying your loans because of the crisis, but if recovered, your bills will accumulate.

It’s difficult to pay all these things when you know you have nothing left. Keep your cash accessible yet reserved and save it for emergencies instead.

Diversify Your Income

Many people are losing their jobs during these times, so you’ll have the full responsibility to put a remedy to this. Consider not placing all the eggs in one basket, because you might be losing more than you can gain.

If you have talents for running a home business, it would be possible for you and your other family members to get part-time employment and earn profits.

Build Relationships

The most valuable thing that you can learn during a crisis is to strengthen your love and extend your care to people. When neighbors are working together, there’s a greater chance for survival.

It might be hard to become like-minded, but you have to practice some skills, such as teamwork or bartering. For example, if you’re a doctor and your neighbors a plumber, you can render your service to their sick child while fixing your leaky faucet.

A good relationship can bring success in life. Especially that everyone is affected by the loss caused by the financial crisis. No one is ever prepared for this, but by working together, you can overcome everything.

Securing Your Home

One of the disadvantages of the financial crisis is desperation among burglars. Encourage all of your family members to learn self-defense just in case these unfortunate things might happen.

It would also be great to secure all the entry points of your home by creating thorny barriers or putting electric shot wires. Install alarm systems and CCTV cameras if necessary.

It will also help if you have prepared a stun gun, pepper spray, and metal baseball bat for self-defense.

Characters You Need To Have For Survival

You cannot survive anything when you suppress yourself in depression. Even in hard times, you still need to possess some characters to survive.

Stay Positive

Being optimistic that everything will come to pass is very important. The energy you have for yourself will be the energy ball for everybody, and it will also give them hope to survive.

Being negative should not have a place in your life, even when things get too difficult.

Be Responsible

The good thing about experiencing a vicious crisis is your response to it. Indeed, crises can either make you or break you.

People who experience crises tend to be more mindful and responsible for their actions and spending because, at this moment, it’s hard to earn money. They would do everything to spend wisely to save more money.

Never Be Greedy

Sadly, some people are conforming to their greedy and personal interests. That is why they tend to do things that are against the law. In a situation like this, you should forget your greed and help humanity regain itself.

You should help each other so that you can recover quickly. Greed is never a solution to respond to a crisis.


To conclude, it is always best to surround yourself with positive and responsible people during a crisis. A positive mindset, the basic needs, and signals can make people survive, yet the most important thing is building relationships with other people.

Take time to establish unique friendships during a crisis, and the last thing you’ll know, all of you can conquer everything when you’re there for each other.