Safety Tips For Tornadoes

Safety Tips For Tornadoes

Tornadoes are very violent by nature, and they can be untracked, unlike storms and earthquakes. Once it passes through, it can destroy many lives and structures as well as hurl light-made houses and even uproot sturdy trees in no time. Severe tornadoes can happen anywhere without warning, yet you have to be prepared to keep your loved ones safe.

What are the safety tips for tornadoes? First of all, you have to differentiate between Tornado Watch and Tornado Warning, you need to make before, during, and after tornado list, and stay away from buildings.

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In this article, you will learn about some survival tips for tornadoes and the importance of pre-tornadoes preparation.

Knowing The Difference

There are two main things that you have to know about tornado products and safety. Although the National Weather Service issues both, there are still differences between the two.

Tornado Watch

A Tornado Watch means a tornado is expected and possible within your watch area, so you’ll have to make all the necessary preparations.

The Storm Prediction Center’s watch area is typically large, so they may be able to issue a warning if the tornado is coming to your county.

Tornado Warning

A Tornado Warning means that there’s a possible tornado coming, so you have to take action. Since tornadoes are life-threatening, you have to move to a sturdier building while avoiding windows.

The warnings always came from the local forecast office, and contrary to a Tornado Watch, a Tornado Warning can easily be spotted by radar in a smaller area.

Pre-Tornadoes Preparation

Every weather forecast in the news will be updating you about the upcoming tornadoes that might hit your county. Yet it’s most important if you’ll make necessary preparation before the tornado strikes. Here are the things that you can do to prepare:

Protecting Your Family

You have to discuss some preparations to reduce fear. Then, you also have to make sure that all of you carry a Safe and Well wallet.

Then, turn on the radio broadcasts or online stream about tornado news, yet be resourceful enough to spare extra batteries for your phone and radio. Also, it’s best if you have replenished emergency items and medical supplies.

Protecting Your Home

Make an inventory of what to bring inside, especially plants. If you have trees in your backyard, remove the damaged limbs because it’s usually the first ones to be blown when the wind gets stronger.

You have to install permanent shutters to protect your windows and strengthen your garage doors.

Listen To Government Updates

It is essential to listen to local area radio for the latest updates. So when you heard that there’s an upcoming tornado, move immediately to an underground shelter.

Yet you have to note that there is no mobile access during a tornado because tornadoes might have taken down mobile towers. If you are outside your house, then find the nearest emergency shelter.

During The Tornado

Everything will be drastic during the tornado, and it’s quite unsafe to go out. Here are the things that you have to do when you during the tornado:

Places To Stay Away From

It’s dangerous to be in a vehicle while there’s a tornado because there might be flying debris, or the strong winds might blow the car itself. If your engine is running, never attempt to go into the same direction of the wind. Cover and protect your head with your hand.

Stay Hidden At The Basement

If you’re not in your house, then stay in the building’s basement to stay safe. It’s best to remain in the windowless basement until the tornado is over.

Before it begins, make sure that all your foods and medicines are stuck with you, so you don’t have to get out when you need them.

After The Tornado 

It’s a relief to keep yourself and your loved ones safe, but here’s something that you can do after the tornado:

Letting Your Loved Ones Know

When everything comes to pass, it’s great to keep some of your loved ones know that you’re safe. After contacting them, mark yourself safe on the Safe and Well website. If you are evacuated with your family, then go to the local authorities to guide you well going home.

Apply Emergency Aid

Since you’re experiencing a vicious situation, it’s also a good idea if you check yourself for injuries. It would also help if you are trained in providing first aid, so you can also help other people. If not, then wait for the emergency providers to arrive.

Importance Of Preparation

Other people might have struggled with preparation, yet you have to take into consideration the lives and properties that will potentially lose during trying times. There’s nothing so much to gain during natural disasters, but to save lives will always matter in the end.

Preparation Saves Lives

Foods and medicines are the main priority in keeping yourself and your family alive. It’s best to buy foods and medicines during the times when you’re not yet anticipating anything.

When disaster comes unexpectedly and in the most unfavorable situation, then you’re already prepared.

Preparation Brings Awareness

Preparation can make you responsible anytime. Some people may be tactless and mindless about some possibilities of disasters, but you don’t have to go through the same circle.

Natural disasters can always happen anytime, so you better get ready for it. Not everyone has the luxury to buy anything during calamities, but anyone can be prepared for it.


It is best always to follow the safety guidelines set by the local government to avoid deaths. No one can stop disasters, but you can bring awareness to everyone to be safe.

If you want more information, you can approach a local help desk or research it out on the internet. You can also list down some things that you needed to pack and prepare. It is the safety of your loved ones you’ll think about first.