Is The Bathroom Safe During An Earthquake?

Is The Bathroom Safe During An Earthquake?

Earthquakes are nearly impossible to predict, and this is why it is essential to stay alert and prepare ahead. This way, whatever happens, you will be ready, and you know how to stay safe. There are plenty of things to do when you encounter this emergency catastrophe, but what happens if you find yourself in some strange locations.

Is the bathroom safe during an earthquake? Yes, it is safe. You only need to follow the drop, cover, and hold principle even if it’s in your bathroom. It is recommended that you grab a towel if it is within your reach to protect yourself from scratching caused by fallen debris.

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In this short read, you will find out what to do if you find yourself in some strange place when an earthquake hits you.

Places You Find Yourself In An Earthquake

The first lesson when it comes to preparation is proper education. You need to know what you should know when facing such calamity, regardless of whether it is the big one. Below are some places that you might find yourself in and tips on how to protect yourself from imminent danger:

Walking Down The Street

It is probably the least situation you want to be in when an earthquake hits your area. It is because you are exposed to a lot of possible falling debris or breaking glass.

While Drop, Cover, and Hold on still apply to this scenario, the smart thing to do is getaway to these buildings, windows, streetlights, and electrical wiring as much as possible.

Ideally speaking, you might want to find some building doorway to provide you immediate shelter. Get yourself low to the ground to prevent yourself from losing your balance.

Wait for the shaking to stop, wait at least a minute or two before moving back out into the street as there is still imminent danger from all the debris to fall.

In the Bathroom

Whether you are staying in a bathroom or standing at the sink, your bathroom is not technically a bad place to be in. If you feel like it is shaking, the best way is to stay put and practice drop, cover, and hold on.

Probably, it is among the safest places to be in because it can avoid falling objects. To prepare ahead of time, you want to make sure that all your heavier objects are secure or think about relocating them in some parts of the house.


It is a challenge to prepare for every possible emergency, keep you on the loop, and have the right information to guarantee your safety. Find a safe space to drop, cover, and hold on and stay away from surroundings that can collapse at any given time. If you keep these things in mind, you can prevent injuries to yourself and your loved ones.