Is Prepping Still Popular?

Is Prepping Still Popular?

We are currently in a world of population extinction where animals are losing their homes, and humans are dying because of a phenomenon we are no longer in control of. Consecutive events of wildfire, global financial crisis, worldwide medical pandemic, and potentially destructive technology are slowly deteriorating the existence of humanity and animals. For this reason, many religious and scientific groups are claiming that the earth is almost reaching midnight, so-called the end of the world.

Is prepping still popular? Yes, and the prominence of prepping is mostly known in Europe and the USA. With these existential risks that can threaten largely to all, a phenomenon of “prepping” is considered as the only solution to survive.

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In this article, you may be able to learn the things that you needed to prepare for in times of disasters and why it is important to do so. Though this event is seen in many apocalyptic movies, yet it is never an understatement that all disasters can happen anytime.

What To Prepare During Crisis

Prepping is a way of storing foods, bin bags and radios, medical supplies, light, weapons, and hygiene products while developing a sense of urgency, common sense, and self-sufficiency for rising above disasters.

For this reason, a prepper is expected to look at the world differently than the norms. Their preference for choosing stocks and tools is way smarter and practical. These items have to be interconnected and functional so that they can help the prepper for upcoming dangers.

Food And Water

When you’re out in a global crisis, the most important tool for survival is storage for foods. Make sure that you’re storing nutritious foods, and the lifespan of it is indefinite.

Most of the foods being stored are white rice, canned foods, and other ready-to-eat processed foods, where its lifespan can reach up to 12 months. You also have to store at least 5 gallons of water per person to keep everyone hydrated.

Bin Bags And Radio

A prepper would always carry two or more bin bags for shelter or to become fire-making equipment. On the other hand, the radio is used to monitor news and signals, to check if there are other survivors from different regions of the country.

With bin bans and radio on hand, they can help out other people with the rules of jungle and survival.

Medical Supplies

Humans tend to be panicky and vulnerable during the crisis, so there might be a possibility of unwanted accidents. Since hospitals are not welcome to accommodate patients with minor injuries at a time like these, it is better to educate yourself on how to apply first aid kits.

You have to save supplies of bandages, medical tapes, gauze pads, alcohol, betadine, and examination gloves. Having a first aid kit can save lives.

Emergency Lights

During an emergency crisis, it’s expected that electricity is going to be unstable. Before a crisis strikes, you have to charge your phones, emergency lights, and flashlights and prepare some extra batteries and candles. Do not waste power because you may never know when it’ll come back.


Many extreme Doomsday Preppers are preparing weapons because this may be essential to survival, especially when some mindless people came to attack them. Weapons are only used for protection and to keep themselves out of danger, just in case something unfortunate might happen.

Just like in zombie and any natural disaster apocalypse movies, preppers will get weapons as much as they want to, because many selfish people only tried to save themselves. 

Fishing And Hunting Supplies

Any wise prepper won’t let it happen to trade these supplies for foods because these will allow them to acquire foods in no time during survival. Since this is a reality of survival, then it’s better to learn these things by experience so you can provide well for your family.

Essential Qualities To Have During Crisis

Amidst the crisis, you have to possess some qualities to survive. On top of that, you have to be mentally, physically, and emotionally prepared for everything. During a crisis, it is expected that other mindsets are not as strong, and people would go desperately to steal someone else’s goods to survive. Preppers, as mentioned, would look at things differently.

Sense Of Urgency

You don’t know what tomorrow has in store for you, but you don’t have to worry about it. When you’re stuck in a crisis, you have to think twice about what’s needed or not, so you develop a sense of urgency. You have to differentiate what kind of emergency you are in and be alert when someone you loved is in danger.

Common Sense

Common is both a currency and a gift to mankind during the pandemic season. When everyone else is panicking, make sure that you’re in a sound mind to think about what’s right and wrong, which other people don’t possess anymore. Common Sense is also the ability to distrust someone’s judgment and to follow your own will. It could mean repairing everything that has been broken, such as electricity cuts and pension losses.


There is no one who you can depend on but yourself. Before the crisis, you have to save more money for survival purposes and other emergency exits you are about to do. There is nothing wrong with being self-sufficient, as long as you are setting limits away.

Being Low-Key And Vigilant

Be modest and never flaunt your wealth in times of crisis because you don’t know how many people are targeting you. Avoid boasting or hinting people about your location because bandits can predict your next move. People will keep on looking for you during this time, so you have to stay quiet while being vigilant.


To conclude, there are many unavoidable circumstances during a crisis that is not happening in normal days. It is okay to be prepared because you’ll have to look for yourself and your loved ones. Yet you have to remember to be kind and good to those who are in need, so the community will grow and recover anytime soon. The world is not yet ending, so is humanity.