Is It Illegal To Live Underground?

Is It Illegal To Live Underground?

Underground houses are made to keep you or your loved ones safe. Some would say that if you can build one, it’s better if you have a huge lot. So you can make an underground home like your primary home.

Is it illegal to live underground? Living underground is legal as long as you have the corresponding papers or permits. Plus, if your state allows you to have a house underground or enable you to build one. Think of it as if you’re building normal or conventional houses.

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As you read on, we’ll give you the advantages of living underground. Plus, we will also provide a few countries with underground shelters and hotels that will make you feel like living underground.

Living Underground Is Legal

Underground development continues to this day. Like in many northern cities, they maintain underground tunnels that they consider shadow cities. It’s because it helps people cope up with severe winters.

Though it may seem unprecedented, experts say that with a good design, and lots of psychology support, people can be healthy.

But though it’s legal, to claustrophobic people, it’s not the type of house they want to be in. Because they might suffer from suffocation and worst the feeling of them being buried alive due to the cramped setting, but this is a popular misconception of them because it’s quite the opposite.

Advantages Of Underground Houses

Contrary to what others think, an underground house brings peace to people. They also consider it as an energy-efficient, comfortable atmosphere and is weather-resistant.

It is also considered the most comfortable mode of green living place. Building an underground house is interesting, too, because you get to make a design that you wanted like in a normal setting.

Another advantage of an underground house is in its maintenance aspects. We know that when we build a house on the road, it requires lots of maintenance.

From cleaning each furniture you have because of dust to having your whole house repainted whenever the paint vanished. While with an underground house, you don’t have to worry about these anymore.

Plus, having an underground house is that you’ll get insurance. Some people prove the underground houses have greater protection from tornadoes, strong winds, hail storms, and even hurricanes.

Underground houses will only cost you 20 -30% more than the cost when constructing normal or conventional houses.

Places Where Underground Shelter Or Houses Exist

1. In Beijing, there are millions of people who are living in nuclear fallout shelters. It’s beneath the city’s clogged urban arteries.

2. In Mexico City, some proposed to have a building that can house 5,000 people. With terraced floors that can receive natural light from it’s the huge glass ceiling.

Hotels That Have An Underground Houses Feeling

If you are still not convinced that living in underground houses is legal and safe, try these hotels first. It will let you better understand what it feels like living underground.

  • The Kokopelli Cave In Farmington, NM
  • Sextantio Le Grotte Della Civita in Matera, Italy
  • The Underground Motel in White Cliffs, Australia
  • The Le Prince Noir In Les Baux de Provence, France


Overall, this article proved that living underground is legal as long as you have all the papers or permits you will be needing. It’s needed because when building one, it’s considered the same with normal or conventional houses.

It also proves that it can help us survive from any natural disasters because it will be your haven. And underground houses or shelters are being used by previous people. It is just that, now, it’s being improved.