Is A Garage Safe During Tornado?

Is A Garage Safe During Tornado?

Being safe before a tornado hit means having a concrete plan in place for your survival. Tornadoes occur abruptly, and even if the technology is on top-level and improving, they are still predictable so having a plan will surely help to guarantee your safety. As well as knowing where you should go to stay safe is the first step.

Is a garage safe during a tornado? A garage is not considered a sufficient tornado shelter because it has numerous safety issues. To name a few, there’s a lack of interior walls and a large garage door present. It means that strong wind will easily get inside and cause more damage.

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In this short read, you will have an idea of garage safety when it comes to tornado attack. It might be better to find another shelter inside the house as it deemed to be dangerous.

Garage Doors Are Not As Strong As You Think

Having a garage is very convenient for people so they can park their cars or have extra storage in the house. But it is not enough as the door itself serves as a weak spot in the event of a tornado hit.

It is because the garage door has the largest opening, which is very weak and most likely to fall quickly. If the storm blows in and out, their pressure will build up and causes the walls to lose their balance and integrity, called negative pressure.

This negative pressure will produce a vacuum that can result in an updraft. It can cause structural damage and create a space not safe to protect the people inside.

Wind Speeds And Garage Doors

If you live in an area where there is a high possibility of tornadoes, it is very reasonable to make sure you have the proper strength when it comes to garage doors. Also, consider how much is the strength of the wind when it hits your door to make sure it won’t fall or break.

According to experts, roof failure during a tornado hit is related to the garage doors and windows. The study shows that stronger doors withstood the force of the tornado, but some other factors contribute to the integrity of the garage doors in general.

These are the tracks, the rollers, and some fasteners fail together with the door.

Since there’s a big chance that it can be destroyed when a tornado arrives, the garage is not the first choice for shelter.


Overall, your garage should not be the first choice when it comes to seeking shelter. It is very unwise to choose it in the event of a tornado unless you have anchored a storm shelter that is built in your garage.

You could seek shelter in an interior room inside your house if you didn’t have an anchored shelter. Find a room with many walls in between you and the exterior of the house as much as possible.

Bathrooms are great options because the pipes provide extra support from the ravaging force outside.