Preparing Mountain House Meals | How Much Water & MORE

Mountain House Meals

Freeze-dried food is perfect for outdoor trips such as camping, hiking, and backpacking. They are straightforward to prepare. You have to add a bit of water, and you’re ready to have a full meal.

How much water do Mountain House meals require? Since Mountain House offers meals in various packaging sizes, the amount of water needed will vary. Meals in the #10 cans have enormous serving sizes, which means that you will use more water than pouches.

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In this short read, I will break down how to prepare Mountain House freeze-dried meals according to their sizes. For each, I will tell you how much water you need and how many people it can feed.

Preparing Mountain House Meals

The Mountain House brand has a wide selection of ready-to-eat freeze-dried meals. Since they come in different sizes, the preparation method will differ. Here is a short tutorial on how to prepare these meals:


Mountain House pouches contain two servings, which can feed one or two people, depending on your appetite. These are easy to prepare, and you can either use hot water or pop the pouch in the microwave.

The first step is to open the pouch and remove the oxygen-absorbing packet before anything else.

Then, you should add 13 fl oz or 385mL of boiling water. It is also equivalent to one and two-thirds of a cup of water. After stirring and sealing it for about eight minutes, your meal should be ready to eat.

#10 Cans

The cans are the way to go if you are camping with your family or a big group of people. These cans have a total of 10 servings. You might be able to stretch it out a bit more with controlled portions and rationing.

When preparing freeze-dried food in a can, you have two options. You could transfer it to another pot or add water directly to the can.

Either way, you will have to add approximately two liters of hot water to prepare the food. Two liters is about eight and a half cups of water.

The preparation process is more or less the same. After adding boiling water, stir the contents of the can and cover it. Let a few minutes pass and stir again. Leave the can or pot sitting in the water for a couple of more minutes until the food is ready.


The Mountain House Pro-Paks is a variation of pouch meals. These are vacuum sealed and only contain one serving, unlike the pouches with two servings.

Even though the Pro-Pak has one less serving, you need to add more water than you would for a pouch. Add 14 fl oz or 414 mL of hot water into the packet.

It is equal to one and three-fourths of a cup of water. Repeat the same stirring and sealing process for eight to nine minutes.


Mountain House pouches and pro-paks do not need more than two cups of water to be ready to eat. It makes them very economical. The cans require at least two liters, but it is not too bad considering the number of servings.