How Much Does It Cost To Build A Bomb Shelter?

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Bomb Shelter?

Modern Preppers are getting ready for the worst situation that may happen in the country, especially news that is everywhere for the upcoming war. As a remedy and to protect their loved ones, they allotted a budget for an underground bomb shelter, where their families can stay safe during the war.

How much does it cost to build a bomb shelter? The cost may vary depending on the features, layout, and area of the bomb shelter. The minimal survival shelter could cost around $39,500.00, where the large ones with pre-installed designs are approximately $58,500.00 to $95,500.00.

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In this article, you will be able to learn about the introduction and importance of having a bomb shelter and how much your budget can be stretched for it.

Introduction About Bomb Shelters

Bomb shelters are a temporary setback to those people who wanted to feel safe during horrible calamities. To withstand a nuclear attack, your house made of bricks isn’t strong enough.

What Is A Bomb Shelter?

A bomb shelter is created underground to protect your loved ones from nuclear threats. Bomb shelters are usually built lower under 3 feet of soil to shield the inhabitants from dangerous radioactive fallout. Thus, giving them maximum protection possible.

History Of Bomb Shelters

Since the pre-Cold War period, people have been using bomb shelters to keep them alive from dangerous explosions. Even escaping outside 5 miles where the explosions happened can put everyone’s lives into danger. So, as a resolution to keep themselves alive, many people have stocked supplies for foods and eventually invented bomb shelters.

Where To Build A Bomb Shelter?

Most people prefer to build a bomb shelter in the backyard of their home. As long as the bomb shelter is situated more than 3-feet under the ground. You should also consider the weather, the distance from ground zero, and the location of your area.

Even though no one can determine the time of the attack, yet it’s pretty safe to keep your family safe ahead of time.

Prices Of Bomb Shelters

You don’t have to buy a bunker with a large space, except if you have a large family or if you want some of the community members to take shelter with you.

Economy Mini-Bunkers

With the size of 8 x 12 that costs around $39,500.00, this mini-bunker is built from high-quality steel. This bunker is strong enough to tolerate a nuclear fallout. The mini bunker contained a single bunk bed, kitchen counter, stainless sink, food storage, and composting toilet.

On the right side of the bunker, you’ll find an alcohol burning stove and other kitchen appliances. The bunker is also equipped with a high-class NBC air filtration system, water pressure pump, grey water evacuation tank, and solar-generated charging system.

Standard Bomb Shelter 10′ x 20′ Base Model

This kind of bomb shelter is more secure than the economic bomb shelter because the door is bullet-resistant. The cheapest among the Standard Bomb Shelters is only about $58,500.00 with the size of 10′ x 20′.

The kitchen is equipped with food storage, burning stove, and stainless sink while the bathroom is located on the left side of the kitchen.

Some of the features of this bunker have a grey-water evacuation tank and pump, water pressure pump, solar-generating charging system, and NBC Air and Water Filtration. The Standard Bomb Shelter Base model is a model shelter for small families.

Standard Bomb Shelter 10′ x 20′ Upgraded Model

This bunker is an upgraded model with the same features as the base model. This bunker is around $65,600.00 with the same size as the base model. One improvement that’s noticeable right away is the bullet-resistant door and a TV/DVD combo.

The difference in this shelter is the full shower, water heater, dining table with bench, and full pre-installed kitchen. Since this model offers more features and can accommodate a family of four, then it’s reasonably priced.

Standard Bomb Shelter 10′ x 30′ Model

The price for this model is about $80,500.00, yet more customization for bulk storage and shelving. Among the most notable features of this bunker is the storage area, which is more spacious for food and goods storage. The bunker also has a double counter and a jack knife sofa, which is used as an extra bed.

Although having the same features, yet what made it unique and best-selling is because of space you can customize. It may be suitable for families of 4 persons, and with its size, your loved ones can roam around easily inside.

Standard Bomb Shelter 10′ x 40′ Model

This kind of survival shelter allows more creative customization, shelving, and bulk storage, as it is designed to have a more spacious storage area. It might be pricey of $95,500.00 because of its wider area to recreate the design.

However, it would give you and your loved ones more comfort than the ones mentioned above.

This large survival shelter can accommodate more than four dwellers, as it also features a jackknife bed that can be utilized as an extra bed for 1 or 2 people. Since it offers a lot of space, your family can move around more freely and in content.

Importance On Staying In A Bomb Shelter

The news of war is always unpredictable since no one from the opposing country would allow anyone to know their plans. Since these days are considered as the end of the world, you should also be prepared to protect your family.

Safety And Protection

It would be the main purpose as to why you have to spend thousands of dollars. Even though bomb shelters are not as comfortable as having a normal home, still bomb shelters are intended to protect you and your loved ones. Staying in a bunker would protect everyone from conventional bomb blasts that may cause deaths.


Every family needs to be secured, especially when talking about matters of life. It’s never easy to live in a place where war is dominating, and the next thing you know, you’re in the hands of the enemies. Since bomb shelters are made to be sturdy to retain until the war is over, there is no need to get extra worried about your family. 

Temporary Shelter

Being in a warzone is very difficult because your life is at risk. However, since you and your family are hiding in a bomb shelter, you can make it as a temporary shelter until all the troubles of war are over. Having a bomb shelter is just a setback where you have no choice but to deal with it.

More Family Time

Not all people in the war can survive or can join with their family members. Instead of complaining about the discomfort, you can spend more time with your family and enjoy each other’s fellowship. During the normal days, you may not be there to bond with them, but since you’re in the same compressed room together, this is your time to show your love and care.

Types Of Shelters

For sure, there are many rumors of wars, yet people may have often overlooked what kind of bomb shelters they are interested in staying in. The shelter that you have to choose is something related to the strength of hostile explosives.

Air-Raid Shelter

It is the kind of shelter that protects dwellers against bomber planes and is most common in the UK. In the UK, there’s a bomb shelter called Anderson Shelter, which was built in 1938. The Anderson shelter can accommodate six people and be given free to people who earned less than £5 a week.

Fallout Shelter

Fallout shelters were explicitly designed for nuclear war. The most striking design for fallout shelters in the thick walls that intends to block nuclear radiation and explosion. During the Cold War period, most people used fallout shelters to protect themselves from shockwaves and strong earthquakes caused by the nuclear explosion.

Military Bunkers

It is the type of Bomb Shelters that most civilians and military were using. The concept of bunkers is popular in the Survivalism culture because of the minimum materials it holds within the room, yet strong enough to survive wards.

Military Bunkers were used during World War I and II, and the Cold War, where the military hid their weapons, command and control facilities, and other essential goods for storage.


What made bomb shelters unique is because it is made of high-quality materials that could withstand stronger explosions. Buying or building a bomb shelter doesn’t make you paranoid either, because, at some point, you have to be prepared for the worst days to come.

Before you consider buying one, it’s best to ask advice from local engineers and architects for the layout and materials used.

It may be costly, but at the end of the day, your safety will always be the number one priority. You can also do some extensive research on how to make a stronger bomb shelter, or you can join online forums to see how much preppers are considering building one.