How Much Does A Nuclear Bunker Cost?

How Much Does A Nuclear Bunker Cost?

Because of some massive unfortunate events that are happening nowadays, it is unavoidable for many people to think that it is the end of the world. Many preppers, or people who are overly prepared for the worst things to come, have considered buying a nuclear bunker. The bunker is used to make everyone safe and feel like at home.

How much does a nuclear bunker cost? It usually depends on the layout and size of the bunker you’re about to buy. The economy shelter of about 8’x12′ is around $39,500, while the standard shelter is approximately $58,500 with 10’x20′ in size.

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You will learn the best family-sized nuclear bunkers in this short read as well as its importance during tough times.

Types Of Bunkers

As mentioned, the prices would vary on the layout and size of the bunkers. Though pricey, yet the comfort it brings during tough times is priceless.

Economy Shelter

This type of nuclear bunker costs around $39,500.00, and it is made from high-quality steel. This bunker is specially engineered for smaller families. There’s a single bunk bed composting toilet, kitchen counter, and food shelves.

The bunker also has an NBC air filtration system, water pressure pump, and solar-generated charging system.

Standard Shelter

Standard Shelter can provide a full sense of security with the cost of only $58,500.00. This bunker is a more upgraded version than the economy ones because the door is bullet-resistant.

This nuclear bunker has an NBC air and water filtration, with a private bathroom, water pressure pump, and grey-water evacuation tank and pump.

Importance Of Staying In A Nuclear Bunker

Many preppers consider buying a bunker because the world is becoming unpredictable. Considering the current situation, with the news of war and global pandemic, it’s never safe to go outside the house.

Safety And Protection

The primary purpose of nuclear bunkers is to bring safety and protection for everyone. If you’ve got the money and resources to bring protection to someone you loved, then earning a bunker will be worth it.

There are also cheaper and negotiable bunkers available for the middle class and the poor.


Although bunkers are usually smaller than your house, still it can give out comfort. As mentioned above, bunkers are a little bit pricey.

However, necessary furniture is present. When you sign up for a contract, you’ll be having one supplier only. You are guaranteed that this supplier can give you the best comfort possible.

Secondary Shelter

Since there’s no assurance when everything will be back to normal, staying in the bunker can provide a second home to you and your family. You can have more bonding moments together with your family and be more intimate.


Buying a bunker is wise enough to protect your family, but not everyone can afford it. For a better understanding of building a nuclear bunker, you may inquire to some local architects and engineers to help you with your queries.

If you are not sure, then an online forum may be a great help for you to sort out a decision. It is still the safety of your loved ones that matter the most.