How Much Does A Good Gas Mask Cost?

How Much Does A Good Gas Mask Cost?

Getting great value for your money is a must in these challenging times. It is true for items that every prepper and survivalist wants to acquire in case SHTF. One of these things is a quality gas mask, a useful face-covering against airborne pollutants and toxic materials. 

So, how much does a good gas mask cost? Depending on the materials used, quality of filters and canisters, and longevity, its price ranges between $20 and $500-plus. Keep in mind that the term “good quality” will differ between individuals depending on their budget.

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Read on, and let’s discuss the factors that affect the price of a gas mask. When comparing prices between two or more gas masks, you must consider these critical aspects of their performance.


Keep in mind that there are no one-gas-mask-fits-all purposes! Every gas mask style and model is specifically designed as protection against specific agents.

Many gas masks, of course, provide effective protection against a wide range of toxic substances. But you are still well-advised to know when and where the gas mask will be used.

If you’re using a gas mask for civilian defense, consider buying a military-grade respirator. The extra dollars spent on it are well worth the benefits. 

Look for the rating on a gas mask and decide whether it’s the one for you or not. CBRN masks provide the highest level of protection against nuclear, chemical, and radioactive agents.

NBC masks offer adequate protection against biological, chemical, and nuclear agents but not against radioactive fallout. 

Check for the National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety (NIOSH) rating, too.


Look for a gas mask that offers a satisfactory peripheral vision. The best ones have singular lenses made of polycarbonate that allow for maximum peripheral vision and minimum clouding. 


Check out the materials used in the gas mask. We suggest butyl rubber and silicone because these can withstand rugged conditions and regular use. 

Communication And Hydration Features

While drinking straws and voice amplifiers seem like bells and whistles adding to the cost, these are worth the money! You may have to wear a gas mask for prolonged periods, and keeping hydrated is necessary for survival.

You may also be part of a team that must remain in constant communication.


Check the nose cup and the straps since these features determine the comfort level of a gas mask. If the nose cup or the strap digs into your skin, then the gas mask may not be the best. 

The more features in a gas mask, the higher its price will be obvious. But if you want a durable, functional, and versatile gas mask, you should consider it. 


Think of a good gas mask as an investment in your health, in good times and in bad. With an excellent gas mask in your emergency bag, you will always be prepared for disasters.

Your life is priceless and so paying $500 or more for a state-of-the-art gas mask shouldn’t be a stretch.