How Much Does A Doomsday Bunker Cost?

How Much Does A Doomsday Bunker Cost?

With all the news that this may be the earth’s midnight, people are starting to panic. Despite that this “doomsday” news remains a rumor, people can’t help but think about alternatives to survive. One of the preparations they were making is creating a bunker where their family can live.

How much does a doomsday bunker cost? Bomb Shelters, or known as Bunkers, have different prices. It starts from $39,000.00 to $8,350,000.00, depending on its size and type.

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Read on to grasp the basic information about Bunkers, their pricing, and features. After reading this article, you will also understand the uses of bunkers. As well as its importance during the doomsday period.

The Uses Of Bunkers

Especially during the coronavirus pandemic, doomsday preppers are now taking their survival test into the next level. A Bunker is either an underground skyscraper or house, needed for worst-case scenario preparation. Since the corona outbreak is rapidly spreading across the world, all people don’t know the real enemies and how bad can this pandemic be affecting the nation.

There were five kinds of Bomb Shelters, which have a different level of features, such as Economy Shelters, Standard Shelters, Silver Leaf Series, Admiral & Xtreme Series, and the Luxury Series. Check out  the uses of bunkers below:

For Survival Purposes

Thousands from around the world have been dying because of the coronavirus outbreak. Medical experts have informed the public that the virus can only be stopped if it can’t be transferred to another body. People are using bunks to get through the pandemic and to avoid people who might be possible virus carriers.

To Keep Your Family Safe

During hard times, you can never compromise your family’s safety. Doomsday preppers are using bunkers to keep themselves safe from every possible worst-case situation that may happen. These bunkers are strong enough to protect your family, too.

Hideout Of Weapons

Many extreme preppers are hiding their explosive weapons inside the bunker. These weapons are used just in case someone will attack them. Since it’s a game of survival, there will be a lot of people who will risk lives for their selfish interests. To protect your family from this kind, you also have to ready your weapons.

Pricelist Of Bunkers

As mentioned above, five kinds of bunkers vary in prices, designs, and features.

Economy Shelters

It is an 8×12 bunker or commonly called the mini bunker. Many people are buying this because the price is affordable. The Economy Bunker’s price is only for $39,500.00, which is already attainable for everyone.

This mini bunker is built from high-quality steel materials. The features of this bunker include a single bunk bed, an air filtration system, a kitchen counter, a water pressure pump, and a grey-water evacuation tank.

The size of this bunker is good enough for a typical blue-collar American family, with customizable builds and painted interior. The bunker has its composting toilet, a solar-generated charging system, and a freshwater inlet.

Standard Bomb Shelters

This type of bunker is just a little wider than the economy shelter, with its prices ranging from $58,500.00 up to $95,500.00. The least expensive standard bunker is about 10’x20′ in size, which features higher security than the economy ones. The door is bullet-proof and bullet-resistant, and the bunker has an NBC air and water filtration, food shelves, grey-water evacuation pump and tank, and a solar generating charging system.

Meanwhile, the most expensive standard bomb shelter has the size of 10’x40′ that costs around $95,500.00, which will allow bunker owners to customize some parts of the bunker.

This upgraded large bunker is wide enough for your family to move around. This type of bunker also has the same features as the one mentioned above. However, the additional feature under this type is the Jack Knife Sofa and a full shower.

Silver Leaf Series

Silver Leaf Series has a size of 10’x50′ which varies in design and floor plan. The price range within this series is about $122,500.00 to $159,000.00.

What made this bunker stand out is its room separation, where the kitchen and the dining area on the opposite side of the bedrooms. The abundant space will make the whole family feel comfortable while allowing them to store more foods and basic survival kits.

The Silver Leaf Series includes the features of a bullet-resistant door, an NBC air and water filtration with freshwater inlet, water pressure pump and water heater, dining table, fully installed kitchen, and solar generating charging system.

Admiral & Xtreme Series

The Admiral & Xtreme Series has a price range of around $156,000.00 to $1,590,000.00, that’s good enough for the whole family up to 50 people. The cheapest bunker has a size of about 20’x20, which provides a customizable “feel at home” ambiance. When there’s a serious emergency, the Admiral bunker offers a safe, escape hatch.

Meanwhile, if you intend to help your community to stay in one place, then the Bunker Complex under the Admiral & Xtreme Series would be a great choice. It is a shelter made for large families or can be used as a church congregation. This bunker has an extended kitchen, food shelves, and dining area, where everyone can get comfortable with it.

The Luxury Series

The price range within The Luxury Series is around $3,290,000.00 to $8,350,000.00. For instance, The Venetian Bunker is good enough for 22 people that offer a luxury lifestyle despite the crisis.

Some of its features are a spacious and customizable kitchen with cabinets and counters, a greenhouse for a food source, and an exercise facility.

Meanwhile, the Aristocrat Bunker is the most expensive of all, where it offers the comfort of modernity while staying hidden and protected. The shelter serves as a safe house with upgraded amenities. Although it shares the same features with some other bunkers, yet the bunker is good enough for 50 people, with each room having a personal bathroom and shower, refrigerator, hot sauna, swimming pool, game room, and a fitness center.

Types Of Bunkers

Although generally bunkers are made for an emergency, each bunker type and design have their specific uses.

Trench Or Military Bunkers

Trench bunkers, or most commonly known as a pillbox, are constructed partly into the ground. During World War I, a British civil engineer named Sir Ernest William Moir designed a concrete machine-gun pillbox, which is mainly built with concrete blocks and a steel roof. Pillboxes had high endurance that even some of the strongest explosions cannot overcome it.

Artillery Bunkers

This type of bunker has been surrounded massively by an extensive bunker system, which houses many military weapons. Artillery Bunkers are known to have been used in the largest yet unfortunate pre-cold war, where the community hid and protected the guns and ammunition from the enemies. One of the things hidden in the bunker is a famous German caliber gun called the V-3 cannon.

Industrial Bunker

The industrial bunker is the most common bunker, where it is used by the mining sites and other industrial workers. Most of the time, they are using bunkers to store goods, data, and dump materials. Industrial bunkers are also used for non-military facilities to create dangerous weapons and store radioactive goods.

Personal Bunker

Since the pandemic, many people are now buying a bunker to keep their families safe from the virus. The above mentioned were examples of personal bunkers that doomsday preppers are using a safe room for unwanted situations.

Munitions Storage Bunker

These kinds of bunkers are explicitly designed for explosive chemical storage, and the most common design is the igloo-shaped bunker. The igloo-shaped bunker is used to contain radioactive debris and other dangerous weapons to be used in assembling nuclear warheads.

Design Of Bunkers

There are three major designs for bunkers that have been used to secure the people dwelling in it. These designs are called blast protection, nuclear protection, and general features.

Blast Protection

Many bunkers are made to deflect the effect of bombs and other explosions so that people can be safe. The blast protection on each of the bunkers has a very strong compression, which is constructed mostly by high-quality and durable steel.

Most of the bunkers contained large pipes for sewage and had a shock-proof wall to keep the inhabitants from possible wall breakage.

Nuclear Protection

This design is also called the Fallout Shelter, where it protects the dwellers from radioactive debris caused by the nuclear explosion. During the explosion, the matter is vaporized and becomes dust, and when these materials fall to earth, it becomes significantly dangerous. Naturally, this bunker would block out the radiation.

General Features

To avoid bad attempts from distrustful people, the door has to be bullet-proof and bullet-resistant and as strong as the walls. The door is usually made of durable steel and woods that are resistant to heat. Prolonged air-conditioning is also provided because a bunker’s design is mostly closed and heated. For war designed bunkers, however, has a manually-operated ventilator.

What To Save In A Bunker

The thought of being stuck in a crisis is devastating and will keep you awake at night because of the lack of security. However, staying in a bunker with complete amenities is not a bad thing. While you are there, you have to make sure you have the list of the things that you have to store.

A Monthly Budget List

It is the most important thing that you have to bring because you’re going to monitor your financial health. You have to squeeze in your money, so you won’t have to be late in paying your bills while budgeting for your foods.

Make sure to keep a budget for your health. Cash accounts and government amelioration will temporarily get through the crisis, so take note every cent and spend your money wisely.

Scan Your Pantry

One of the things you’ll consider for survival is the number of foods stored in your refrigerator and pantry. You have to list down all the foods so you can budget them and tend not to overbuy. In purchasing foods, you have to choose what’s healthier and have a longer shelf life.

When it comes to perishable foods, then do not hesitate to add fresh fruits and vegetables. It’s also best to store some rich in protein foods, such as fish, beef, pork, and chicken.

Cleaning Supplies

Basic toiletries and household solutions are used to disinfect yourself and the whole house from any viruses. Among the important things that you have to take note of is the expiration date. It’s also important to never mix household solutions with ammonia. With expired household solutions and toiletries, viruses will be easily attracted.

Medicine Cabinet

There is no definite date for the crisis, and most of the time, there is no hospital or clinic that is accommodating enough to your medical needs unless it’s a battle of life and death, or you’ve been infected. You have to take note of every list of equipment used in the first aid kit. It’s only a small amount of remedy for injuries, yet it can save lives.

Pet Foods And Other Needs

Your pets are part of the household, too, so spare them some pet foods and other needed supplies. Each pet is routined to eat the same thing, but make sure that you’ve given them food with proper nutrition. It’s essential to keep them safe during the crisis, and they will return the favor for you.

The Disadvantage Of Having A Bunker

Even though you are in a bunker would keep you safe, but it has its share of disadvantages too. Here are some of them:

  • Bunkers are expensive – Buying a bunker may be impractical because you can still use your old where you can hide safely. Some homeowners preferred to create a basement instead of buying an expensive budget because they have to save their money for emergencies. With the price of all bunkers, there are more chances that you’ll accumulate losses rather than gains. So when buying a bomb shelter, consider your budget first.
  • You will be living with some people – Many of the bunkers will force you to live with your community. Although it’s an advantage to be friends with many people, yet if you’re introverted enough, then these things will be uncomfortable for you. Besides, you only have half an idea about these people you’ll be living with. You just hope that all of you will live harmoniously, with no hidden agenda against each other.
  • Bunkers have a one-dimensional solution – Although bunkers are supposed to hide you from the bad guys, it only has one entryway. This entryway may be armored and locked, yet it is not strong enough like the other part of the bunker. When you buy a bunker, then consider seeing the architectural plan where there’s an emergency exit for all.

The Advantage Of Staying In A Bunker

Staying in a bunker might be a good idea, and before considering buying a new bunker, then you have to look at which extent of security it offers.

Safety and protection

It’s already known to everyone that bunkers are useful in protecting inhabitants from aerial bombardment and other forms of crisis. Even during the pre-Cold War, the only way for people to survive the whole crisis is by staying in the bunker. Even when the attack of the North Korean army with its strongest nuclear weapon, the bunker can still survive an indirect hit.

Filled with pre-installed appliances

When you buy a new bunker, then you don’t have to worry about moving into your furniture because most appliances are already pre-installed. That’s why the bunkers are so expensive because it’s already filled with equipment that would make you feel comfortable during the crisis.

Bound for one supplier

When you sign a contract to build a new bunker, then you will be bound for one supplier who will be responsible for installing equipment in the bunker. It will save you time and energy because everything is already provided for you. Also, buying equipment from different stores is very costly. Just make sure that you are in contract with someone who’s transparent enough to keep the negotiation fair and square.


Overall, there might be some imperfection in buying a bunker, yet it can also provide a lot of benefits for survival. Staying in a bunker would help you and your family to be safe from all the diversities that come in your country.

But, make sure that before you buy a new one, contact some local architectural and engineering firms first. These are the people who can help you in building a haven for you and your community.

The most important thing that you have to take note of is the safety of everyone. For more general ideas about bunkers, then you can check it on the internet, and you can look through the comments on the online community if buying a new one would make a difference.